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Is Trump Jr. Correct About Mitch?

No sooner had Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell voted to acquit former President Donald Trump, then he returned to the Senate floor and delivered a blistering attack on Trump. That attack didn’t sit well with Donald Trump, Jr., and many Trump voters and supporters.


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell voted to acquit Donald Trump on Saturday of impeachment charges, but he joined Democrats in excoriating the former president’s handling of the events of that Jan. 6 — a critique that did not go unnoticed in the Trump camp,” according to The Washington Times.

“‘If only McConnell was so righteous as the Democrats trampled Trump and the Republicans while pushing Russia collusion bulls—- for 3 years or while Dems incited 10 months of violence, arson, and rioting,’ tweeted the former president’s son, Don Jr.

“‘Yea then he just sat back and did jack s—-,’ Mr. Trump J. tweeted to his followers.

“The tweet came after Mr. McConnell said, ‘There’s no question — none — that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day.’” [emphasis added]

For more on this story, go to The Washington Times.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you share Donald Trump Jr’s low opinion and scorn of Mitch McConnell? Why or why not?



  1. Barry & Linda Brown says:

    To bad he is not in my district. He and Mitt Romney need to be ran out of the swamp on the same rail.

  2. Bill Tierbbb says:

    Keep it simple. mitch is a political snake only looking out for himself.

  3. Mad as Hell says:

    Mitch is a trader, I call him Benny for Benedict Arnold turn coat garbage!!

  4. Eugene Crocker says:

    The problem with McConnell is that he is tied to the Chinese Communist Party through his wife. Everyone knows happy wife happy life. His wife has been pulling his strings for the Chinese govern.ent all along.They have relatives in China don’t say he isn’t compromised.

  5. GITMO says:

    Mitch has turned traitor!! Time for him to go! Retire all traitors who turned tail and sided with demorats! There not good Republicans or demorats hiding under Republican name like Mutt R. Mitch is just made his oriental wife got scared and quit!! Oh Boo Hoo!! They got what they deserved! They got lucky nothing really happened! If that would have been BLM OR ANTIFA they would have tore the place apart! Burned! Destroyed property and statues to paintings! Those were true Americans demanding a fair election and not a bunch of corrupt cheating demorats! Biden was not elected by peoples votes and everyone knows it! We need those Trey Gowdys/ Jim Jordans and Ted Cruz’s to stand there ground agaisnt demorat corruption! Wont be easy since they go after everyone in there way and make fake news about it to brainwash you! Make up lies to get you to buy it! Wake up people! Demorats are destroying this country and Bidens a prime example of it being a puppet for the deep state!

  6. Phil, Wisdom of age says:

    Apparently he gets all his information from the fake news organizations, and only voted not guilty in hoped of being retained as minority leader, and being reelected to the Senate. I hope his run in the primaries, his state elects him to retire.

  7. Carol C Huddleston says:

    Mitch McConnel is nothing but a traitor. One of satans demons with so many others who think they are better than every hard working person. They are suppose to represent the American people but don’t.

  8. Joe Masefield says:

    McConnell is a traitor to the Republican Party and to the United States. His days are over and he needs to be sent immediately to a nursing home for seniors.He’s become a patsy for the Communist Democrats while pretending to be a Republican.

    • Samantha says:

      Please, why should we inflict McConnell on innocent people in nursing homes. He doesn’t deserve to be in their company.

      He is yet another gutless wonder who did nothing constructive for Americans when he had every opportunity to (7 terms!);rode President (STILL my President) Trump’s coattails to his OWN reelection, then, at the FIRST opportunity threw President Trump under the bus. Shameful.

      McConnell is just another of the Swamp rats (7 terms!) grabbing onto other Swamp rats (Biden, Pelosi et al) in a desperate attempt to keep from drowning in the deep, smelly cesspool they created over many decades. Trump et al have the goods on him, and it must scare the living daylights out of him. It will all come to light.

      Now, after THINKING about these swamp creatures I feel the need to take a shower. Ick.

  9. plumbob says:

    I feel pretty much the same as Don Jr. As far s I am concerned e needs to go. He obviously was trying to keep his head down to keep his job in the 2022 mid-term election. I honestly hope he is thrown out along with Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler and the ‘squad.’ It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if several GOP Senators and Congress persons were tossed out as well. Liz Cheney and the turd from Utah are the two I would most like to see voted out of office.

