Mass Shooting Tarnishes Celebration

( – BREAKING NOW: Late Monday night, a tragic incident unfolded in Denver, leaving ten people injured following a mass shooting. This shocking event took place in the area where fans of the Denver Nuggets basketball team were celebrating their first-ever NBA title victory, according to police statements.

A male suspect linked to the incident was apprehended.

The shooting occurred at around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday, nearly three and a half hours following the game’s end.

Of the ten wounded, three were critically injured, as reported by the Denver Police Department.

The suspect was included in the group of seven injured but not critically.

The crime scene was approximately a mile from Ball Arena, where the Nuggets clinched their victory against the Miami Heat earlier in the night.

As of now, the motives and circumstances that led to the shooting are still unclear.

“As far as what led up to this altercation that resulted in the shots being fired, that’s still under investigation at this time,” said police spokesperson Doug Schepman. He added that the shooting happened in a spot busy with people exiting bars after the game.

Although the vicinity was crowded at the time of the shooting, Schepman pointed out that the size of the crowd had “diminished quite a bit at that point.”

The crime scene was cordoned off and marked for evidence collection.

Police are in the process of interviewing witnesses as part of their investigation, as described by Schepman.