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Judiciary Committee Won’t Recite Pledge of Allegiance

According to Lauren Boebert (R-CO), the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), has refused a request to recite the Pledge of Allegiance before each committee meeting.

Please see the tweet below and share your opinion. Would you like congressional committees to recite the Pledge of Allegiance before each meeting? Why or why not?



  1. FM says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that the Democratic people won’t recite the pledge. They don’t want to align themselves with the United State. Maybe they should give up their pay since it is also part of the same country that they won’t pledge alliance with. They are the REAL domestic terrorists.

  2. James Street says:

    Of course they won’t recite the pledge. They’re filthy democrat’s.

  3. j. c. says:

    the sad reality of this all is that the republicans were aware of all the democrats dishonest plan to hold a coup and did nothing about it… even i could see/hear what the democrats intended. President trump even stated some of these things publicly and was scorned by members of his administration and the older members of his party. he spoke of the “mail fraud” with videos and depositions and the fbi couldn’t find any fraud. from all the reports of fraud you would think that someone who could put their politics behind them would open their eyes and see.
    i never thought i would see a coup in america and that the public would stand by and do nothing about it.
    these people, the democratic party, is a prime example of why there should be term limits (most of the perpetrators are all long time representatives) and we should eliminate campaign donations and political action committees and let the campaigns be paid for from the treasury that way every one should get treated fairly

  4. Raymond Patterson says:

    The Democrats are spitting on the graves of all the patriots that have given their lives to defend this nation. All of them are not worth one of the great men and women who gave their all to make this the land of the free and the home of the brave.

  5. Earl says:

    Why would anyone expect any members of the C C P to pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States?

  6. I find it a travesty that members of our government vote against pledging allegiance to our flag, new citizens are so proud to do this ritual !! What happened to these misguided jerks who will not, I think we need to get rid of all of congress and start over, then we can vet all who are willing to run, then put TERM LIMITS on the ballot .

    • Harold dunn says:

      I agree absolutly.

    • Cathy Floyd says:

      It is really sad that so many people who live in America{we will not call them Americans, because obviously, they are not} enjoy the rights and benefits of our country, yet hate it and it’s people. All of these demo-communist need to be booted out, so that actual Americans can make decisions for the rest of us.

  7. Jo says:

    Throw these freaking phonies out!!! I’m sick of them all with they’re sniveling whining ways. They need to go to another country and pull this crap……

  8. Debra says:


  9. Robert Scholtens says:

    To call an elected official a public servant these days is a joke! RINOs have turned their backs on the team that enabled them to be where they are, while the Democrats have turned their backs on the American people they’re supposed to be serving. These people are not doing what they were elected to do. So where is the accountability for these turncoats? Why is Obama, who is no longer an elected official, being allowed to play an active role in the political process? Those whose responsibilities include making sure the laws of the political process are being adhered to need to start earning their paychecks, or be prosecuted for stealing taxpayers money.

    • Babs says:

      Obiden…sad state of affairs.
      Patriotism is dead among our supposed “elected” faux- leaders.
      I expected this but through communist propaganda, President Trump was demonized from the start.
      You don’t have to like the person but you should respect the title. They should be ashamed but narcissistic behavior rarely is.✝️🙏🇺🇸🍑

  10. Henry says:

    You can tell that most of this trash never served their country in the Armed Forces and they are not serving their country now.. They are traitorous BASTARDS…

  11. Doc Holiday says:

    The House Of Satan Has rejected America Back in the 1800s During the Civil war Days They would Hold them for Treason and should do it now .

  12. Walt jay says:

    Then those willing to recite The Pledge of Allegiance should do so and disregard the out of order gaveling!!!

  13. Anybody in the White House that does not want to say the Pledge of Allegiance should not be in the White House I don’t care if you’re a judge or a president it is just plain wrong

    • Babs says:

      Take names of the unpatriotic and leak them to a non-communist social media/news. That way we know who’s who…
      We probably know “who” now.

  14. P.B. says:

    No, they can’t say the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, because they are then reminded of the Treasonous thing they are doing against this country and the American people. Besides that they are against God and can’t take that Pledge to God to uphold the constitution ans to protect the American people. They don’t want to be reminded of the Justice they are suppose to be doing. They are communist filthy scum.

  15. Brad Tipton says:

    They don’t want to say the Pledge of Allegiance because it reminds them of the duties they were elected to perform. They just want to “do their own thing” which is to tear our Great Country down.

  16. Lee says:

    Nadler and the rest of that Democruts trash works for Satan

  17. Lee says:

    Nailer and the rest of that Democruts trash works for Satan

  18. vinnie says:

    Donkey people would rather hate and seek revenge than to “Pledge their Allegiance” to the Country that Pays them very well for their “Part Time”job thatthey do when coerced ever so slightly and they have the time to spare.