  10. Deb Kavanaugh says:

    Question for Mitch McConnel!!! If what you say that you believe that Trump was absolutely without a doubt guilty for all that went down on January 6th….WHY THE HELL DID YOU VOTE NOT GUILTY!⁉️ You cannot have your cake and eat it too!! Time to retire Mitch McConnel‼️ Trump does NOT deserve what you just dished out and Don Trump Jr is correct, you did Jack Shit‼️

  11. Anna mcclellan says:

    We need our great president back in office. Please we will stand behind our president rump. We are waiting for hessian.

  12. Joe Masefield says:

    McConnel is a traitor to the Republican Party and to the United States. His days are over and he needs to be sent immediately to a nursing home for seniors.He’s become a patsy for the Communist Democrats while pretending to be a Republican.

  13. jkryanspark says:

    Trump supporters are the dumbest, most degenerate creatures in America. They possess a unique type of stupidity; one marked by a total lack of introspection.

    • Lane Arave says:

      Sure thing Tard boy.

    • GITMO says:

      Oh sparky sounds like he is the degenerate stupid camel jockey or border jumper let in by the pos camel lover corrupt Soros butt kisser Obama!! Now they have a puppet doing what he wants! Demorats are what they create! Dumber and Dumber! CNN brainwashed puppets made to control weak minds! Worked on old Sparky boy!! What a moron!

  14. Al says:

    McConnell has been a never-Trumper even before Trump was elected. During Trump’s presidency Mitch simply played Trump card as he had no other choice without being eaten alive by his opposition. He is a part of the swamp and Trump was there to drain him along with other swamp creatures. And that would have happened should our potus have had 4 more years.

  15. Darlene Bush says:

    My gut feeling for Mitch McConnell was right all along as he dragged his feet & kept silent & doing nothing. He is a disgrace as many more hid behind as back stabbers. Obviously there was many seeking for there own positions of power. We miss President Trump & proud to call Him America’s President!

    • Helen long says:

      Mitch needs to be removed from his position Like so many of the other’s. BIDEN and HARRIS needs to be IMPEACHED and Removed ASAP for trying to destroy America and her People.

      • jkryanspark says:

        You’re a complete and total idiot. You have that authoritarian gene that makes you so dangerous. Every other word that leaks from your brain and out your mouth is fascistic. Voting is how this country removes undesirables. You don’t impeach politicians simply because you don’t like them. McConnell is a lowlife, but if the state of Kentucky elects him, it’s their business. For what reason would you impeach Joe Biden, or are you simply behaving like a child who insists on getting their way?

        • Lynnett says:

          You are definitely the uninformed idiot, not even worthy of any intelligent response!!

        • Woody says:

          There is plenty of reason. And by the way, why did the left (your side) try and impeach Trump twice? It certainly was because your side hates him. Thus, the reason Schumer is thinking of going after the 14th Amendment to keep Trump from running again. What is your side so afraid of?

        • Sharon says:

