‘ISIS Times 1,000’ (Video)

ReclaimingAmerica.net) – The sadistic atrocities that the Palestinian Islamist terrorists from Hamas committed recently in Israel are so bloodcurdling that even a long-time former Navy Seal and combat medic, who is now a GOP US congressman, has been shaken to his very core.

On October 7, terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad invaded US ally Israel from the Gaza Strip. They butchered over 1,400 civilians of all ages, among them 30 Americans, while kidnapping hundreds of others.

In a recent declaration, US Rep. Derrick Van Orden (R-WI) detailed the harrowing aftermath of Hamas’ brutal massacre of Israeli civilians, describing it as the most ghastly and inhuman spectacle he had ever witnessed.

“This is ISIS times 1,000,” Van Orden told The New York Post, comparing the brutality of Hamas with that of the Islamic State (ISIS), the brutal jihadist group known for their heinous acts of beheading hostages.

Van Orden, who recently visited Israel, served in the US Navy for 26 years, including 22 years as a Navy Seal with five combat deployments.

“I can speak with authority. I’ve done multiple combat tours. People were slaughtered at a level not seen since the Holocaust,” the GOP congressman said.

He severely condemned the actions of the Hamas terrorists, whom he referred to as “savages” and “beasts,” for their deliberate targeting of children and instructions to inflict extreme bodily harm.

“These Hamas terrorists — these savages, these beasts — they specifically targeted children. They were told to cut people’s arms and legs off. It’s gut-wrenching. People are trying to legitimize this,” Van Orden fumed.

He blasted the Biden administration’s decision to send $100 million in humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza, the base from which Hamas orchestrated the assault.

He insisted the US needed to make it clear that Hamas bears responsibility for these horrendous attacks.

“That’s sending mixed messages. It must be clear that HAMAS is responsible for these terrible attacks,” he stated in a release concerning his trip.

In his statement, Van Orden drew historical parallels to underscore his point.

“Neither England nor the United States sent humanitarian aid to Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, or Imperial Japan during the war. There is no equivocation. HAMAS, Hezbollah, and their sponsor, Iran, are the enemies of freedom and peace. We must stop aiding them,” he asserted.

He further emphasized that Palestinians, not solely Hamas, were involved in these criminal activities.