Liberals Dump Biden

President Joe Biden

( – Democrats in competitive midterm elections have started distancing themselves from President Joe Biden as his popularity continues waning with the party’s base.

It’s also these approval ratings that could cripple his political aspirations for a second term in 2024, as two polls found Democrats are willing to usurp Biden being the party’s leader. According to Democratic strategist Stefan Hankin, this polling data reflects “unhappiness” in the President’s performance.

Talking to the Washington Examiner, Hankin had this to say: “Does it show that the Democratic Party is not 100% thrilled with everything that Biden has done? Sure, but we’re Democrats. This is what we do.”

Despite this, Hankin stated the polls were “relatively meaningless” given Democrats would vote for any Democratic nominee. Hankin attributes this willingness to vote for anyone in the Democratic party as being a “coalition of the Left and center Left” without a candidate capable of pleasing both sides. The strategist acknowledged the situation was not ideal but contended that achieving high favorability and enthusiasm with an evenly divided Senate is a “near impossibility.”

Polling by CNN showed 51% of Democratic-leaning voters would prefer another nominee in 2024. This is also reflected in a Suffolk University study which found only 46% of Florida Democrats would choose Biden if the primaries were held today, compared to 43% who would choose Hilary Clinton.

Suffolk University Political Research Center Director David Paleologos emphasized poll results being “a dangerous signal that there is vulnerability within the party” but acknowledged that the sentiment is “fluid” because the rising consumer prices and the Russia-Ukraine crisis could take a positive turn, which would reflect in the polls.
Despite this, Paleologos expressed doubt that Biden’s polling numbers could become shift as the economy was the President’s “Achilles heel.”

According to polls, it also seems the President’s weakness is the economy. Data from RealClearPolitics shows Biden’s average economic job approval is 38%; whereas disapproval stands at 57%, the net negative of 19 percentage points is far worse than Biden’s average net negative of only 13 percentage points.