Major School System Wants ‘Gender Combined’ Education Standards

( – Outraging social conservatives and most Republicans, the public school system of Virginia’s Fairfax County is seeking to update its standards on sexual education to make them “gender combined” and populated with more “inclusive” language.

The proposed changes are found in new “Family Life Education Instruction Materials” issued by the school authorities of Virginia’s most populous county, with nearly 1.2 million inhabitants.

Even though the proposed changes are designed to be “gender inclusive,” they provide specific “carve-outs” for male students – or “students who were ‘assigned male’ at birth,” Breitbart News reported.

Thus, Fairfax County would not require boys to read an instructive entitled “Janet’s Got Her Period” or to “receive explicit instruction” on how to use menstrual products.

At the same time, though, the proposed changes in the county’s sexual education materials for students in the sixth grade seem to be “more ambiguous” on whether male students should be taught how menstrual products are used.

As the draft of new sexual education materials of Virginia’s Fairfax County seeks to employ objective language,” their authors have omitted words such as “girls.”

For instance, a phrase that used to be, “Girls only review the use and proper disposal of personal hygiene products,” has now been changed to, “The use and proper disposal of menstrual products will be reviewed.”

Another update in the county’s sexual education materials proposes that a video instruction on testicular self-exam is removed from the curriculum for the tenth grade.

Instead, it proposes that “genders” should be “combined” in all tenth-grade sexual education materials.

Thus, according to the website of Fairfax County’s school authorities, all tenth-grade students will be instructed in both breast cancer self-exam and testicular self-exam.

The newly proposed sexual education materials, in particular, focus on doing away with the phrase “gender-separate” presently contained in all sexual education objectives.

These changes have been designed to “support gender combined instruction,” according to the Fairfax County school system.

They “remove language that indicated instruction in puberty lessons that would currently only happen for girls or boys.”

The proposed changes to sexual education materials in Virginia’s most populous county are open for public comments until December 1.