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John Kerry: Earth Only Has 9 Years Left

President Biden’s special climate envoy, John Kerry, recently declared that Earth will be plagued by consistently catastrophic climate patterns starting in 2030 unless human inhabitants of the planet begin making drastic changes — and right away,” according to Blaze News.

“‘The scientists told us three years ago we had 12 years to avert the worst consequences of climate crisis. We are now three years gone, so we have nine years left,” Kerry told CBS “This Morning” in an exclusive interview aired on Friday. [emphasis added]

“The former secretary of state was brought on to discuss the historic winter freeze blasting southern states like Texas as well as the Biden administration’s official reentrance into the Paris climate accord, an international agreement aimed at lowering global carbon emissions. President Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Paris accord in 2017, citing the fact that it was disproportionately harmful to American business.

“During the interview, Kerry argued the situation is so dire that the initial pledges agreed to when the deal was signed in 2015 won’t cut it anymore.

“‘Even if we did everything that we said we were going to do when we signed up in Paris we would see a rise in the Earth’s temperature to somewhere around 3.7 degrees or more, which is catastrophic,’ he explained, imploring that new, more ambitious pledges needed to be made.

“‘There is no room for B.S. anymore. There’s no faking it on this one,’ he said.”

For more, go to Blaze News.

Share your opinion in the comment section. Do you trust John Kerry’s opinion about “climate change”? Why or why not?



  1. Jo says:

    This jerk is hilarious he missed his true calling a real boring comic!! He’s the biggest joker yet!!!while he flies around in a private plane he talk out both sides of his stupid mouth what an ass! He flies and the American should take a bus or better yet walk!! Someone please tell him to gey lost!!

  2. twinlightwave45 says:

    Dies John Jerry use a Ouiji board to make these predictions?

  3. Gus Belmonte Luna says:

    Mr.Kerry should be the “happiest guy” on earth! His previous beautiful young wife was a millionaires. He leaves her, to marry MS. Heinz (billionaires). Politically, this has been “screwed up” since Vietnam – with all his make believe war stories. The “IDIOTS” of Mass. elected him. Mr. Hussein Obama names him to “handle the Iranians” for ATOMIC BOMB TREATY. Thanks to him & OBAMA, they gifted IRAN “Hundreds of Millions in CASH”. All this smeels to “High Heaven”.

  4. donald bissette says:

    I see that every one has made all the negative comments that can be said against Kerry . They need to add Al Gore to their comments. Kerry is playing God and woe unto him.

  5. dave meide says:


  6. Jon D. Christiano says:

    John Kerry is a disgrace to America!

    Why doesn’t he get out and go “home” to Communist China!!

  7. Steve says:

    PURE BS ! ( bad stuff! The only time a democrat lies is when his mouth is open! All for the show and the billions of dollars to be made. America is the cleanest country on earth but to hear them tell it, we’re racist polluters! Hell ain’t hot enough for you Mr Kerry

    • Dog says:

      This is what happens when you have spent an entire career lying thru your teeth and getting away with it. Kerry believes he can say anything and people will listen . If I am not wrong, the 12 year comment was from AOC. You know she is an authority. Mr Kerry obviously has not seen the latest climate report from NASA. Their scientists are predicting a much cooler period coming up due to low sunspot activity. Only an arrogant POS like Kerry believes that the human race is so important and impactful, that they can control the weather. Another Obama swamp dweller back in the gang. Shameful

      • Larry says:

        John Kerry was a disgrace to the Military, and the human race. He has led a life of constant lies and and failed this country at every turn. He is so out of touch with reality and current political policy of the American he should be prevented from ever holding a political position for life, just like his buddy Biden.

  8. David Hume says:

    who’s monitoring our post.?Biden.?Not my president.!

  9. David says:

    If we only have 9 yrs left how did Kerry get a face
    like that.?There must have been a massive natual event
    that we are not aware of that cuased him to be one of
    the victims of climate change.!!So..On the last day 9
    years from now at least all the Morons will go up with
    the rest of us and I’m sure they will blame Trump for it.!!

