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LA Official: Not Wearing Mask Is ‘Domestic Terrorism’

As reported by Breitbart, “The health officer of Los Angeles County said that those who don’t wear masks in public in response to the coronavirus pandemic are guilty of an “act of domestic terrorism,” the Los Angeles Daily News reported.

“‘If it were up to me, anybody not wearing a mask when they are out in public would be arrested,’ Dr. Muntu Davis said last week, according to the paper. ‘That’s an act of domestic terrorism and should be treated like one.’

“Davis has been the county health officer since 2018.

“Davis’ declaration came as county public health officials have been faced with ‘dramatically increased rates of transmission and potentially exponential growths of deaths in the coming weeks’ as ‘hospital rooms fill up again and depleted hospital staffs scramble to keep up,’ the Daily News noted…

“‘Limiting certain activity that can easily result in increased cases like outdoor dining at restaurants is done to try to get our case rates lower so we can move to a less restricted tier and open more businesses,’ Davis added, according to the Daily News. ‘We know what we have to do, but not enough people are doing it.'”

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