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Maxine Waters: Charge Trump With Murder

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that former President Donald Trump should “absolutely be charged with premeditated murder” for inciting the deadly riots on Capitol Hill on January 6,” according to Breitbart.

Maxine Waters said, ‘What’s so interesting about all of this is they tried to make themselves the victim when indeed they are following the president of the United States of America who had advance planning about the invasion that took place in our Capitol. Even there’s information that some of the planning came out of individuals working in this campaign. As a matter of fact, he [Trump] absolutely should be charged with premeditated murder because of the lives that were lost with this invasion, with this insurrection.’ [emphasis added]

She continued, ‘So yes, we are threatened, but we can’t back up. We’ve got to fight as hard as we can to see to it that there’s some justice. For the president of the United States to sit and watch the invasion and the insurrection and not say a word because he knew that he had absolutely initiated it, and as some of them said, he invited us to come. We’re here at the invitation of the president of the United States. When he rallied, he said go to the Capitol, fight hard. This is to take back your country. So if that’s not inciting the kind of violence that we witnessed, I don’t know what is.’”

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you agree or disagree with Maxine Waters?



  1. Paul E Perks says:

    Maxine Watters is a moron and way too old to be in a governmental position of any kind. She doesn’t even live in the precinct she represents. Please place her in an old ladies home we don’t need to hear anything from her again.

  2. Say Mrs. Maxine Waters, Maam, I have that video of you, when you started “The Incite To Violence” Movement, right after #45 = The Legally Elected US President Mr. Donald John Trump did in fact Win The 2016 AD US Presidential Election! You and Your Mean And Abusively Anti-American And Anti-Constitutional Aristocratic Lefty Friends truly should have been held accountable for your very Abusive “Incite To Violence” Language and Actions, and should have been forcefully moved into a Very Cold Prison Cell, to think of what you and your Angry, Rich And Power Hungry Friends should have Never Had Done in The Very First Place! Instead of that Very Cold Prison Cell, you all truly should have been admitted to a Insane Asylum First and had a Lobotomy Operation Performed on all of you “Inciters To Violence”, to Truly Find Out What You Crazies were thinking about at The Very First, or find out what makes all of Rch And Power People Tick-Tock!?!

    • Say Mrs. Waters, Maam, There truly should be a US Law saying all US Congressional Members will have to live inside your own US Congressional Districts, then, just maybe that would bring down all of the Crime that does originate in your own US Congressional District’s to a minimum!

      • TINO Gil says:


    • Walt Monning says:

      Listen up you shriveled up, worthless, useless Democrat rep Skank! Typical brain dead ugly, how’s about mouthing off and bring murder charges against former CIC B.Obama and sidekick Joe J.Off for their lack of action that resulted in the MURDER of Americans in Benghazzi or have you so conveniently brushed it aside in your pea brain?

  3. Barbara Armann says:

    This “thing” is a DEMON. And it want’s blood. “It” promoted violence and the world was watching! And so did Kamala Harris and the rest of their cronies!! President Trump was the GREATEST President this country EVER none!!! And “it” can’t STAND it!! This power grabbing b–ch will go before God as we all will. And I’d love to have a front row seat to watch her grovel. This “thing” has been in office far too long!! Why can’t “it” be removed? “It” needs to spend the rest of “its” life in a federal prison!! With the REST of them!!!

    • Nanette Bombard says:

