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Keith Olbermann Wants Political War

As tempers begin to flare on both sides of the political aisle in advance of next Wednesday’s congressional joint session to count the electoral votes, Keith Olbermann has called for a political war with any member of Congress who supports President Donald Trump by challenging the Electoral College vote that has Joe Biden beating Trump 306 – 232.

Specifically, Olbermann – along with many others on the political left – calls for Congress members to be banned from the new Congress that will be sworn in on Sunday, January 3rd, and to be prosecuted for sedition. Under U.S. law, sedition is the act of inciting revolt or violence against a lawful authority with the goal of destroying or overthrowing it and is punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

Please watch Keith Olbermann’s tirade and share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you agree or disagree with Olbermann? Do you believe that Congress members who object to the Electoral College vote that has Joe Biden the winner of the presidential election should be prosecuted for attempting to overthrow the United States government?



  1. Jimmy Kennedy says:

    An open letter to Mr Oberman:
    The political war has been going on for a long time. I assume you knew this since you were one of the original crazies that started it. I’m afraid this cold civil war that you helped start is about to turn hot. At some point you and the rest of the left wing crazies are going to push too far and we the silent majority will end our silence and push back. Of course you will beg for amnesty since you are a member of the “press”. Just remember you pushed the boulder over the edge of the hill….. don’t come crying when it crushes your house. I pray none of this happens but if it’s a war you want than a war you shall have.
    By the way I did indeed have a merry Christmas celebrating the birth of the Christ. I hope you did as well

  2. Julia Ogden says:

    I’ll have to double check my notes, but I’m pretty sure Keith Olbermann is on Ghislaine Maxwell’s “list of visitors” to Epstein’s child sex abuse properties! If so, that would explain his unreasonable hatred of President Trump! He can’t get his Adrenochrome anymore…and it’s killing him! That’s the ENTIRE REASON behind all the massive criminal election fraud! When Trump takes office, ALL these child killers are going to hang for crimes against humanity! Including Keith Olbermann if he’s found guilty! Want to bet I find him on that “list”? #THISISTREASON

  3. RAM 3500,
    well I think your mistaken Biden has NEVER TOLD THE TRUTH < just check his record DUMB BUTT

    IF we want any shit out of you we will unscrew your head and dip it out !!

  5. Thomas J Eltringham says:

    The answer to something (if I said “someone” I’d be implying that he resembles a human being in some fashion) like Olberman is:
    1. Hire private investigators to uncover his various criminal acts (law violations)
    2. Present solid evidence of the crimes to the authorities, and
    3. Demand that he arrested, tried, and imprisoned.
    (You can tell from this rant that there will be no problem in finding crimes.)

  6. Trish says:

    Why is that you can’t say I disagree without insulting the person.

    Trump has done so many things that are illegal and he has all of you kissing his butt.

    America has voted. The people who voted for biden believe that epidemic is real so they mailed in their ballots. It’s as simple as that. Just bec he can’t accept the loss, trump has filed law suits and lost bec the supreme court ruled over and over again.

    Biden won fair and square. The republican party has forgotten that trump is just a man. He’s not God. So he needs to go back to where he came from and find something else to do. All the legal records against trump are all true. He’s a child molester and rapist. And filed for bankrupcy multiple times. Hes lied over 20000 times and trump has you all thinking if it doesnt favor trump, its fake news. If you weren’t so scared to know the truth you read everything you can. Article after article has been written and then fact check to make sure its true. Hillary wasn’t the one that needed to be locked up. I could go on and on but I know you won’t do anything unless trump tells you to. One day you’ll learn the truth and you’re going to be sorry that you didn’t pay attention.

    • Ram3500 says:

      And biden hasn’t lied??? Your the sorry one!!!