          Someone asked why should Biden be impeached well first of all there is a reason he is so peachy with China!! Biden his son brother have been in the money laundering business for a while now if you look at some of the pictures you will see all there of them together How in the world can one man spend one trillion dollars in three weeks in office?? Does that not strike a question or two!! No wonder he can’t get any Stimulus checks to the people he is spending it on other things people are Hurting !!!
          He is not physically able to be the President he can’t even read the q card and then he isn’t sure it is right does he even know where he is half the time!And as far as Harris is concerned we know she knows how to Fight enough she said it and then to go and bail out rioters that burn cars set fairs destroy buildings bust peoples heads open !! And Burn The Flags Of our country the flag was here way before the Capital and you know what Democrats sweep around your own back doors clean up your own hateful mess before you go blaming everybody else !!! Nancy as far as
          Planned Parenthood and Abortion that is nothings but Murder!!
          God Creates these precious babies nobody has the right to Murder them Think about your children and grandchildren or think about what if your Mother had aborted You!! All of you that haven’t Seen a Video of when the the mother first conceives and you follow the whole 9 months to the end. And you still think it is alright to abort that precious Baby!! There are to many mothers that can’t have children in the U S A that would give anything to hold a new born baby they cry there self to sleep at night wishing and praying for a baby so there is no need for Abortion!! A man stood up and said yep I just threw the baby in the trash can and seemed Proud of it how sick can he be! !!can’t believe we have a President that believes in Abortion I just don’t know how. And why people voted for him knowing how he is he is not all here people!!
          And the one senator that was having the affair with a China Spy he needs to be kicked out on his butt and never serve again and he stood up and voted against Trump you have got to be kidding me!!You all talk about who needs
          to be impeached?? The Word Hell wass used way to much you all will one day know what it really feels like if you don’t change your ways!!
          God is going to show up and He Is Going To Change The World !!! And He Will Have The Last Word!! It want be Pretty Read the whole chapter of Revelations it is the last chapter of the Bible .it is unfolding just like God says it will !! The Rapture is Coming you think you all where scared at the Capital you don’t know nothing !!I If you get left behind it will be Hell on Earth It Want Be just a day but for a eternity!!!
          Everyone of you Senators on Both Sides need to hit the Senate Floor Ask Forgiveness put aside these hateful attitudes and work together for our Country and the Unity Of America!! We are Sinking and we will Drown !!

  16. gerald champagne says:

    Mtch is and has always been a two-faced traitor’ Married to chinese woman that her father uses mitch to get what china wants through mitch.Low life piece of shit. If he is for china let him and his communistic bitch go live there.Time for all these rhinos to be eliminated from the peoples houses.AMERICA needs to rise and get rid of all who want to tear AMERICA apart and mitch baby, when you are no longer useful, i hope the chinese send you to some work camp to die.SEMPER FI MAY GOD BLESWS AQMERICA and to those who do not agree,KISS MY ASS

  17. Glen nichols says:

    Mitch McConnell learned how to play the game of politics in the DC swamp but doesn’t have a clue what real leadership is. He needs to go and we need term limits.

  18. Robert Martin says:

    How old is trump jr? He should run for president in 2024 if he is at least 35 years old.

    • Charlie says:

      How about President Trump run again with
      Junior as Vice President, that would give him 4 years experience.
      Then run for President with Dad as Vice President. Just A Thought, But sounds good to me.

  19. Robert Martin says:

    Mitch mcconnell needs to retire and move to california so he can be with his buddies. The citizens in kentucky are the ones that keep him in the senate by voting him back in hopefully they will get smart and vote a true conservative in. It’s like the old saying put a good Apple in a basket of rotten ones and it will go rotten very quickly.

    • LindaT says:

      I know people in Kentucky , they say they can’t stand him , do they use the dominion voting machine to keep him in ? Either way this RINO has to go !!!!

  20. Mary L Janes says:

    They don’t give a rats ass about the truth and I for one would love to see them all removed

  21. Thomas says:

    What do Mitch, Haley and others hope to accomplish with these attacks against
    TRUMP? They should all be pushing hard to expose how rotten the election was.
    To say there is no evidence of Fraud is BS. Rather than attack Trump why don’t
    they focus their attention on fixing the system so we can have elections going
    forward without Fraud. Failure to fix the system we will never have elections
    of the people and by the people for the people. We elect you to work for we the
    people. We want the Fraud exposed and fixed.

    • Charles Warner says:

      McConnell/McCarthy have been working behind the scenes to stop Pres Trump since the start. He exposed them and kept his word from the start doing things they had promised to do for decades but the Dems made fools of all of them till Pres Trump. McCarthy like Ryan was a Boehner protégé just another circuit rider Cantor another one. The GOP may not survive as a viable party, they are finished in CA/NY/NJ always fatal Demovirus now affecting TX/FL as McConnell attacks Pres Trump. History will note the Demise that takes place as the age old story, weak, spineless leaders always lead to defeat. McConnell has become the GOP’s Neville Chamberlain acing out Bush.

