Massive Illegal Alien Caravan (Video)

( – The illegal immigrant invasion of the United States is progressing in full force, with a new migrant caravan making its way north towards the US border through Mexico, as the Mexican government is facilitating the movement of the invaders with trucks and buses.

See a video of the new illegal immigrant caravan heading to the US below!

The Mexican authorities are actively helping the several hundred migrants who have been journeying through Mexico for more than a month, Breitbart News reports.

These migrants, part of a caravan, are aiming for Mexico’s northern border.

The latest developments saw the Oaxaca state government providing buses and trucks to assist the migrants in progressing northward to the city of Puebla.

Additionally, the migrants were given access to a state sporting arena where they could recuperate before resuming their travels.

According to reports from Mexico’s La Jornada, authorities arranged for ten buses and five pickup trucks to aid the migrants on their journey.

Coverage from Mexican media sources indicates that the caravan began its trek from Mexico’s southern border and has been on the move for over a month.

The migrants have made their way through Chiapas and Oaxaca on foot, moving from one city to another.

Throughout their journey, local government officials have consistently provided them with various accommodations for sleeping and resting.

According to Breitbart Texas, although the ultimate objective for the migrants is to reach the U.S.-Mexico border, their immediate goal is to get to Mexico City.

From there, they hope to board commercial buses or, occasionally, airplanes to continue to one of the several border towns currently experiencing an influx of migrants.

It appears that the majority of the migrants have been granted travel permits by Mexican authorities, allowing them to traverse the nation for a set period without hindrance.

The issue of migrant caravans is especially pertinent now, as the Mexican government faces accusations of leveraging immigration policy to pressure the U.S. government.

This strategy allegedly aims to secure funding for various favored initiatives of Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Recent reports from migrants suggest that immigration agents have intensified efforts to detain them and return them to Mexico’s southern border, forcing them to begin their arduous journey anew.

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