    • ken says:

      you need to learn the truth trump did more for this country in 4yrs than biden did in 47 yrs every other word that comes out of bidens mouth is a lie. you are so full of hatred for trump you cant see past your nose

    • Thomas J Eltringham says:

      You have obviously been inundated with a mass of left-wing media .. . whose “fact-checkers” are commonly the greatest frauds of all. With the information you have received and bought, I’m not surprised at your conclusions. Those are the conclusions demanded of you. I do not, and have not ever, liked Trump the man -but when I can fight through the false media (that I’d learned to distrust Way before Trump) and discover just exactly what he has Done as President – it would seem that he is one of the best Presidents the US has ever had – his leading faults being those of affording credence to media distortions by elaborate (rather than curt) denial and not letting the body of Democrat voters know that he was accomplishing their stated primary objectives far far better than the Democratic Party leaders who take maxim efforts to Create division and disruption instead of benefitting their constituents. His legal efforts to contest the Media’s award of the Presidency to that shadow man Biden may not succeed – perhaps we have reached that make break point in a Democracy where those who vote for a living outnumber those who work for a living. But I certainly applaud his efforts to use all legal means to retain the Presidency. I’m not in a position to know for sure that the fraud in the election was sufficient to change the outcome, but there is one thing that is Absolutely certain here: Biden and the leaders of the Democratic Party are of the opinion that their “victory” was obtained by fraud . . . else Their millions would be going in the same direction as Trump’s – to do everything possible to make sure that all aspects of the election are validated and verified . . . so that Biden won’t spend the next four years known as the “Fraud” President in a similar fashion to four years of Democratic (fraudulent in this case) allegation that Trump was an illegitimate President (Russian’pick). Biden and Democrats expend money, and effort, and media in order to block inspection. NO other reason than their own conviction that inspection is to their detriment could engage such opposition.

    • Julia Ogden says:

      If lack of brains were snow, you’d be a walking blizzard! GET OF THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA LIE MACHINE AND DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! Do that, and you’ll find out just how utterly wrong and stupid you sound to Americans who have look behind the LIES put out by the MSM Mockingbird Lie Machine to destroy America, her freedoms, and her population! Look what NY is doing right now…making it LEGAL to take you out of your home and put you in a camp if you don’t follow their orders! UTTERLY ILLEGAL ORDERS TO FORCE YOU TO TAKE THIS “DEPOPULATION VACCINE” FOR THE NEW WORLD ORDER! You are a SHEEP and will be CANNON FODDER FOR CHINA JOE…MORON! WAKE UP! #THISISTREASON

  7. Fedup says:

    Its about time for a good case of lead poisoning for the sick ass lefties and dummycrats.

  8. FrankAboutIt says:

    Sounds like Keith needs a corrective jerk to realign his mouth, brain, spine and @$$ so his thoughts stop emanating from his @$$ . Keith should be scheduled for a “house call” to rectumfy the malady and undergo the procedure required for the realignment.

  9. Michael Wynne says:

    If ANYONE should be prosecuted for sedition in this country, Keith Olbermann’s name should appear in the pole position in the court docket! God knows he’s had enough practice ranting at his reflection in his bathroom mirror because his reflection is the only manifestation that will listen to him, and THAT’S only because it’s a captive audience!

  10. Darrell Atwood says:

    Typical Leftist lowlife, he’ll fall with rest of the Leftists scum when Donald Trump and Mike Pence is sworn back in for a second term as President and Vice President. Olberman crawl back into the cesspool you crawled out of !!!!!!!

  11. Sic&Tired says:

    Keith Olbermann ….. Is A True …. A _ _ Hole.!! A Belligerent Moron with the I.Q. of “Sub-Zero”. They may not make a Negative I.Q. Number Low Enough for this miserable man of the Human Race. How Do People of His Kind – Even Live With Themselves.!!??? It is Really Pathetic and Despicable….

    • Crackerjack says:

      He’s a sick man wants to be revealent but he can’t cut it anymore no body wants to hire him don’t have anything else to do you notice he don’t meet any of these people he talks about face to face just a loud mouth coward

    • Grace says:

      Trump Derangement Syndrome in full display. Willful blindness and denial are symptoms of this sickness. This angry man wants war! Careful what you wish for Mr Oberman. We are not so long on patience as you would want us to be. You will find the sleeping giant is really a giant.