      Kamala Harris should not be talking about President Trump he did not incite any violence he told us to stay home he pleaded with us to stay home to ignore these people he.did not know these people just because they wore maga hats and shirts shit i can claim he was out with my family and you’d say no he was their. don’t then silence you fight for your rights for your rights is not inciting violence they knew what to do and how to do it this is our country you people don’t care about us we are not your slaves so you all need to leave make way for a younger generation you are old bitter and senile. Biden Pelosi kamala Harris cheering on protesters chanting and yelling I’ll pay your bail bail thats inciting violence they murder a young woman shot in the face do something hold them accountable they are guilty President Trump new about President Biden criminal activities he told you and you did nothing.. he did this he couldn’t deal with losing the Presidency because that would make a third time and so he tampered with election you know this and I’m sick of them ruining his life because he won he didn’t call on blm thats Clinton and Biden they are known for seeking BLM terrorists or Antifa they fund organizations like these I dont think these criminals should be judging the person they hate. Biden remains President and kamala vp after all the things she has done Pelosi she’s a racist he’s evil and growing up never did we ever degrade or disrespect the President of the United States of America or the military or anyone in uniform it was hateful and hurtful insulting his wife and children Biden is a bully because you gave him what he thinks is power he’s weakend the country He delayed telling us about COVID-19 I blame him for the disease the deaths.

      • sharon says:

        I agree with everything you said. They will be held accountable.They are so corrupt and evil they will implode.

  4. Sharon Firesheets says:

    M Waters is a racist she supports Antifa and BLM! Trump did NO such thing to cause the rioting on Jan 6th! A billionaire payed off the police and Antifa to riot! The police escorted them in and let them in the Capitol Building there are pics of this! Pelosi ad McConnell received a phone call from the FBI saying there might be some trouble at the Capital did they pass the word on NO! They knew there might be a problem and did NOTHING because it would be one more thing they could accuse President Trump of! Waters needs to be put out of office she is nothing but trouble, creates problems, and points the finger at the conservatives! Do these Democracts not see or understand they stole 80 million votes from “We the People” Republicans that have faith in God are not about crime, hate, corruptness, racism, abortion etc but they are! We WOULD NOT be having our nation turned upside down if Trump who really won this election was in office the people know it, Biden/Harris and the rest of the Senate and House know it! You all are full of hate and jealousy over a man of faith, goodness, cares about the people and nation and puts both first! And the fact he exposed you all! But in the end God has all of this! Waters is a disgrace to our nation along with the others Pelosi, Clintons, Soros Fauci, Obama’s, Biden’s Harris! In God we trust and God Bless America! This impeachment is unconstitutional and a waste of tax payers money and time!

  5. Brandi says:

    Maxine waters is the one who is recorded incited violence on Republicans. This woman needs to be charged and removed office. She is a racist terrorist. Her district is a cesspool. She contributes nothing to society but hate and destruction. She only profits off us American people. She is a leach on our society

  6. Janet says:

    Maxine Waters is a racist.

  7. Deborah Turner says:

    This woman is blood thirsty for president Trump just like the cronies in the white house. I’m thinking that the main democrats that allowed all the looting and burning and killing should be charged on all accounts they encouraged it for months and I don’t know how millions of people did not hear the words that the democrats say they heard on January 6 2021 from president Trump

  8. Lisa C says:

    She needs to be disciplined for all her “calls to violence”

  9. Bill says:

    How about we charge you with being the ugliest racist loudmouth worthless ahole in the world Maxipad Mouth Maxine. Florida take this racist monster out of office next!!

    • milo says:

      I second that!

    • Barbara Armann says:

      I hear that bill!!! She has GOT to be thee UGLIEST thing on the face of the earth!! And a friggin RACIST to top it off!! There has got to be a way to get creatures like her out of office. We need a petition or something. If anyone has any ideas I’d love to hear them.

  10. Byrd1 says:

    Waters is one nasty human. She is a corrupt festering boil on the a$$ of America. She should be removed from political office permanently. A A nasty swamp worm with a big mouth.

