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Jim Jordan: Democrats Are ‘Scared’ of Trump

In a blistering op-ed at Fox News, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) argues that the Senate must acquit former President Donald Trump and says the reason the Democrats want Trump convicted is that they are “scared” of Trump.


It’s been almost a month since he left office, but Democrats still can’t let go of President Donald Trump. That’s why, as our country faces many urgent challenges, the Senate will set aside its real work this week and instead focus on yet another political impeachment charade.

“After all the bluster and rhetoric from the House Democrat managers, the Senate must acquit President Trump because the facts and the Constitution are on his side…

“President Trump did not incite the violence of Jan. 6. News reports suggest the FBI knew in advance that violence would occur. The U.S. Capitol Police also reportedly understood that there was a “strong potential for violence” that day. Pipe bombs had been placed before President Trump’s speech. So how can Democrats accuse President Trump of inciting violence when the violent acts had been planned in advance?

“Far from inciting violence, President Trump urged listeners to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.” Those who failed to heed the President’s advice and who committed the acts of violence must be held accountable. But Democrats cannot seriously accuse President Trump of inciting violence when he specifically called for peaceful protests…

“At the end of the day, Democrats don’t want President Trump to run for office again. They’re scared of him. They know he works the American people, and not the Washington Swamp. Unlike most politicians, President Trump did what he said he’d do. Hopefully, one day, he’ll get to do it again.”

For the full op-ed by Jim Jordan, please go to Fox News.

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