    • Dreynolds says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Let’s move on. Fix the election system. Hold the Dems accountable for their promise to “heal the country.” YEAH, like they have done one damned thing thus far to show that wasn’t a bloody lie. Let’s heal this country, heal the covid and get on with living. So tired of this hate and evil divisiveness. Frankly I don’t think Joe has the B—s to do it, but he’s the president and I’ll give him the chance. He needs to stop signing all these dictatorial executive actions and do the job he said he would do, already. Oh and tell Nancy to stand down on the hatred or get the hell out of Washington. She is evil, vindictive, and hateful if ever there was a person who was. We don’t need people in politics who can’t and won’t work with the other side of the aisle and who delights in tearing us apart.

  22. Susan Cook says:

    He Mcconnell,should have taken the time to discuss how they should be focusing on the rising Covid deaths(which aren’t shown daily in the news like when Trump was in office) the rising unemployment, the huge and rising deficit, and all the other serious problems America has.

    • Diane Winters says:

      Mitch is just another rino with a yellow stripe down his back. The
      Rinos need to see what the communistcrats are doing..playing right into their milacious plan. To
      divide conservatives. Mitch needs to
      Quit listening to the BS that he is fed by the librals. Why do you say nothing about the rioting and burning of OUR cities. YOU still have not said anything. Has your
      Wacked New Party advised you not to do so? That stripe is getting wider.
      You are useless, I will never believe a word you say❗Pathetic.

  23. Diane says:

    Things haven’t smelt right with McConnell for a long time he talks about Trump but when you point one finger at someone else you have three pointing back at yourself! The more he talks the bigger the hole he’s digging for himself! Truth will come out on him along with the rest of the SWAMP monsters it’s just a matter of time.

  24. Martha Morales says:

    Mitch McConnell is a “COWARD” I believe, since his wife resigned he’s doing all this to please & go w/her!!! He has no “huevos” (balls) to think & act on his own!!!! He needs to be impeached & sent to a retirement home.

  25. maxibaby says:

    SING Mitch sing! The more you sing the clearer your motives and intent are! I want the rest of you fake Republicans aka RINO to sing your pretty little songs also! Come on…..fully expose yourselves to ALL YOUR CONSTITUENTS so they will know who and what they have voted for AND they will never make that mistake again!
    Primary the hell out of Mitch and the rest of the RINO! We must rid our party of the backstabbers and traitors! Replace them with Republicans who will not throw each other under the bus and who will work together to accomplish the Republican agenda! Fight together with an undying conviction to uphold the Constitution, for the American way of life, for us and our future generations!
    God bless and SAVE America!

  26. nan says:


  27. Bruce Leone says:

    Bruce Leoneseeya bye bye Mitch the bitch, you pissed on the strongest cponent of the Republican party because you’re ass lissingslammingwith shumer and Pelosi, Trump 2024:Unfinished business, finish draining the swamp, Back to Greatnesotch and the GOP arepent before God and the American public. Otherwise burn baby burn

  28. Bruce Leone says:

    Bruce Leone
    Republican party turned it’s back on thier most powerful component Donald J. Trump, and will never receive another vote from me as long as Mitch the bitch is at the helm they’re Lying cheating,back biting slanderers like the Dems. They’re going to get pounded by shumer and company because they tirn d on thier backbone.cConel is a Rino Yes, and is sucking up to Chuck and Nancy because he’s scared now they all need to repent and ask the public and God for forgiveness or burnbabyburn

  29. It is time to call it as It really is and it is time to get the info out to all Americans. Mitch Mcconnel is a rino who goes as the wind blows. He needs to go and look how fast he got into bef with Schumer.

  30. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Oh YES, Donald TRUMP Jr is ery right about bitchy Mitchell mcconnell

    and hey bitchy mcconnell, if you do not change your ways quickly, then you’ll find

    yourself in the midst(face to face with very disagreeing US voters

    that won’t like your political’correctness company

    and that’s truth, as it is now

    and you don’t have to be touched for you mcconnell to have your life unsatisfying changed

    not for your good

    ❤💥👍CHRISTrump and all his US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2021/2022/2024 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen👍💥❤

  31. Nana says:


  32. George says:

    We need to rally for term limits in this country.

  33. Debbie thomas peavey says:

    The Republicans are afraid of the Democrats and if the Democrats say shit they say when they have no balls to tell them to shut up and I will never vote for collins again I think the Republicans are a bunch of chicken I have no respect for any of the Republicans I tell the truth and the Republicans lie just like the Democrats I have no respect for the government any more

    • Debbie thomas peavey says:

      Pelosi said on tv that she was going to rig the election and Biden said on tv that he knew the best fraud people in the world

  34. Chris says:

    Mitch is a politician first. Cares about himself first. They want to be on the winning side even if it’s the devil himself running the show. We’re all in trouble. Just read history.

