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Kamala: European Settlers Devastated Native Americans

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – One wonders if Vice President Kamala Harris, as she went on a rant the other day denouncing the white European explorers and settlers who first colonized what eventually became the United States of America, ever gave thought to the fact that if we constantly reach backward through history and judge what happened hundreds of years ago by the standards of today that no race or nation could withstand the scrutiny.

First, some background.

On Tuesday, according to numerous publications, Vice President Harris attacked European explorers who first came to our continent during a speech to the National Congress of American Indians holding their 78th Annual Convention.

According to Harris, those explorers:

  • Devastated Native American tribal nations
  • Stole Native American tribal lands
  • Spread disease to Native American tribes
  • Committed acts of violence against Native Americans
  • Committed other shameful acts against Native Americans

Harris went on in her condemnation of the first white settlers of North America to say that, beginning with their “shameful” acts, the history of the United States is replete with continuing discrimination against Native Americans that has resulted in their living in poverty, increased rates of unemployment, lacking adequate medical care, and that they are subsequently attempting to survive under a system that imposes inequity and injustice on Native peoples.

But again, while millions of Americans will undoubtedly agree with Harris about what European settlers did to Native American tribes and are more than willing to try to assist Native Americans in their needs today, we must also ask if it’s fair to judge what took place here hundreds of years ago – or anywhere else in the world – by the standards of what we believe to be just and equitable today.

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