  10. P.R. says:

    If this idiot is soooooo for cleaning up the world why does he still fly in his privet carbon emitting jet? Why does he own interests in 2 other air services? He rants about renewable air and solar sources. Boy these really helped Texas out last week!!! Did not work at all, how are they going to work in climates that have cold weather every year??

  11. TC says:

    Since when did this elite phony become AOC. He was a failed politician a phony
    vietnam vet who now wants to predict when the world is going to end. He should live so long!!

  12. Daniel Stewart says:

    Anyone who believes John Kerry is just as stupid or as crooked as he is. Global warming or climate change as the left wing interprets it, is a big load of crap. It’s natural, seasonal change. If it’s not, there’s nothing the dumb-ass democrats or anyone else can do about it. The only one who can do anything about it is God. Neither Joe Biden or John Kerry is God, no matter how strongly they would like to think they are.

  13. Toma says:

    Lmfao, how many times has he said something like this, the time comes and goes, then he says it again with different year. Why do people even waste the time and energy to listen to him.There is no global warming, it is all a natural cycle the earth goes through. The earth is warming up, we gonna fry, meanwhile over half the usa is under large amounts of snow because of winter storms. What, is the snow 15 degrees than 10 years ago and now the snow is 42 degrees, lol. Give me a break..

  14. Richard Hull says:

    If John Kerry said it, it is a lie, a fabrication. Something he and Obiden have in common

  15. Robert Martin says:

    Why would anyone believe this fool when he was in vietnam he got a purple heart for falling off a bar stool and cut his ass open while he was filthy drunk. I wouldn’t believe him if he said the sky was blue. I would have to look myself to be sure.

  16. Herbert Beck says:

    John Kerry is and has always been a horse’s ass. It’s not surprising that he has joined the “end of the world crowd”.

  17. Robert Wood says:

    This is not the first time they have made this claim, we were supposed to be underwater twenty years ago. America can’t even make a dent in the worlds greenhouse gases without immediate action by China and others, making America do this is stupidity at its highest. A green new deal needs a lot of technology that has not been invented yet. Kerry either wants to destroy the US like Biden, listening to people that have no idea of what they are talking about, going about it totally in the wrong way, but then when you put a senile president, Kerry, and the socialist mob wanting to destroy America, it has nothing to do with a green new deal.

    • Monnie Wesson says:

      I agree 200% leave it to the Dem’ and it may very well be the end of America as a Country. sad. So sad

    • Charles Ulysses Farley says:

      Kerry is a loser follow him and be a loser too. He is part of the new mafia attempting to take over America. These asshole will push THIER luck til they get knocked on THIER ass

    • Charles Ulysses Farley says:

      Kerry is a loser follow him and be a loser too. He is part of the new mafia attempting to take over America. These asshole will push THIER luck til they get knocked on THIER ass. The American people will have to stop making petty arguments and unite to reclaim our government. The earth has recovered from thousands of volcanos and has always rebounded. How can little pissants like the human race destroy what all those volcanos over millions of years could not do. DUMB ASSES

  18. Bob says:

    Not sure what scientists this nitwit is listening to, but NASA scientists, some of the best in the world, have indicated that we are entering a period of global cooling. Perhaps more CO2 would help keep us warmer.

  19. Stephane says:

    That traitor has no right to make that claim. Just as gore had no right to say he invented the Internet!
    That bumbling idiot who had TREASONOUS talks with Iran, while a civilian, during PRESIDENT TRUMP tenure, was a decidedly STUPID lieutenant in Vietnam, and was seconds away from lasting the average life span of a first-lieutenant in Nam= 17 minutes. He was taken out of the command. For being stupid and complaining like a bitch he was.
    That idiot has NO KNOWLEDGE of weather and climate. He is, just as gore made 300 millions, only raking in money from “tree-huggers”. Guess what those stupid idiots do in Texas? They spent 19 BILLIONS in subsidizing those windmills instead of securing the provisions of the Electrical Grid under the most inhospitable instances. Hence= Texas today.
    Oh, by the way, every 250 years or so, a small iceage comes around. But you cannot learn that from the DEMONRAT textbooks. History is not taught here.

