Is There Anyone Lower Than THESE People?

Looters Arrested Following Tornados

( – There was a time in America when criminals who committed certain crimes were taken to the public square that most towns had and horsewhipped in front of the gathered crowd to make an example of the criminal.

This was often done with thieves.

Perhaps we should return to those days long gone.

Certainly, the reports of looting coming from the region of the country that was devastated last week by tornados bring that form of punishment to mind.

According to a report in the New York Post:

“Five heartless thieves were busted for looting the ravaged homes of tornado victims in Kentucky, officials said.

“The group of looters allegedly went to an area ‘particularly hit hard by the tornado’ on Friday and ransacked the destroyed homes, according to Graves County Sheriff Jon Hayden.

“Law enforcement officers from several agencies quickly converged on the group, who were stopped while trying to flee the area with several damaged vehicles in tow…

In addition to the cars and other household goods, two of the suspects were found in possession of methamphetamines.” [emphasis added]

Imagine how disgusting of a human being you have to be to steal the possessions of hard-working Americans who have seen almost everything they own destroyed in a natural disaster.

In Kentucky alone, the death toll is currently 78. And, 92 are currently confirmed as deceased across the region hit by a historic number of tornados.

As would all good Americans, we hope these thugs receive the harshest possible sentence allowed by law. And, we suspect that sentence won’t be as harsh as it should be given what these pukes and punks did to victims of the tornados.

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