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Maryland Governor Larry Hogan Says GOP Must Change

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) released a video on Monday calling for the Republican Party to chart a new path forward in the years ahead, a move likely to stoke further speculation that he is moving toward a White House run in 2024,” according to The Hill.

The video, released by Hogan’s advocacy group An America United, draws heavily on a speech the Maryland governor gave last month at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute, in which he warned of pending political trouble for the GOP and outlined and called on the party to expand its electoral coalition moving forward.

“’We are once again at a time for choosing,’ Hogan says in the video. ‘Are we going to be a party that can’t win national elections or are we willing to do the hard work of building a durable coalition that can shape our nation’s destiny.’

“’Look, I’m a guy that tells it like it is,’ he continues. ‘So here’s a truth that our party needs to hear: no one will listen to our message if they don’t believe that we’re listening to them.’…

Hogan has emerged as a rare Republican critic of President Trump and has spoken particularly harshly of the president’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. He briefly floated the notion of a primary challenge to Trump last year, though ultimately decided against launching one.”

After you watch the video below, please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do Governor Hogan’s thoughts about President Trump and the current state of the Republican Party make you more or less likely to politically support Hogan?



  1. Ray Utley says:

    I agree “0” per cent you should change to Democrat Party a RINO if I ever saw one

  2. Lucille Yuen says:

    I could not BEAR to hear anymore of his claptrap. He has no answers, just rhetoric. We DO need representatives who hear us. There are problems in the country because of its many people and various life situations. That’s why we needed local state government where people can appeal to those closest to our life situations and understand what’s happening where we live. If they fail to protect and help, we may have to reach out to federal representatives, but overall, we need representatives who don’t just throw money at a problem and set up more bureaucracy or keep funding useless ones that do nothing but drain our tax input to run the country. Too many welfare-type handouts, especially supporting illegal immigrants.
    One pressing thing right now is to set up distribution for an effective vaccine and get it to ALL the people and stop this pandemic. We must get our country up and running again, and President Trump knew how to do that. He was doing it when the propaganda agents grossly hit him again and again and convinced a sector of Americans, who should have known better, to vote for a Communist! Absolutely insane! We need a person who is more like Trump or Reagan, the real Republicans who hold closely to getting Americans working again and holding down taxes so we can recover. Some helps, yes, but not so much that we have no means to support that help anymore! get it? I want people who do believe that America has the potential to be great again. People have to realize that we have to return to faith in Christ to deal with the inner soul problems that make their way out in destructive ways, like destroying people’s businesses and harming innocents. Totally insane. This country was built on a moral foundation. If that goes, we are lost! It’s what drives the means of self-control and teaches morality and responsibility and love for our fellow man. It is what will help us care about people who are struggling. It does not mean supporting them all their lives so they can lounge about and play video games all day, though. I mean that rhetorically, but some actually live like that, playing their way through life while we pay their way. It’s disgusting because there is help everywhere to train people to become useful workers. We need Americans with faith, hope and grit who want to work. We need businesses and manufacturers to get going again and people going to work and earning enough to support families, and wealth enough in this country that businesses can provide the kinds of insurance and pension benefits they used to. We SHOULD NOT buy the Communist line that THEY WILL TAKE CARE OF US. We need for people in this country who will push together to get out of the pit we are in, and we will do it, not government.

  3. Corri says:

    The party of Trump is the party of Trump. It is not a party of our country’s constitution. I would definitely be behind the Republican Party getting its act together and being the party that it was meant to be as set out in the United States constitution. That constitution is the basis of our country. Trump has been trying to tear up our country’s constitution and create a separate constitution based solely on his whim. I am beginning to understand why so many Republicans are now hoping behind the curtains that someone new will rise and shine a new light for the party that lives within our country’s constitution and regains its dignity as in the past.

    • Lucille Yuen says:

      You are incorrect in your premise that Mr. Trump was tearing up our Constitution. He was pro-business and manufacture. That’s why the unions originally were supportive of him. They came out of their meeting with him encouraged. He did nothing unconstitutional. He supported freedom of religion. Nothing unconstitutional there. He loves this country passionately. Nothing unconstitutional in that. He got our soldiers back home and worked for peace worldwide. Nothing unconstitutional there. In fact, rightfully he was nominated 6 times for the Nobel Peace Prize, and the only reason he hasn’t received one yet, is because of political prejudice. He’s not leftist enough. Nothing unconstitutional about that. He has done so much for peace in the world and tried to help us build a good and hopeful future. Nothing unconstitutional about that.

    • Grace says:

      You must be talking about someone else named Trump, Your whole premise is twisted and wrong. What you want is for the Republicans to be more like Democrats. If you like them so much, join them.

  4. MICHAEL says:

    Just another useless RINO

    • Wynn Edward Sands says:

      Thanks, Michael. As one of RR’s early supporters when he ran for Governor, and even before “The Speech”(1964), when he was the Master of Ceremonies at a Nixon(for Governor–1962) rally at the Pan Pacific Auditorium, I ABSOLUTELY REJECT THIS RINO GOVERNOR’S ATTEMPT TO USE RONALD REAGAN’S NAME TO PROMOTE HIS OWN PERSONAL POLITICAL CAREER!!!
      This is STILL the “Party of Reagan”, and, as RR was one of the United States’ GREAT Presidents, it ALWAYS WILL BE (no matter what some Rino thinks, who’s political thinking is FAR REMOVED from where RR stood on the issues).
      More to the point, this Rino’s implication that President Trump doesn’t represent Reagan’s political direction is:A TOTAL FARCE TOUR D’FORCE.
      THIS IS NO TIME TO PAY ATTENTION TO STUPID PEOPLE ( including,I might add, Joe Biden).

  5. Honest says:

    I agree with many of your statements , But , The Demon Rats are still trying to make America a Socialist Country~

  6. Richard Kalk says:

    Not interested in your liberal thinking.

  7. Douglas E. Darling says:

    Amen Kevin. It is time that we dragged the Governmental Sector of our society back into the light of day and once again made it responsive to the People that they were created to serve. GOD BLESS ALL OF AMERICA!

  8. kevin Bolin says:

    This guy is a fng MORON!! The party of Trump is the party of Reagan – it had dissolved into the party of swamp like the demoncrats during the Bush’s area and had lost its way – just like this swamp rat and a few others like the Georgia governor. Trump’ return to true conservatism has included all types of folks mostly poor, mid level non-elitist type folks who are hard working americans that want our country back from these idiots who send jobs overseas and fill our lives with all kinds of stupid restrictions and red tape. Guys like this need to be voted out!!

    • Ellen Smith says:

      I agree 100 percent, I live in No VA and listen to him give COVID-19 speeches and he sounds just like the Democrats’ in DC and Virginia.

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