  35. A says:

    The so called ‘“SWAMP” is full of leeches that is difficult to tell which is which. I think the worst of them all are obvious and they should be the first to go. As the worst are weeded out the rest will become more obvious and they could be easier to get rid of. It is so bad it will take time. Let’s get to work, talk is cheap and that all that happens. !

  36. MoonSon says:

    Mcconnell did the right thing by voting against impeachment because right from the beginning it was unconstitutional. Then he turns around and does the wrong thing by trying to pin the events of January 6th on Trump. This will just make it more difficult for Trump endorsed candidates to take back the Senate in 2022. Very stupid move on his part!

  37. Frank p Becktol says:

    Mitch didn’t support Trump at first but as always he saw how the wind was blowing and followed along he is a swamp rat and POS

  38. michal says:

    The list grows longer for those “representatives” who are turncoats to our Constitution. They should not be allowed to continue to be “responsible” for representing Truth or Justice. If it is a dog, call it a “dog”, just do not tell me it is an eagle. McConnell blackmails Trump regarding pardoning Assauge, then stabs him in the back after his marker is called in. Etu Brutus? He does not deserve to represent anyone in the Senate.

  39. Betty Haga says:

    Mitch tries to play both sides. He is in bed with the laft. His wife’s parents own a very successful shipping co in China so he would naturally be favorable to them. Why did Trump have his wife in his cabinet? TERM LIMITS, PLEASE!!!!

  40. Michael Gebhard says:

    Hmmm! McConnell just like all the back stabbing,thieving, split tonugued Democrats that have no testicle are always going to under handedly attack what they fear. McConnell has his name passages so far inserted the democratic party’s posterior he is going to need an oxygen supply tank to breathe. He’ll need avon’s number to fix the discoloration of his nose if he keeps it up. Mcconnell’s action are no different then the Democrats. They need to draw attention away from the illegal things they are doing and get the attention elsewhere as to slip their ill gotten games and illegal actions accomplished before they can be stopped. The old saying goes thee whom cries wolf is usually the wolf in disguise.

  41. Patty Rupley says:

    Mitch McConnel’s private money is from the Chinese – his wife is Chinese and they own a shipping company – I have never trusted Mitch and it is time he goes becuase his allegiance is not with the American people. Drain the swamp including him.

  42. Nelson Daryl says:

    Evil is as evil does!!!

    Drain the new swamp!!

  43. Erv Friederich says:

    McConnell is just another Rino.

  44. G BAR says:

    DON JR. FOR PRESIDENT ! A real no nonsense MAN. His comments are very appropriate and subdued compared to what I would say to this KY jackass.

    A do nothing suck ass pretending he is representing his constituents in Louisville. Never realized that there are so many Trump haters in KY !

  45. Gary Purvis says:

    What a turncoat and coward. I wouldn’t vote for Mitch McConnel He is a Turncoat of the first order. There is zero evidence of President Trump commiting any incitement. The fact will be proven out that many involved in the storming of yhe capital building were paid leftist.

  46. SDOfAZ says:

    Trump JR is absolutely correct about rino DOUGHBOY McConnell. HE just won with Trumps help but it is time for a recall. Six more years of the turncoat? Come on? Vote for recall and make it happen. He and his Chinese bureacrat need to leave congress and her choice USA government job for good!

  47. Sandi Quinn says:

    Mr. Turtleneck needs to go, and Trump helped get him re-elected to the Senate this past Nov. When we take back the house and senate, Mr. Turtleneck needs to be removed as Majority Leader of the Senate! I can’t stand politicians that talk out of both sides of their mouths! He’s a RINO, and I can’t stand him. Don Jr. is absolutely correct, and I hope the GOP of Kentucky censures this traitor!