  20. bob onit says:

    So how are we to believe a famous liar from the liar’s party

    Sounds like a lot of ketchup

  21. “W” says:

    “Wev’e only got ‘x’ years left” has been going on since the 1980s. They keep repeating the narrative. Kerry doesn’t believe it any more than President Trump does. Just watch his behavior. He doesn’t ‘walk the walk’!

  22. jay pitts says:

    Most of us .ca t niece anything from anyone anymore cus every one is self serving their pockets..eith th exception of th trump organisation..thats who is helping our prople n our great country..n he will continue yo help till this fight is done..u h avent see anything uet..n we r all behind him..n that’s th difference this 0lay urr best games..commu idt..u habe bern for many many years n have been beaten back relentlessly. Thst what our great men n so ked fro for us n our great country..n it will no different this in my 70 n ill take up fh figbt..n everyone I know will do th com on u it what u will never b enough matter him many comm u ist reporters u have on urr side..hotler..should I kerp naming all that tried???maby for th non cities s that can’t soeak th language r read..but they can vote n collesmct foid stamps n not pay taxes n son a free 135 thou home n 20 rbou in th bank..n on n one ever gave me a dime..i worked for every thing I got.
    N paid taxes..a.yone see anything wrong with what I’m saying??

  23. John Jancuski says:

    Kerry is and has been a deceitful lair from the Vietnam era ( and probably before) until the daily present. He needs to go to the “glue factory”.

  24. Greyghost56 says:

    The guy’s an idiot. He’s just like a court jester.
    I thought they all took an oath to defend the Constitution, ours not China.

  25. Dale says:

    Scare news for the willy nilly. Kerry (AKA Frankenstein) should be placed in a grave along with his cadaver president.

  26. Donna Wickings says:

    Yep God is the only one that now’s when or how so if it is time than it is time they can not control God’s will if he wants to destroy the world he will no matter what they do to try to change it God made it he can destroy it just as easy

    • Pamela Williams Cofer-Jones says:


  27. Slick Willi says:

    Karen Woodall is the only one who got it right. This world will never end. It will however be different. The first renovation was done with a flood. The next re-do will be with fire. I suggest Kerry and the rest of the dem-wits repent and search for Truth. That is the Truth, the Way and the Light. Until then, let us pray for all the lost that they may find Jesus.

    • philip kolea says:

      John Kerry cant even remember his rank in the service,much less the end of the world….so sick of these polititions trying to solve the problemsof the world when they cannot find a job outside of government….God Help us!!!!

  28. James Hutchins says:

    Kerry is a lying Hypocrite Troll who owns a private Jet climate change is a lie.

  29. sheila j getz says:

    I do not believe the world only has 9 more years. What do they know about the earth and how long we have. I feel it is mention to keep the United States Citizens scared and afraid. They are politicians, not Scientists.

  30. Its just another lie like the last one. They are saying it to get richer just like before. Has he or any other little boys who cried wolf STOPPED flying all over the world in their private jets yet? NO and the bastards wont either!!!!!

  31. Verna L Hart says:


  32. Bill Tierbbb says:

    Do you sincerely believe he or his staff knows anything in this subject. Loved his line on his carbon footprint FLY COMMERCIAL!!!!

  33. Dave Darflinger says:

    John Kerry, like all Democrats is a liar and a criminal. I don’t believe a word any of them say.

  34. Sgt York says:

    Kerry is just a socialist pushin climate change as he saw the millions Al Snore made from the scam and now he wants his piece of it.

  35. Will says:

    He’s close. But more like 8 years, maybe less and not because of weather issues. I urge everyone here to go YouTube Tom Horns wormwood prophecy.

