Is Hunter Biden About to Be Arrested?

Hunter Biden

( – Is Hunter Biden, the youngest son of President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden, about to be arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to face criminal charges?

The odds seem to be increasing if you believe a report from mainstream media source CNN.

CNN is now reporting in “Federal investigation of Hunter Biden heats up“:

“A Justice Department investigation into Hunter Biden’s business activities has gained steam in recent months, with a flurry of witnesses providing testimony to federal investigators and more expected to provide interviews in the coming weeks, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter.

“The probe, led by the US Attorney in Wilmington, Delaware, began as early as 2018 and concerns multiple financial and business activities in foreign countries dating to when Biden’s father was vice president. Investigators have examined whether Hunter Biden and some of his associates violated money laundering, tax and foreign lobbying laws, as well as firearm and other regulations, multiple sources said.” [emphasis added]

Surprisingly, given how soft CNN has been on Joe Biden, the lengthy CNN report goes into extensive detail about the investigation. The full report can be read on CNN’s website.

The report does say that President Biden is not under investigation.

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