  48. Thomas Sanders says:

    McConnel, like Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, Biden, Harris, Obama, Clintons, Durbin, Duckworth and the rest of the CLOWNS in our government are proof that we must ELIMINATE ALL POLITICAL CAREERS and taxpayer paid golden parachutes. These self serving egotists must be held accountable for selling out the taxpayers and enriching themselves while undermining the very fabric of our great republic.

  49. Judith M. Horne says:

    Even Kentucky will not put up with a TRAITOR! GET HIM OUT OF THERE! I agree his whole priority is HIMSELF!

  50. Mike Hallum says:

    The house in the Senate, needs to be cleaned up drain the swamp!!!!!!

  51. Cherry says:

    The Democrats and Republicans like McConell are self-destructing their political careers. Do they not get it??!! We are sick of two-faced, lying, manipulating, cheating, self-serving, greedy, treasonous politicians on either side. Trump is not perfect. We never said he was and we DO NOT idolize him. We simply support him and want him as President because he keeps his promises and truly wants what is best for the WHOLE country. With Trump, what you see is what you get. No self-serving agendas! KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

    • Olive says:

      I agree totally ———– it has become very obvious to at least 2/3 of this country’s population that President Trump and his policies were and still are needed in order to serve the people of the US in the proper way. I am sick and tired of the Dems using our tax payer’s money for shams like the impeachment process, and other things that only serve to line their own pockets. Take a look at how many of them live in houses that are far, far above what their salaries should be able to provide —— where’s that extra money coming from??? No wonder they all like China!!

  52. barbara young says:

    Mitch is part of the SWAMP!! Remember him and Paul Ryan from the very beginning swamp creations

  53. Connie says:

    Never trusted that man. He is too connected to the Chinese communists.

  54. Glory rousselle says:

    McConnell is nuts to blame Trump for what happened at the capital, with all the rally’s trump has has they were always peaceful, also Trump specifically asked his supporters to be peaceful and us their voices to support the brave governors and senators helping to dispute the election process! I doubt the frustration wouldn’t have erupted in violence if the courts would have sincerely looked at the evidence trumps lawyers had instead of being terrified of the violent lefts reaction if they did!

  55. Lori says:

    He needs to go! Traitor!!!!! That’s not Unity. That’s him trying to cover his ass! Dems r going down one by one. Drain the swamp already. God will prevail 🙏🏼🙏🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸


    He’s right about him with every word out of his mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Christine Price says:

    He’d better enjoy his time in office because his sorry a$$ will be primaried out. He’s not a Conservative – never has been. He’s a pansy that caters to whomever can help him at the time. He was up PRESIDENT Trump’s a$$ when he needed him to get reelected and then turned his back on Trump and Americans as soon as he was reelected. He needs to go – he’s worthless!!


  59. rick says:

    I think Bitch McConnell knows he won’t run again, & wouldn’t win anyway, so now this closet commiecrat is just taking his final shot. If I were one of his “Republican” colleagues & a real American with American values, I’d make his remaining time in Gov’t. a living hell! He deserves to be shunned, along with the rest of the traitorous RINOS! Remember, Bitch doesn’t work for America, he works for himself!

  60. Ken Smith says:

    #termlimitsmatter #TLM Who needs to be prosecuted is all of the Democrats that have been inciting violence all year.

  61. Wayne says:

    Yes I agree with Jr!! For months now I believed he was a swamp rat! There are term limits on the president there should be term limits on tnhose in Congress!!

  62. Louise says:

    Mitch McConnell is trying to straddle the fence and be good to all sides. It does not work!!! He will lose out in the end!!! No loyalty to anyone but himself.

  63. BbJ says:

    Another “swamp rat” is Lindsey Graham. I couldn’t believe he is now trying to actually be a friend to the president after all he said and turning his back on the president by voting against him on January 6. This just makes me sick. He said he was invited to Mar Largo to play golf with the president after he called him. But of course his comment was “I will do anything to win.” Mr. president watch your back. Don’t trust these who were traitors when you needed them most. Continue to clean out the swamp. Get rid of all the rhinos!!

  64. Adam Muzer says:

    Absolutely he needs to go, he might not be a democrap but he is 90% swamp RAT

  65. Pat says:

    Congressmen, like Mitch McConnel, are so out of touch with people they govern. I feel like a lab rat for their ideology

  66. James Ault says:

    He is just one of the swamp rats. It’s time for him to go.

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