  12. Donna says:

    So it’s okay that the liberals tried the same thing in 2016 but not okay for Americans to do it? Isn’t that double standards? Then you claim Americans that want to stand up for Trump or anyone that has been fraudulently treated are drug addicts. That we’re committing treason and should be jailed? You don’t get it do you? Trump is fighting for our freedom and our constitution not only for people of today but for future generations. He’s fighting against socialism in our country and trying to keep us free like our founding fathers wanted. It’s not about Trump or Biden anymore, it’s about the future of our children and grandchildren. This is not some shallow grievance and if you can’t see that then your blind to the bigger picture.

  13. Frank Steele says:

    This bastard is and always has been completely insane. I can’t believe anyone listens to him. You’re better off dead, Keith.

  14. Jerry Griffin says:

    I agree congress should crack down on Biden and the Democratic Party for trying to steal the election and falsely accusing PRESIDENT TRUMP of everything in the book for the last four years He deserves Eight more years to make up for the last four

  15. There is certainly on rest in the states and it will only get worse and I agree with everything he’s written I wouldn’t call him a racist or anything I just calling a man who’s got integrity and wants to see the right thing done peacemary says:

    Strange that you don’t get any of bitdens supporters name-calling and pulling people to pieces at last a guy with balls have spoken out and named and shamed man who is supposed to be president let’s face it guys you don’t stand a chance Biden in trump out
    There is certainly on rest in the states and it will only get worse and I agree with everything he’s written I wouldn’t call him a racist or anything I just calling a man who’s got integrity and wants to see the right thing done peace

  16. Larry Willis says:

    Olbermann and the other radical idiotic leftist should be arrested, tried for treason and face public hanging or a firing squad.

    • R.B. Blackstone says:

      I see yet another liberal talking head that is late to his court ordered anger management group session with the likes of Alec Baldwin and others.

      Reality will visit his “safe space” soon enough, and his imaginary world will collapse. Name ONE attempt at communism that has ever worked and endured. It always fails, as soon as the ruling group runs out of other peoples money and labor to exploit.

      American Citizens have had enough of you, shut up, set down.

  17. James says:

    Just letting the demon he is possessed with express what he thinks.

  18. Neal K says:

    Anybody that pays any attention to olbermaniac needs to see a psychiatrist. This guy is a certifiable America 🇺🇸 hater and certifiable fool needs help bad. The kind of hate he spews and profanity is unbelievable.

  19. jim says:

    olberman & all dems that are in office should be tried for treason & then exacuted.

    • Ingrid Werner says:

      I agree with your comment. I personally would push the button to execute them. We don’t need this garbage in our country.

    • Ted Juszkiewicz says:

      Olberman should be shot for treason, tried for treason and arrested for treason, in that order.

  20. Ross says:

    I wish you would come see me first bitch.

  21. marie j ross says:

    Why don’t you open your communist eyes and see how much fraud went on in this election. How stupid you are to not admit this election was a scam. All the money your elite friends used to BRIBE people so they created a JOKE of this election and you want us to BELIEVE Biden won???? Wake up you loser, how much money did you pocket to rant and rave like this????

  22. Paul says:

    This is more proof of the diabolical hatred of the left. Trump stands for religious freedom, pro life, the rule of law as set forth in our constitution and in general, the patriotic American citizens.
    The hatred from the left goes beyond politics. One can see it in the satanic effort to destroy the family (BLM), the high levels of abortion, attacks on religious symbols and everything else established by the founders. Freedom of the press and free speech no longer exists except for the socialist left.

    • Mike Reed says:

      Keith Olbermann? Is he a sportscaster? Is he a frustrated news person? Is he a moronic noisy idiot ( of course)? Typical far left asshole whose convinced he’s smarter than everyone else. Enjoy your delusions Keith. Just try to bother normal people as little as possible.

