Kamala Is On the Outs With Joe

Joe Biden Kamala Harris

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – Over the weekend, a bombshell report from CNN, an ultra-liberal mainstream media outlet known for protecting liberal and socialist politicians from public scrutiny, revealed that Vice President Kamala Harris is on the outs from President Joe Biden.

As one political pundit confided in Reclaiming America, “If CNN is willing to publish that Kamala Harris has fallen completely out of favor with President Joe Biden, the situation must now have reached a critical stage. They may even be considering replacing her on the 2024 ticket – if Biden makes it that far.”

As the conservative New York Post framed the political discord at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, “Vice President Kamala Harris is being increasingly alienated in the White House as her approval ratings plummet — as the first female veep feels she’s not getting the same support President Biden gives to white male politicians, according to a detailed new report.”

If Harris is raising the issue of her sex and race with her close advisers and claiming that Biden favors white men over her, political experts believe their relationship may be irrevocably tarnished.

For months now, the public has wondered where Harris has been. She was assigned the job of fixing the illegal immigration crisis on the United States’ southern border. Yet, there’s been no indication that she’s even working on the growing problem.

And, the only national politician with worse polling numbers than Biden in the administration is Harris. White House insiders believe those historically low numbers are dragging Biden down, and they want to separate his political image and reputation from that of Harris.

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