  11. Kk says:

    Maxine Waters is disgraceful for America and Americans – embarrassing to the entire world – her love for BLM and. ANTIFA connection is criminal itself- She needs to be prosecuted. For it

  12. Kris says:

    Maxine Waters needs to be impeached let go of her role power she has misused by promoting violence and asking people to go and harass President Trumps Administration staff to get into their faces and not to leave them alone – to kick them out of the restaurants and harass honest hardworking people. This woman is dangerous for the American people – and has promoted looting fires deaths BLM RIOTS around the United States she should be a charge if murder steeling and advertising violence and harassing Trump supporters

    • Garvie Setzer says:

      Amen she is a nasty woman who i remember her telling her people to get in there face and make them feel uncomfortable if they see any of Trump’s people in stores or out having dinner her and a lot of Democrat party needs to be removed from the house

  13. vincent vanasco says:

    There are so many sick puppies on the left that it never ceases to amaze me. What’s worse is the buffoons who vote them in time after time
    Truman said show me a rich politician and I will show you a thief
    That would hold true for more on the left than the right.

  14. achase0809 says:

    She is a horrible person who calls President Trump should be charged with murder. What an odius, lying, ugly, lying WITCH. Wish she would get on her broom and ride far, far away.

    • M Ragan says:

      Maxine Waters, and Kamala Harris both need to be impeached for their “insurrection” acts & comments! Hope the folks in their district get on the stick & start fighting back.

  15. Denise says:

    Maxine Walters the biggest racist black biggot! She’s too good to live in her District! What corrupt way were able to afford that mansion! Certainly not on a congressman’s salary! Your a liar cheater bitch, I cannot wait until your dragged by your ass for Treason/Sedition! I will clap at that moment!

  16. Rick says:

    Typical liberal! How do these out of touch, loud mouths keep getting elected. Isn’t she one of the leftists telling people to confront (attack) conservatives and family while out in public? Sure her cronies have completely forgotten or think they were ok doing that.

  17. Dee Reed says:

    Water needs to just shut up. This is a woman is not only a racist but she needs to be charged with inciting riots. Not only a nut job, but also a few bricks shy of a load. This is just another example of the type of people send to congress – no wonder they have no respect.

  18. Terrie Wyatt says:

    If they do that then they need to charge all Democrats for the Murders and other crimes committed by Black Lives Matter and Antifa. She is out of her mind.

  19. Mark says:

    You have got to be kidding, she needs to be censored and cancelled. She has been inciting violence for the last 4 years. She honestly needs to be jailed.

  20. P.B. says:

    It is as i have always said, When the dems don’t want someone to run again, they go after them to destroy everything about them to make sure they are finished forever. Well when the hell do we finish off this bitch and get her for inciting riots and steal gov’t funds from the American people, the dems will stop at nothing to destroy everything good that President Trump did for this country to help us all and to make it a better and safer country than biden and obummer left it. What we all need to do is get rid of every demonrat that has done anything bad against Trump, that would be about everyone of them. Lets vote these filthy pigs out forever and make sure we get term limits in so they can’t come back again.

  21. William Thornton says:

    Waters is vainly trying to “fan-the-flames” and divert the nation’s attention from the fact that “insurrection” was a DEM/RINO Plan from the early-on. It involved ANTIFA/BLM instigators infiltrating the totally-peaceful march CELEBRATNG the phenomenal four years of the Trump Presidency! Evidently Maxine-baby didn’t get-the-word that a squad of U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets) in black combat gear infiltrated the ANTIFA/BLM mob and made straight for Nancy Pelosi’s office and ALLEGEDLY-CONFISCATED her private LAPTOP. If this DEM/RINO “sham impeachment trial” get’s going? All of the ACTUAL FACTS will come out! 🙁

  22. Tim Spreadborough says:

    Once again Maxine Waters has committed a crime herself by trying to have a person put to death!!!

    I’m certain that you agree with. It’s about time she is held accountable for her actions.

    It’s about time for her to stand up for this to occur.

    Thank you,

    Tim Spreadborough

  23. Vivian says:

    Maxine is a nut job, she incite more violence then President Donald Trump could ever think, she is full of hate, racial divide and needs to be taken off her throne. How the heck do we tolerate this? Why don’t we start to ban together as “We The People” and begin Petitions against all these communist socialist democrats to be charged with exactly what they are accusing others of doing, when they are all video tapes inciting, supporting and encouraging such violence? Someone who knows how, please start the petitions, I will gladly sign.

