Leftists Go Bonkers Over Musk’s GOP Desire

Elon Musk

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – Leftist public figures have reacted strongly, including with insults and curse words, to Elon Musk’s tweet urging Americans to vote for the Republican Party in Tuesday’s midterm election.

Twitter’s new owner and the world’s richest person wrote a post on Monday in favor of the GOP, arguing a Republican victory would result in a political balance.

“Shared power curbs the worst excesses of both parties, therefore I recommend voting for a Republican Congress, given that the Presidency is Democratic,” the billionaire tweeted.

“Hardcore Democrats or Republicans never vote for the other side, so independent voters are the ones who actually decide who’s in charge!” he added in a follow-up post.

However, his pro-balance call in favor of the GOP sparked a “left-wing Twitterstorm,” Breitbart News reported.

“Hey Elon, go f— yourself,” wrote Adam Parkhomenko, a longtime Democrat strategist and former Democratic National Committee advisor, without censoring the curse word.

“[Musk is either] out of his lane again, and doesn’t understand how Congress works [or] these are his actual politics, and he is totally fine with climate deniers in charge of Congress and blocking action on climate change, and empowering Marjorie Taylor Greene in the process,” reacted MSNBC pundit Mehdi Hassan.

Some leftist figures saw Musk’s pro-Republican tweet as direct evidence that he bought Twitter as part of a right-wing conspiracy.

“Appears that Elon Musk bought Twitter to help the GOP win elections,” reacted Dean Obeidallah, a left-wing radio host and CNN contributor.

“Given his deal was funded by banks from foreign nations, the purchase of Twitter was simply a vessel for foreign nations to influence our elections,” Obeidallah added.

He also used the “#LockElonUp” hashtag and urged the Department of Justice “to investigate.”

Climate activist Michael E. Mann tied Musk’s pro-GOP message to the Republicans’ climate policies.

“Let me translate: ‘I really don’t give a $hit about the climate crisis. That’s why I’m happy to burn any recent climate progress to the ground,’” Mann wrote.

“To independent-minded voters: @elonmusk happily took taxpayer money, known as corporate welfare, to become a billionaire. Reject his advice and vote against ALL @GOP candidates that stand with MAGA and Donald Trump,” wrote journalist Roland S. Martin.

“Elon doesn’t care about democracy. WE DO,” Martin declared further.

“Republicans will do to democracy what Elon did to Twitter,” tweeted the account of the “Never Trump” Lincoln Project, reiterating President Joe Biden’s recent claims that the GOP would “destroy” America’s democracy.