  19. Carol says:

    I believe the oath of congressional office includes a vow to protect the Constitution and the country from all enemies, domestic and foreign.
    Every one of them who violates this is guilty of treason and should be thrown in prison.

    • Louis O says:

      I agree with your earlier statement. Their oath of office is to be enforced. But the question was about reciting the Pledge of Alleiance. Resubmit your feelings on that too.
      Stay American—Stay strong.

  20. Louis O says:

    I am in favor of the recitation of the Pledge of religion at the start of all commitee meetings in the house and senate. They need to be reminded of what their reason for being there is. While we are at it let’s have the Pledge recited at the start of each school day by all students.

  21. Elizabeth says:

    They are all frauds and illegitimate in the Democrat party and in office. They weren’t elected. They stole the White house and put roadblocks up to keep President Trump and any of his followers from proving their deceit. Now they’re going to destroy every good thing President Trump did. Is there anything we as citizens can do about it? We don’t have the power they do, so what can we do?

    • angela grivas says:

      There is plenty we can do: vote for your school boards, sheriff’s, commissioners, right up to President, conservatives with a backbone(if there’s any left). Join conservative groups, be an active participant in your community, not a watcher. It will take a lot of work from many to get this country back together. There’s plenty we can do but be ready to fight for it.

  22. Bill Tierbbb says:

    Let’s keep it simple! Why not say the Pledge? Gotta problem?? Speak up!

  23. Joe Masefield says:

    Hey wait a minute! The Democrats have already taken the pledge of allegiance – – to Communism and the destruction of the United States!

  24. jayfogg says:

    Bring back punishment for treason against our great country and also deport all to communist country for life

  25. Allan Pozdol says:

    These DemoStasi and fundamentally PSYCHOPATHS! They HATE the United States of America. They know better than everybody else, who they hate.
    “Psychopathy is characterized by diagnostic features such as superficial charm, high intelligence, poor judgment and failure to learn from experience, pathological egocentricity and incapacity for love, lack of remorse or shame, impulsivity, grandiose sense of self-worth, pathological lying, manipulative behavior, poor self-control, promiscuous sexual behavior, juvenile delinquency, and criminal versatility, among others.”
    Just sayin!

    • Sleepy Joe Bidun : This person wouldn`t make a JESTER for a LIAR`S COURT. Or would he ???? I suppose he does attempt to entertain the democ rats. This is the best I could say about Joey. Thank you. James Gordon

  26. Deborah L. Mohr says:

    This is very upsetting. It’s even more upsetting than when Obama did not place his hand on his heart for the National Anthem. We are in big trouble as long as these people are in charge and it seems that this attitude is spreading like another pandemic. Dear heavenly Father, please help this nation!

  27. They are very un-American! I would call it treason.

  28. James Hutchins says:

    Nadler and the Democrats in the house of representatives and the Senate are unAmericans.

  29. Sharon says:

    He should be sanctioned for being anti American, Nadler has no business being the House Judicial Committee chairmen! Another disgrace to our country!

  30. Ray says:

    Because he is unamerican and a socialist globalist and needs to be removed. Rinos are the same and we have been sold out by these commie scumbags. The military is the same. They are daring us to do something about it.

  31. Melissa Jo Harris says:

    It is an absolute disgrace that our elected officials will not say the Pledge of Allegiance. This should be a mandatory requirement before each meeting and one they should take great pride in doing. Give us President Trump who we actually voted in and honors his roll, our country and our people.

    • Don Butler says:

      Oh you mean the 4 time draft dodger. My father fought in WW2 one of my uncles died on Omaha Beach. Dozens of others in my family have served or died fighting for this country. So a draft dodging useless punk will never get my respect.

      • James B Jacobs says:

        How do you know he is a draft dodger. Heard it on CNN? Apparently you never served or you would know, if you are going into the service,you go to the enlistment office and apply. It’s the same if you get a draft notice, A military doctor gives you a physical exam. If he finds something that might hinder you doing your job in the service, you will be turned down.Apparently the military doctor found a bone spur in Trumps foot and he was turned down. I know, because I went through the same procedure when I went into the Air Force and so does everyone else.

        • Don Butler says:

          Actually he talked about it in a interview. A good friend of mine has bone spurs in her feet and can hardly walk, not play Golf all the time. I tried to join the Army, Navy, Marines, and the Air Force but they wouldn’t take me because I was a type 1 Diabetic. My best friend went into the Marines 2 others joined the Army. My sister was in the Air Force Captain. My nephew went Navy. Heel spurs was a common way for the rich to get out of serving. Not just him anybody who doesn’t want to serve their country should be expelled from it period.

      • James Stevens says:

        Did u fight anywhere??