  24. anonymous says:

    these crooked politicians, and they know who they are, have been inciting violence against Trump for 5 years, along with with BLM, Antifa, crooked media, cnn, msnbc and others No matter what lies and exaggerations are said at the illegal “impeachment” they will never stop Trump from running, unless he wants to stop running. I have never seen a bunch of corrupt, mentally and emotionally unbalanced people as the so-called socialist party. One day it will all end. The people will rise up and rid the country of these evil people. Americans cannot take much more of this. A horrible bunch of low-life corrupt criminals who have ruined the country by stealing the ELECTION OF THE PRESIDENT of the United States and they know its true. Thats why they are having the military protect them, because they are guilty and afraid. Democrat/socialist/communist motto is: KILL, STEAL, DESTROY

  25. Donnie Cornett says:

    She is pruned face just like Pelosi. She is probably Pelosi girlfriend

  26. Donnie Cornett says:

    What do you expect she is black. She prob.supports antifa and BLM. Anybody that hates Trump are afraid he will expose their crooked deeds. Trump is the best president we ever had

  27. Daniel Davis says:

    Your inflammatory rhetoric should result in a censure of your out of control remarks that could incite violence or murder as you erroneously have charged the best President since the 1900s.
    Your scandalous attacks only heap more disdain upon yourself. You need to publicly apologize for your unsubstantiated, inflammatory remarks. Your behavior parallels children in grade school that are angry with another.

  28. Marian Swinson says:

    If anyone should be charged with anything it’s maxine waters
    She publicly told her insects to harrrass any Trump supporters
    In public or malls and restaurants..she is a disgrace to the white House..
    Why are democrates so JEALOUS of President TRUMP???

  29. Pappy says:

    Before they go after Trump they better get Obama and Clinton for allowing four deaths in benghasi,And all trails of death in the clintons political history.

  30. Michael w Mobbs says:

    Why do they keep acting like a bunch of IDIOTS they’re already trying to start a racial war along with breaking the backs of people that helped make this United States what it was!!

  31. Susie says:

    Typical Calfornia nut case. Lock her up, she is infamous for inciting racism, riots, destruction, and turmoil. Typical Californian, drama, drama, drama!

  32. Shelby Tuckett says:

    Murder they need to look into Fauci and the virus he was told to stop with his tests and new the risk of loosing lives and he said it was a risk worth taking. Look in to there own and charge them with murder and leave the ones who truly love the United States ALONE

  33. Wendy Meredith says:

    I absolutely do not agree with Waters. I cannot believe that they are even thinking of this charge it’s insane. And they preach unity!!

  34. Joy says:

    She’s the one who should be arrested for inciting people to target conservative people.

  35. BILL B says:

    Poor Maxine so stupid I had a dog that was as smart as Waters but he died can’t get that lucky with her.Funny how stupid live a long time even when they are dead.I know she has to be dead nobody can be alive and that ugly.Hate to be her husband I would just have to kiss a pig then her.

  36. Bruno says:

    Even the brain dead can still walk and talk. She can’t be jailed as a human being with a mental capability of a week old.

  37. Woodbutcher says:

    If Maxine Waters had a brain she would have it out playing with it.

  38. SPUNCH says:


  39. Julia Moore says:

    Isn’t it funny they want to get the president for saying Fight Hard Peacefully Rally and yet Maxine Waters just said to fight hard I’m sick of these people so sick of these people

  40. ricky prewitt says:

    She is the one that something needs to be done with. They can not stop from getting stuff started up

  41. Karla says:

    Are you kidding me ? I thought this new president was talking about “UNITY”, “GET RID OF THE HATE TALK “ , “WORK TOGETHER” and “STOP THE ANGER” ??????
    Well, it would seem that MAXINE WATERS didn’t get those memo’s , any of them , ever , at all ?
    She is the one spewing hate and trying to destroy our nation even more than what has been going on since Jan 7th , 2021 and continues to go on . She REALLY NEEDS TO RETIRE !!!!
    Most of the Democrats in Washington professing to CARE and WANT TO SERVE OUR CITIZENS and want to UNITE are too dam OLD to be able to do ANYTHING to help and unite our nation but instead because of ONE GREAT MAN are hell bent to destroy not only him but everything he has done to MAKE THIS NATION GREAT ? May GOD have Mercy on ALL of us !

