Mass Shooting at African American Event

( – BREAKING NOW: Details are just coming in about a mass shooting at a Juneteenth celebration near Chicago, Illinois.

Reports indicate that at least 21 people have been shot, with at least one fatality.

According to in “20 wounded including 1 fatal in shooting in Willowbrook: Police“:

“DuPage County responded to a shooting in unincorporated Willowbrook which sent 20 people to the hospital and left one person dead, police said.

“According to the Battalion Chief with the tri-state Fire protection district, at around 12:30 a.m. there was a shooting reported near Route 83 and Honeysuckle Rose Lane.

“The DuPage County Sheriff confirmed that 20 people were injured with gunshot wounds. At least ten people were transported to hospitals while many others self-transported.

“Fire officials said two victims are in critical condition. Fire also said officers applied a handful of tourniquets at the scene to the people who were wounded.” [emphasis added]

According to law enforcement officials on the scene, the motive for the shooting is unknown so far, but the investigation is just getting started.