John McEnroe Calls BS on Covid Rules for US Open

John McEnroe

( – Tennis legend John McEnroe has condemned the COVID-19 vaccination rules, which seem set to prevent tennis star Novak Djokovic from competing in the US Open tournament.

Djokovic, a citizen of Serbia, would most likely miss this year’s Grand Slam contest in the United States due to the rules of the US government, which ban unvaccinated foreign travelers from entering the country.

The fact that Djokovic has refused to get vaccinated against COVID-19 has already kept him from participating in several other US-based tennis tournaments so far this year, including National Bank Open, Citi Open, and the upcoming Western and Southern Open.

John McEnroe has been criticizing for a while now the vaccination requirement for foreign athletes coming to the US, and he now condemned it in the strongest possible terms in a Fox News interview.

“I think it’s BS. That’s what I think. I think he should be allowed to play. My personal opinion, as I’ve been vaccinated, I had a booster shot, that’s up to the individual,” McEnroe stated.

“If I were him, and I’m not him, he’s won a lot more majors than me probably because he’s dug in his heels and found the gear, that will, that very few people in any sport have ever found, so that’s part of what’s made him so great, he sticks to his guns. He’s perfectly entitled to make the decision,” the tennis legend argued regarding Djokovic.

“The guy is one of the greatest athletes in any sport. He’s very careful about anything he puts in his body. So, it’s frustrating to see at this… that he’s not allowed into the country right now because he’s not vaccinated. It’s really unfortunate, but that’s the rules we really have right now with the government. I don’t agree with it, but c’est la vie at the moment,” McEnroe elaborated.

Djokovic has won the US Open tournament three times in his career, while last year he lost the final to Daniil Medvedev of Russia.

Earlier this year, he won Wimbledon in the UK for his 21st Grand Slam men’s singles title and his first Grand Slam title this year.

Previously, he could not play in the Australian Open after the Australian authorities deported him for failing to meet their coronavirus vaccine requirement.

Djokovic subsequently failed in the other Grand Slam tournament, French Open, where he lost a quarterfinal to Rafael Nadal.

The only chance for him to play at the US Open would be for the US government to change the travel policy on coronavirus vaccines.