  42. Cindy Bren says:

    This woman is old, senile, vile and flat out CRAZY! SHE is the one who should be charged with premediated murder. SHE stood on national televison and incited violence against Trump supports. She is completely insane and should be locked up for her own good not to mention the good of ANYONE around her!! What a total WHACK-A-DO!!

  43. Micala says:

    Maxine Waters is another “TOTALLY DELUDED AND VERY IGNORANT” DEMONrat that speaks before they put their brains in gear. Tsk tsk Maxine. You fall into that “stupid” trap in your brain and you can’t even crawl out.

    First of all, if you want to blame anyone for the destruction of our Capitol bldg, how about looking to your DEMONrat leaders? Yes, Maxie baby, the people who your very own DEMONrat leaders told to dress up like Trump Supporters and go trash the Capitol bldg were ANTIFA AND BLM MEMBERS, YOUR VERY OWN DEMONrat “Attack Dogs”, hired by the demonrats to destroy our Capitol so “YOUR” leaders could blame it on President Trump.


    Hey Maxine. When was the last time you went to church. God IS watching you and taking notes…

  44. Gitmo says:

    This rino face homely ass black pos should be in Gitmo!! She invites racism and tell blacks to attack Republicans and Trump supporters! That alot more than Trump said for this bullshit next trial! Her useless money wasting job is about over and she moved over a million dollars into her daughters accounts! She belongs in Gitmo and they should make an an example out if her!! Pull that stupid wig off her nasty face!! This pos is a prime example of what you get with Obama pics and trash in goverement that has no business being there! We need real people in goverment not corrupt money milkers just because there black or forign! You should have enough brains to do the job! Obviously she has none! Typical big mouth demorat brainwashed by Obama!

  45. Ron says:

    Maxine Waters is as racist as there is. On top of being a nut case, she has done nothing but fill her pockets like so many useless politicians. Don’t understand why people re-elect her…wait, they must be as dumb as her while they wait for her to accomplish little to nothing.

  46. Mad as Hell says:

    WOW you two faced B—-! You incited physical violence against Republicans by saying use physical violence against Republicans in 2020 plus all the other times you have incited riots. How about the 1 million you gave your daughter from your campaign funds which is not legal. Some how you are not in jail but you are a criminal & should be. Plus like Biden you are getting things that you did mixed up with Trump, think it is time to retire to a country you love Cuba!!! You Black racist, you commit all these crimes but want some one else punished while you walk away free of any charges!!!

  47. Valerie says:

    I think Maxine waters should be in prison. Get that batch out of office. Wanting to get Trump for murder. What a stupid bitvu

  48. jesse wright says:

    If someone were to give that wretch an IQ test, I’d bet my neck under a guillotine that she wouldn’t score over a 60 !!! the only way she ever got in her position she is in in Congress was by promising free stuff to all those thousands in her district whose IQ is about the same as her’s. If she were in the place that would be proper for her , it would be working for some municipality managing the sewer system.

    • Bongo says:

      As the Great Man once said-“Race is Culture is Nation!”
      We must protect our German nation from the onslaught of the Soviets!
      They call themselves ‘Communists’-but in truth they are Jews and Atheists!
      They are ungodly Demons! They desire the destruction of the White Race!
      Why the Whites? The Whites are the followers of the Christ-
      Whom their god, MOLOCH, despises!

  49. Robert Ressler says:

    The people of our nation should be ashamed of even letting her represent any job in government after all of the inflammatory rhetoric she has spewed since she has occupied her office where her district is a disgrace to the nation.

