Laura Ingraham Slams GOP Leadership After Georgia Loss

( – In the wake of Herschel Walker’s loss last night in the Georgia US Senate race, Laura Ingraham of Fox News seemingly lost her temper as she slammed the Republican Party’s leadership.

As The Hill tells the tale in “Fox’s Laura Ingraham after Herschel Walker’s Georgia loss: ‘I’m pissed’ at GOP“:

“Fox News host Laura Ingraham expressed outrage at the Republican Party after Herschel Walker’s loss in Tuesday’s Georgia Senate runoff election, which cemented firm control of the Senate for Democrats and served as a final rebuke of former President Trump during this year’s midterm elections.” [emphasis added]

What did Ingraham say?

“We felt this coming. To me, it never felt like the Senate Republicans wanted this guy in office. He was a Trump pick, they didn’t like that … but there wasn’t the intensity on the part of the Republicans as there was on the part of Democrats.

“We have the same people in place in leadership. The same people in place, apparently, at the RNC [Republican National Committee], perhaps that’s not changing. We just keep doing the same thing over and over again. I’m pissed tonight, frankly. I’m mad.”

Do you agree with Laura Ingraham’s anger with the Republican Party? Why or why not?

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