Kellyanne Conway: DeSantis Needs to Step Aside for Trump

( – Former White House Senior Counselor Kellyanne Conway has proposed that Florida’s GOP Governor Ron DeSantis wait till 2028 to run for president of the United States instead of challenging her former boss Donald Trump for the Republican nomination in 2024.

Conway, who was part of Trump’s White House team from 2017-2020 and became the first woman to run a successful US presidential campaign as his manager in 2016, insisted he would manage to clinch the next GOP presidential nomination.

Neither DeSantis nor Trump have announced a formal presidential candidacy for the 2024 election, but the latter has been hinting strongly at another White House run since last year.

“If I’m Ron DeSantis, sure, I can think about running. But why not go be the best two-term governor of the third-largest state in modern history and then walk into the presidency in 2028?” Conway declared.

She was speaking before reporters in Washington, DC, during a breakfast event organized by The Christian Science Monitor, The Washington Times reported.

Trump’s former senior staffer and campaign manager dismissed suggestions that other Republican figures such as DeSantis could still offer the American public a “Trump agenda” but without any “controversies associated with him.”

“The Trump agenda — five of the [11] letters in ‘Trump agenda’ is ‘Trump.’ So you could try, but I think many people will say, ‘Why would I take a chance on an heir to the Trump agenda when I have the real thing?’” Conway argued.

“I’m thinking about many people, and if I’m Ron DeSantis, I can have a monster reelection,” she insisted.

However, the former White House Senior Counselor noted that the more significant threat to a new successful presidential candidacy by Trump would be a potential “third-party” “never-Trumper” that could divert Republican voters in the 2024 election.

“That’s the more likely scenario to me than somebody denying him the nomination,” Conway stated.

As she described them, a likely “spoiler candidate” could be GOP US Representative of Wyoming Liz Cheney.

Former Republican Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughter is mulling running for the GOP 2024 presidential nomination after losing her primary to a Trump ally.

Conway, who is still an advisor of the former president, would not say when he may make his 2024 candidacy official. Yet, she revealed it was “difficult” to persuade him not to do that before the November 8 midterms.

“Donald Trump, in some ways, never stopped campaigning from early 2015. I think you should maybe keep your cell phone on,” Conway added.