  50. TW says:

    Maxine Waters needs to shut her mouth. All that comes out is venomous as a snake! She was the ones inciting violence against Republicans! She is the one that should be censored, her and a lot of others democrats! Calling for one said a thing then! And it’s only gotten worse on the dem side!

  51. Debbie says:

    Until Maxine charges all politicians that encouraged or spoke in favor of any violence regardless of personal cause with felonies for all of the rioting and violence last year, she is just blowing bubbles.

  52. Robert Martin says:

    Since maxie doesn’t live in her own district she should be made to step down or move in the district that she is supposed to represent. If it would go to trial the jury would do a jury nullification of the charges and that would be the end of it. Now how about all the money that she has been giving her family that’s against the law. Bet she would be charged and convicted so she needs to go and do her damn job instead of what her mentally unstable brain wants.

  53. Dr. Dave says:

    So Maxine, using the Democrat standard for fairness, you should be charged with sedition, which is a hanging offense!!

  54. Bob says:

    Don’t know what part of “peacefully and patriotically” that a simpleton like waters does not understand.

    • Christian J Meyer says:

      Only Jesus can judge and take action, ie., heaven or hell. But having followed the do-nothing career of this useless woman, who to me is totally disgusting and no more deserves to be in Congress than the man in the moon. She has a very sullied reputation in that she is and has been considered the most corrupt member of Congress for years. Since I can’t supersede Our Lord Jesus, it would not bother me to see her go to a bus depot and take the first bus available to hell. But, that is not my call just human opinion. I think I need to be prepared for my own judgment first.

  55. nurex35 says:

    There’s a lot I can say about Maxine but suffice it to say she doesn’t even live in the District that elected her; SE LA has been a war zone for many of the years she’s served it including gang riddled Compton etal where gangs roam the streets and the murder rate is above the national average. Maybe this moron could invest some of her time there to solve real problems instead of wasting taxpayer $$$ making caustic speeches that could some whacko out to commit heinous criminal acts; the same crimes that she has made against a former president

  56. margaret says:

    She is ridiculous and so full of hate she can’t see. She needs psych help. They ALL should start looking inside of themselves and asking why they are so hateful and not throwing it out onto another person. Do your job instead of spewing hate and trying to do President Trump in! That is all they have done. They don’t help us, but boy they keep getting richer by the minute. What about the things she has said, so hateful. Open your eyes Maxine! Look up the word projection .

  57. I A says:

    What woul have happen to waters after her verbage , if a couple of those perhaps saw that as a request to kill members of the Republican party. Would they be taking HER out of the Capitol kicking and screening. She needs to learn that all words matter as there are someone may have seen what she spewed “as get in their face and kill them.“

  58. Todd Bennett says:

    How do crazy people get elected.i just proves most democrats are out of touch with reality

    • Susan Neavin says:

      Maxine let people get killed under her watch. But yet she wants to charge Trump for murder? She let blm and antica destroy the city and kill people and go after cops as a game, but nothing was done to them because Maxine let all this trouble happen

  59. bob says:

    Not worth the breath to comment. All a bunch of hog wash, people who don’t know what it is like to work for a living and just looking for more handouts. The end of this cherade is coming sooner than most think.

  60. Dick says:

    This is the flaming bitch that has incited riots on the streets of California!! Never heard Trump say that SHE should be castigated!!

  61. Deborah says:

    Maxine waters is a crazy, self absorbed, Trump obsessed, traitorous bitch. No one cares what she says or thinks. She’s the one who should be on trial for starting all the violence when she told the nation to harass and let her into the faces and let trump people know they aren’t wanted. She is one the the traitors who started all the violence.

  62. Warren says:

    What ever happened to Bidens coming together America? Everything I read says the Democrats’ want nothing by hate and violence. If this is what the new Socialist America is going to be like, perhaps it is time for a insurrection. Not something I would wish on any country.

