Jack Smith Tampered With Trump Evidence

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – In a bombshell revelation shaking the Democratic witch hunt, it has been disclosed that prosecutor Jack Smith tampered with evidence in his classified documents case against former President Donald Trump.

According to lead Department of Justice prosecutor Jay Bratt’s court filing on Smith’s team, agents used “top secret” cover sheets as placeholders for classified documents they found during the FBI raid.

This revelation caused both Trump’s defense and the special counsel to acknowledge that the documents are now out of order, which could potentially compromise the case’s integrity.

Former DOJ official John Malcolm noted, “It could [complicate the case]. I don’t know whether it will or not, but it certainly could.”

He compared the situation to tampering with forensic evidence like DNA samples or fingerprints, which could seriously affect the case’s credibility.

The disorder could be problematic for prosecutors if they argue that Trump must have been aware of the documents because they were near files he frequently accessed.

Malcolm pointed out, “I don’t think anybody would believe that the President of the United States upon leaving office would personally be monitoring papers and effects.”

Criminal defense attorney Philip A. Holloway also voiced concerns about the potentially misleading practices during the investigation.

“And so if prosecutors and law enforcement are cherry-picking documents, and slapping these labels on it that says top secret where that label was not already there, it can be very misleading to the viewer,” Holloway explained. He stressed that misleading a court in this way is unlawful.

The public got a glimpse of the scene through a viral photo the FBI took at Mar-a-Lago, which showed scattered documents with “top secret” placeholders visible.

This image sparked debate about how Trump could have unintentionally moved such clearly marked documents from the White House.

In an August 2022 court filing, Bratt noted that over one hundred documents with classification markings were found during the raid.

A later filing explained that the “colored cover sheets” seen in the viral photo were used as placeholders whenever a document was removed to be examined more closely.

Following these developments, Judge Aileen Cannon postponed the trial indefinitely to address various pre-trial issues. The trial was initially set for May 20.

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