Lindsey Graham Pulls A 180 On Biden

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

( – After vocally throwing his support behind J. Michele Childs, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) has signaled he would vote “no” on confirming Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, President Joe Biden’s SCOTUS nominee.

It was only a few weeks ago that Graham, an influential Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, had championed the idea of a bipartisan vote to confirm the first black woman Justice to the Supreme Court. However, that bipartisanship was predicated on Biden selecting his preferred candidate, J. Michelle Childs.

Although Graham is yet to announce how he intends to vote, there are signs he won’t be voting for Jackson.

Since Jackson’s nomination was announced, Graham has been vocal about his disapproval that Biden passed on Childs following labor groups’ opposition to her potential nomination. The South Carolina Senator points to dark money liberal groups derailing her nomination.

But Graham had a hand in getting Jackson to the position she currently holds as D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge when he voted for her last year. Now, Graham views Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court as meaning “the radical left has won President Biden over yet again.”

Last week, he again let his frustration be known when he said, “The reason Michelle Childs is not the nominee is because of a concerted effort by the left to take her down,” adding that it “doesn’t sit very well” with him.

He continued his remarks, stating, “Here’s the point: I was willing to get probably double-digit Republican support for somebody that would have been in the liberal camp from my state,” when referring to Childs. But noted that Biden “made a political decision to reject bipartisanship and go another way.”

He concluded his statements by saying Biden “can pick anybody he wants and I can vote any way I want.”