  36. Truth says:

    No we dont believe it!! The Dems are using it as an excuse to control and to funnel money into large slush funds for their taking..Also to direct billions toward certain energy sectors that they have been investing heavily into – example needed?? OK how about Pelosi just investing millions into Tesla right before the govet mandates a large fleet of electric vehicles in the future…DEMS YOU ARE FOOLING NO ONE!!

  37. bruce says:

    This is coming from someone who leaves a carbon footprint bigger than 1000 normal middle-class Americans, what a joke. All the politico’s wanting climate change are the abusers, not the correctors, who need’s 10,000 square foot mansions that even when empty consumes more than 10 standard houses. What about their gas-guzzling exotic race cars, limousines, and private jets. If you put them together like in Beverly Hills they would consume more power than Sacramento, CA. Now, who is his scientist? Not some acid-popping doomsday theorist. Where is his real science as Earth goes through natural cooling and heating cycles. (6th-grade science). Kerry spreads more manure than a herd of cattle.

    • Corri says:

      Gosh, as I read your comment, I thought you were talking about Trump and the Republicans. EVERY ONE of humanity need to pay attention to climate change – and change the way we are thinking about how our planet is reacting to our choices, not just Kerry. It sounds to me you are against democrats, yet republicans are equally showing their unconcern for changing all their habits in order to keep our planet healthy and sustainable for humans. I guess Trump has a plan to move his hotels to Mars and never go outside again without a spacesuit and never play golf again. Let’s start talking ore sensibly as human beings again who want our planet to thrive.

      • Your a moron this supposed govt.we got more like a shit show on steroids been telling us this is gonna happen in five years or this is gonna happen in ten years for decades and hey guess what nothing happened so if you believe all these overpaid brainless corrupt traitors and criminals your just as brainless as they are ,I’ll never believe any polishiten on either side nothing but a bunch of paid off criminals and liars nothing else

      • Grace says:

        You must have a secure government job.
        Booooo on you

  38. Matt says:

    If climate change is legit, the 7 billion humans on this planet are the reason why. What have the Dems done about that? For starters, they bring in lots of immigrants, greatly increasing the population here in the USA. Doesn’t seem like they want to solve this, they are part of the problem!

  39. Karen A Wolf says:

    Maybe Kerry has been diagnosed with something and he really meant He only has about 9 years left!
    That would make more sense.
    Hope he is okay!

  40. Kevin Barrett says:

    Kerry is a fool, question why does he and so many others ,f his type live on the water,with boats.

  41. Alexander says:

    He knows only how to make catchup, & who knows what is the future of his catchup
    business after nine years, I hope you live until that time to see how your false
    prophecy to be mocked.

  42. judith says:

    The world will end only if GOD returns in 9 years. His problem is he wants more money poured in the money bags who are getting rich off of this HOAX.

  43. Franklin Steele says:

    Kerry is nuts! He has one trick in his bag, and needs to go away. What a loser!

    • Kay says:

      I would not put any faith in that man. He is a confused fool that only looks to line his pockets with more money. He needs to retire along with Pelosi and leave politics and leave what is good for this country to the younger more intellectual. He is from the old reign and needs to leave and enjoy his life what is left of it.

  44. teresia coker says:


  45. Richard says:

    Kerry is crazy as hell!!!!!!! This country has done better with reform than any other country, but that does not mean anything if China can’t be forced to cut down on the amount of pollution they produce!!!!!😖

  46. Wilton Paul Cormier Jr says:

    Kerry is idiot liar like the rest of this administration. Drty low down anti American communists! The previous comment is correct only GOD is in control.

  47. Karen Woodall says:

    If Kerry knew his Bible he would know GOD is in control of all elements, Atmosphere and the whole world. The earth will never be destroyed.

    • Jim says:

      I wouldn’t believe Kerry if he was standing on a stack of Bibles, he is a worst liar than Biden and Obama who rank right behind Schummer and Pelosi

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