  32. Geraldine says:

    Spot On! The election is illegal. VP Pence & the Republicans who voted to not support the investigation of sworn American’s affidavits claims of voter fraud in several states are True Turncoats of the Republican Party & America.
    The Presidential inauguration should have taken place only after a thorough investigation proving the actual winner. The law put in place to approve the investigation was made by whom & when? Our trusted politicians who live by their own personal interest in their back wallets?
    All true Republicans can keep a list of the treasonist many who turned on the American people & deleted our votes for all future electiions.

    • Ray says:

      They are all the same and if one speaks up they are punished like Greene. It’s in our face like they are our masters.

  33. Sic&Tired says:

    I am so glad – that there are So Many Good, True, & Faitful AMERICANS in this Country…. That Just Totally “Despise” the Democrats for Who They Are & for How Terribly they are running this Country.! They are a Disgrace and Traitors to Our Country…. They need to be Erased from their Positions.!!!

    • Ray says:

      From what I see is the last great americans put king George back to England. Today they are nothing but scared to lose their house and car, but agenda 2030 is going to take them anyway. Everything you are seeing is UN agenda 2021 in full force. Research it.

    • Patricia Crawford says:

      I agree. How did we let it get this way? Moving for all senators to be morons, I am glad that I am not in the young group that have to collect their bad deeds and punishments for many more years.

  34. Bob Q, says:

    I’m tired of these Democrates who are unfaithful to this Country, maybe shipping them off to Venezuela would be a good idea or Columbia they have their type of society already in place for them the and I’m sure they would fair well their. For the party of Jim Crowe and the KKK who voted unanimously not to free the slave that they have such a large party of blacks devoted to them and I don’t know why.

  35. Barbara Braswell says:

    The democrats who are against the Pledge of Allegiance of our United States have no business representing our country. The people who voted them in should certainly be aware and get them out of Congress. To me, they are traitors to America.

  36. Lou says:

    If the people of America don’t vote these bastards out of office, they should go live in another country. The Demonrats don’t seem to get that they CAN and SHOULD be replaced and punished for the turncoats they are. I love America, they hate America …even though they’ve made their millions/billions off the backs of American citizens through (mostly) theft of one kind or another. And now a crook, cheat, and a predator, who should be in a jail cell, not in the oval office.

    • Frenchy Munn says:

      WHAT IS WRONG WITH ALL OF YOU PEOPLE? ALL OF THIS BITCHING AND MOANING OVER WHO’S WHO ON WHAT FENCE POST. TAKE SOME TIME, GET A COPY OF THE CONSTATUTION OF THE UNITED STATES,—AND READ IT!!! IT STATES: “ANY PERSON ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE SHALL ONLY SERVE ONE TERM OF OFFICE! THEN RETURN HOME AND CARRY ON WITH THEIR LIFE,HOME, AND JOB AS BEFORE. THERE SHOULD NOT BE AN CARRIER POLITISION. Then I say that they should be mandated to go to HILLSDALE COLLEGE,there in Washington D.C. and take,and pass a class they offer on the Constitution and what it means before they are allowed to run for ANY OFFICE OF GOVERNMENT!! THAT WAY IT MIGHT ELIMINATE MOST OF THIS SNIVVILING AND WINENING. IF there is an elected official that isn’t doing their job, elected by the people. We the people, need to ALL come together and “impeach” that person. Also anyone that refusing to pledge allegiance to our flag, they should be terminated on the spot, and deported. Now I will get off my soapbox and go back to making metal chips fly!!

  37. Allen " liberal killer" Horsley says:


  38. mytake says:

    They don’t want to be reminded of how traitorous they really are. Maybe too many communists. They are certainly not doing their jobs of serving the People. They are self serving and vitriolic to everyone who doesn’t agree with them. If they can’t or won’t pledge allegiance they are unAmerican for sure. They have no business being in our government.

  39. John Bateman says:

    That is sad very sad I guess they figured it is not politically correct! Maybe they think the United States is just a name to them and not a Republic

  40. Judy Chaffin says:

    Everything think they do is Unamerican AMERICA and our Traditions and Values come last. They hat AMERICA so much they need to go somewhere else. Trump was a man that loved this Country and it’s Citizens. And he didn’t take bullshit from other Countries.

  41. Daniel Ehredt says:

    Nadler like so many other democrats are nothing but communists who have No Love for America. They all should be expelled from this great nation. If not, then you are looking at a nation that you cannot claim to be great anymore.

  42. Cama Pinkston says:

    These people were elected by us, the people of the USA. What in the world would be wrong with reciting the pledge of allegiance? Are they afraid they might begin to believe it?

  43. Dixie Terry says:

    That’s because they (DemonRats) are all commies!

    • Perry says:

      Spot on Dixie. The Democrat Party is only about their Party, Power and Wealth, they couldn’t care less about the American People. Joe Biden is an illegitimate President. The election was a fraud.

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