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Ronstadt: Trump is the ‘New Hitler’

What has happened to traditional American values when rock and roll “stars” who were paid millions by the American people think nothing of calling the president that many of those people voted for “the new Hitler”? Can anyone who compares an American president to Adolf Hitler be taken seriously?


Linda Ronstadt

Linda Ronstadt

“Singer Linda Ronstadt has called President Donald Trump the ‘new Hitler’ and said that ‘Mexicans are the new Jews,’ adding that she believes separating children from adults at the border is a ‘violation of human rights laws,’” according to Breitbart.

“The Grammy-winning singer told The Guardian that she was horrified when Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign at Trump Tower in New York. ‘As soon as Trump came down that escalator and called Mexican rapists, I said, ‘This is the new Hitler and Mexicans are the new Jews.'”

“Ronstadt told Salon in a separate interview that she wants to see immigration laws changed, adding that Mexican migrants deserve better treatment. ‘They contribute so much,’ she said.”

“Ronstadt was speaking to promote the new documentary Linda and the Mockingbirds, which chronicles a trip she made to Mexico with students from California’s Los Cenzontles Cultural Arts Academy.”

“The singer told Salon that Mexican migrants are mistreated in the U.S.”

“‘They contribute so much. America doesn’t realize [Mexicans] pay into the economy and can’t draw out of it. They are willing to do low paying jobs and that pushes people to higher paying jobs,’ she said.”

You can read more of Ronstadt’s comments at Breitbart.


Here at Reclaiming America, we ask again, what has happened to traditional American values when an aging rock “star” like Linda Ronstadt – who made millions of dollars over the years selling albums and concert tickets to good, patriotic Americans who voted for President Donald Trump four years ago and will probably vote for him again – insults those voters by comparing President Trump to Hitler?

Is that fair? Is it fair to compare any American President to Hitler? Is this the way we want people in public life to talk about our presidents?

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  1. Cherry Bina says:

    Do me a favor if you don’t like to be free in America than move. We have a president that loves America. We want are freedom. It the Democratic Socialist that want to charge you 60%
    Of your income, then the state is going to get their share. Then you will lose everything you own. They will redistribute your far share. You need to wake up before America is in the hands of China. China Biden well sell us out to the highest bidder. Plus that under Trump if you had anything in the stock market you made money up until the covid. Infact today the stock market is at all time high. If you want to put Hitler you better call that Harris, their the ones coming for everything. I will help buy your ticket. Your nothing but a has been and you must be bought by the CCP or Soros.

  2. Pegs says:

    I saw u in a concert many years ago and also a fan. NO LONGER!!!!!!! Get some help already as u sound like a NUT CASE! What is the hell are u thinking. U R A HATER. So SAD

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