Keith Olbermann Demands a Coup – Reclaiming America

Keith Olbermann Demands a Coup

What does it say about America and the state of American politics when a once-prominent sportscaster and political pundit calls on his government to overthrow the President of the United States?

If you think we’re kidding, here is Keith Olbermann in his own words.

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  1. Lucy says:

    It‘s a shame that all theses liberals think they are the only ones that have the rights to say whatever they want but, don’t you dare say anything they don’t want to hear. Once you do, than we are racist . I think they all need to live in a socialist country & see if they would be allowed to say anything about the government & much less a leader if they country.

  2. robert says:

    Hey Keith you need to go back to your shrink for your own protection.

  3. John Strom says:

    Keith Olbermann is a left wing jackass and a liar.

  4. Bettie says:

    15000 went to a Trump rally and then went home and voted for Biden??? God bless everyone of you morons!!

  5. Randy Lamb says:

    President Trump does not have to be out of the WH until Jan.20th, 2021 after Biden is sworn in. Unless the watermarks bury the Dems, and Biden never makes it into the WH. Keep the faith Patriots !! Trump is still our President !!

  6. Daytona Lee says:

    Olbermann is an ass but how about Hillery?

  7. John R Wendel says:

    What country does he think he lives in?

  8. Rick says:

    if there is a coup it should be done by the Republican Party due to the Democratic Party trying to steal the election!

  9. This olbermann entity is a non essential idiot.This”it”should go back to soros,his live in husband.

  10. Lynn says:

    Isn’t that treason? Is Olberman not the one who should be arrested? Let’s get real!

  11. Tim Gardinier says:

    If anyone should be arrested it should be you for being stupid I would call you mister but you don’t deserve that title Olbermann just go back and play in your sandbox and let the big boys do the job because you are too stupid to understand it

  12. JGB says:

    Is this a joke? Who are these M0R0NS anyway? Time to get them all arrested and thrown into prison for election fraud, hooliganism and invitation to sedition!
    Speak of enemies, foreign and domestic! Time to defend the Republic!

  13. 1sg Retired says:

    The one would should be arrested is you Mr. Olbermann.

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