Key Democrat Invited To Join GOP

U.S. Senators Joe Manchin and Mitch McConnell

( – As statements made by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and John Cornyn (R-TX) reveal that they would welcome Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va) into the GOP, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell voiced his support for Manchin joining the GOP.

Manchin, who has been very outspoken regarding his opposition to the Biden administration’s Build Back Better Act, seems to have been ostracized by Democrats, causing a flurry of Republican senators to express the GOP’s sentiment about Manchin joining the party. The first being Mitch McConnell.

In comments this week, McConnell mentioned that Manchin would be “certainly welcome” in the Republican Party.

In an interview on “The Guy Benson Show,” McConnell was one of the first Republican senators to go on record saying that although Manchin was an outcast among Democrats, the decision to join the GOP would be entirely up to the West Virginia Senator. Significantly, he added that Republicans would welcome Manchin if he wished to join the party.

In the interview, McConnell, referencing earlier remarks he made, declared that Manchin’s opposition to the Build Back Better legislation was the “greatest favor” the Democrat could give the United States. The Kentucky Republican added that killing the bill was best for the country, as provisions in the legislation were “absolutely inappropriate and unnecessary at a time when we’re fighting inflation.”

Discussing the backlash Manchin had received from the White House following an announcement over the weekend where Manchin declared he wouldn’t be supporting the bill, McConnel said he was “shocked at the vitriol.”

He also added that it seemed as though the Democrats were calling Manchin a liar, which McConnell said was not a smart move, given the Senate is split.

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