Jill Biden Attacks Trump (Video)

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – Surrounding herself with sycophantic hosts, Jill Biden recently appeared on a television talk show to attack former President Donald Trump’s communication skills, stating he “can’t put a sentence together.”

Watch the video below.

She was discussing the upcoming June debate between her husband, Joe Biden, who is widely known for his long history of verbal missteps—a topic that has even inspired a book on his gaffes—and Trump.

Jill noted that Joe had insisted on specific conditions for the debate to ensure a structured discussion, including no live audience and periodic muting of microphones.

She said the demands were so nobody “can’t ramble, or scream at somebody, not that my husband would be the one doing that.”

She then went on to emphasize the debate’s importance for voters, saying, “I think the American people deserve a debate. Because you need to see your choices. You need to see Trump, and you need to see the president. You need to see the differences. And my husband’s … And you’re going to see how smart he is and the experience he has.”

She added that voters would then see “somebody who like you’re saying … can’t put a sentence together. And everything is beautiful. And it’s wonderful… I think you deserve, the American people deserve … your choice is going to be clear.”

However, Joe ‘s own tendency to make verbal blunders is well-documented, with his gaffes frequently capturing media attention.

His history of slip-ups includes telling a supporter in a wheelchair to “stand up” and admitting he was unsure over how long voters would trust him.

One of his recent mistakes involved mistakenly referring to the January 6 Capitol rioters as “erectionists,” presumably intending to say “insurrectionists.” This slip led to humorous responses online, including one linking the error to Viagra.

The White House staff often finds themselves correcting Joe’s statements for the official record.

The 2020 election also came under scrutiny for potential undue influences, including significant funding from Mark Zuckerberg to election officials, which was primarily used to increase voter turnout in Democratic areas.

Additionally, the FBI was criticized for misleading media outlets about the authenticity of scandalous content found on Hunter Biden’s laptop, labeling it as disinformation.

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