  23. Dennis Mitchell says:

    He’s the scum….

  24. Richard Parker says:

    He has not a clue to what he speaking of. His sole purpose it is to get more ratings and profit for himself. For that he will pay a price. It seems to me everything he said applies to him and not two people who just want a correct election. No one is rioting, that’s what you do and your types as we have been witnessing. You are quite simply a fool the very same type that I have seen run and cry. There is a special place in hell for you.

  25. Laurie says:

    He’s a psychotic nutcase & needs to be in a straight jacket & put away……FAR, FAR AWAY!

  26. Honest says:

    Kieth “Blowermann” You Talk like a Biden Follower and I suppose You are OK with “Obama” funding BLM for destruction in America~ A Sad Bastard You Are~

  27. Nick says:

    Still trying to be relevant, Kieth?
    Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

  28. William says:

    Bring it you libtard dog!

  29. mac says:

    Olbermann your the one that is should be in JAIL .Trump won ,YOU BIG SCUM OF THE OF THE EARTH.GO & CRY TO MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Cathy says:

    WOW,does this guy not realize this is Congress’s job.Oh thats right they haven’t done it properly for years. This is what we send them there to do there jobs! Sad that we’ve come so far from where the founding fathers started. President trump is just a man at end of day so why HATE so HARD on him.Maybe because he has a set and is using them to correct issues. My oh my must be close to the truth if they’re spouting crazy again. Throwing a tantrum kicking them out and prosecuting them for their beliefs WOW!! Thought that was why we started this country land of the free home of the brave. Be brave GOP do your jobs. Hopefully the truth will prevail. Let the chips fall where they may.

    • Richard Parker says:

      You are 100% correct Ms. Cathy, I have actually had fun over the years watching these types throw a little hissy fit when they don’t get their way or are backed in a corner for an answer. You hit the nail right on the head. God bless.

  31. Preston says:

    Sedition should be charged for the Democrats in Congress and against the Governor’s, Mayors and Attorneys Generals in the Democratic/Marxist states like Oregon and California. They support terrorist groups like BLM and ANTIFA. It’s time to take back America!

    • SUSAN says:


  32. Gary says:

    Dear Mr. Olbermann, You say you want political war with Trump supporters. Just to help your tormented mind, this is the group of Americans that legally won the election for President Trump. What that means is that there are more of them than there are of you lying, cheating thieves. To help explain for those of you who are attempting to steal the American voters election, it is you who have already broken the law and violated the constitution of the United States of America. Therefore, those guilty of this crime should be arrested, tried in a court of American law, found guilty and hung by the neck till dead for the crime of treason. Due to this ruling, Mr Olbermann, your complaint is invalid and withdrawn. To cleans your brain and heart so you can rejoin real and honorable Americans again, go wash your mouth out with soap and bleach and repent in ash and sack cloth for the next four years. May the Lord reign all the more in the United States of America. Long may they be sealed together to keep out the evil and wicked.

  33. Glo says:

    Since when is following the Constitution “sedition”? Maxine Waters questioned the Presidential race with Bush and Gore in 2000 and no one accused her of “sedition”. Maybe Oberman needs a history lesson? Or maybe he should just “shut up and take a step back”, or maybe he should find another line of work?

  34. Karyn Singer says:

    Keith Olbermann has lost his mind. He and the rest of his obstructionist should themselves be prosecuted for THEIR threats and actions against OUR lawfully elected President (President Donald J Trump) for everything they have done and or incited since 2016. His and their hatred for this country has brought more divide in their attempts to destroy America
    You Mr Olbermann are a NOBODY, A blow hard. You and your followers attempts to destroy this Great Country will not be Allowed or tolerated Any further. We the People will not allow it

    • Corri says:

      Excuse me, but enough already. According to the Constitution of the US, Biden is our next president. And unfortunately, Obermann is correct in what he says is supposed to be done according to our constitution. And it is sedition – for those who obstruct or intend to destroy the constitutional electoral vote which have been proven to be authentic as reiterated by the Supreme Court. Noone is immune to the laws of our constitution – even the current president, who is Trump until Jan 20. If the 140 + Trump actually want to overthrow our government by dismissing our constitution, then they will be freed through sedition to go and start their own country outside of the boundaries of the territory that the US constitution has been instituted and approved by majority to govern. All citizens are bound to the constitution as citizens of this country. And, instead of anger, now is the time to read and study the constitution and you will know that Obermann is speaking the truth of the law of our country. I don’t think he did a proper job of presenting these facts, however, by speaking it angrily. Anger is never the way to settle anything. All that does is dig hurts deeper into everyone, on both sides. But ultimately, our country exists because of our constitution, and Trump and these 140 are throwing away our constitution. Therefore, they are no longer participating in fundamental principles and laws of the US. That’s the simple explanation of what is going on. And hopefully, anger will be set aside so that reasonable men, like the founding fathers of our nation, can peaceably honor our constitution and build a nation that is kind, thoughtful, respectful of all others, and willing to work out disagreements without hurting anyone. That was the vision of our insightful, caring forefathers who laboriously put together our constitution and founded the country of the United States.

      • Sarah Riggs says:

        Well stated Corri, and in reading through the comments before and after yours, it appears that our schools have not done a very good job lately in teaching the principles put forth by the leaders of our past. Many of these writers seem to believe that anything other than a free and equal society is what they want. What they forget is, that is what our forefathers and many in countries all over the world have fought to escape from and appear exactly what they are now so ridiculously wanting to go back to. And that is sad for all of you on the Trump train. Good luck.

        • W says:

          So your “elected” Fourth Reich is what you are elated for. When they successfully destroy our Constitutional rights and you become their subservient subjects, will you still support them like the loyal lemming you are?

          Trump was obnoxious,a loud mouth and arrogant but he put this country first. Your “leaders” have been selling US out for too many years and you just set them up to screw US even more. Learn to speak Chinese because they already own Groper Joe Bribedem and the rest of your party elites.. Congratulations fool.

      • Tim Kelley says:

        It’s perfectly “Constitutional “ to do exactly what the 140 congressmen and Senators are doing; it’s written, in the US Constitution, that if they feel that the other side has cheated or tried to steal an election (which the Democrats have done AGAIN), to stand up on the 6th of January and reject the electors put forward by Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada… ( ya know, all the states that the Dems chested in)

      • W says:

        Oh, so now you get on your self righteous high horse and stand behind the constitution? How completely phony of you!!

        Where were you when Trump LEGITIMATELY won in 2016? Where was your outrage when Maxipad Waters, Skippy Schiff, Nitwit Paloozer and a plethora of other demoscum elites openly committed acts of sedition? Where was your indignation when these same lowlifes stomped all over the Constitution with their contrived Russia investigation and travesty of justice impeachment? I guess you were “peacefully” protesting with the rest of your kind. Where is your disgust NOW with Quid Pro Joe Bribedem knowing he ACTUALLY committed what Trump was impeached for. The difference is that Trump’s quid pro quo impeachment was based solely on hearsay evidence and NOTHING FACTUAL. There is clear video evidence of Groper Joe admitting to his crime.

        You are now “remembering” the Constitution when it benefits you,but you kicked it to the wayside for four years when you lost. How typically hypocritical. I just wonder where you will be when your elites stomp all over your constitutional rights and freedoms because they know best. Welcome to the Fourth Reich you voted for you INSIPID lemming.

  35. Cg says:

    Loser from the start and ending!

  36. Bob mfn Roush says:

    Isnt he speaking of democrats, but keeps saying Trump when he talks about all the racist democrats ….i think this idiot is wayyyyyy cinfuswd

  37. JamesandMargie says:


  38. Doug says:

    He would be in the fertile position in 2 seconds, crying for his mommy

  39. AKJohnIII says:

    Olbermann, you could not take the first punch, let alone war.
    Crawl back under your rock and go back in hiding.

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