  63. Barry says:

    Mad Maxi, just a mad racist bitch from the fucked up state of California, living in a 6 million dollar mansion, all the while her district struggles to survive, I think it’s a crime how a black person can be racist& it’s ignored by the MSM & people in positions of power, but when a white person is racist all the liberals are ready to pounce on that individual, problem is in this country people don’t want to talk racism full circle, only at a 180 degree circle, especially the media, cause racism is good for ratings which equals money, problem with many Americans is they to stupid to figure that out!!! So many people believe anything those clowns in the media tells them, it’s a shame how so many people in this country are unable to think for there self, they need the media or a politician or maybe a college professor to think for them. This country has turned into a big liberal candy ass joke, I’m 59 years old & all I see is a bunch of pussies walking around thinking someone owes them something, I tell you straight up I don’t owe anybody a fucking thing, Mad Maxi can kiss my white ass!!!

    • Sandy Holmes says:

      Totally agree with you.

    • Christine Leviton says:

      she, along with Nancy and AOC and Feinstein have lost their minds, and they are all LIARS. AOC was not in harms way at the Capitol, Nancy and her leftist cronies, instigated this riot. There is not one word recorded where President Trump incited anything. In fact pipe bombs were found in the capital building the day before. He has never incited violence, but Nancy, and her people have…BLM and Anifah. Also Maxine Watters has stated that she ” Would gladly Take Trump Out”! she yells and screams violence against conservatives every other day. These women need to be removed from office.

    • Suzanne says:

      Amen couldn’t have said it better myself she’s Batshit Crazy

    • User from ohio says:

      Im 57. I could not have put it any plainer. I agree 100%!

    • D.Storer says:

      Took the Words right out of my head. Perfectly Said!!!

  64. Darcy says:

    Biden is the one who caused the capital riot because of the dumb people who voted for him, it wasn’t Trump. Like they say: you can’t fix STUPID! I say Impeach Biden before we don’t have a United States 🇺🇸 and get rid of all who support him.

    • Sondra says:

      Biden needs to be removed, he and his cabinet picks are Dangerous and also Obama’s Cronies. It’s so sad he couldnt find his own cabinet picks, oh that’s right he cant think for his self.Hes incompetent.

  65. If anyone should be tried for Murder its this old bag who is a disgrace to being in the House. What she did was to start a riot against all those who were in the Trump White House. She along with Kalma Harris, should be impeached an put on trial in Federal Court. Of course we all know that won’t happen because of the Deep State in the Department of Justice and Washington D.C. who we don’t want as a State.

  66. Diane says:

    We need idiots like old Maxine out of our system. She should be impeached for BLM’s riots,murders and burnings and allowing them to continue. She is a racist pig and stupid like most dopeocrats!

    • Moe says:

      Amen! Maxine Waters is a typical rich liberal who called for Violence to anyone supporting President Trump. BLM and AntiFa had her full support. So she should be charged by her own admission!

  67. David E. Campbell says:

    Maxine Waters should be glad that stupidly isn’t a crime. If it were, she would be serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

  68. Joe Masefield says:

    Maxine Waters is a prime example of the new low the Democrats have now sunk to. The nicest thing that can be said about Waters is that she’s the scum of the earth asshole moron nitwit America-hater rabble-rouser trouble maker anti-police anti-Constitution pro-violence and just released, “pro murder” (of Donald Trump). What is a filthy worm like this doing in the American Congress?

  69. James Reid says:

    Maxine Waters and Joy Ann Reid are both nuttes. Only fools would take either one word to be true.

  70. Stephane says:

    It is despicable to hear that worthless corrupt to the bone RACIST STUPID uneducated idiot, foaming at the mouth, proffering such imbecilities. But what can you expect from a DEMENTED DEMONRAT that only has HATE as her weapon against a man who is so much more intelligent than her. Look at her people in her state: they live in squalor when she has a mansion BEHIND WALLS. Walls she does not want on the border, but walls she has, just like pelosi, to prevent the ILLEGALS from coming onto her property. Like pelosi. HYPOCRITE AHOLES. UGLY TOO.

  71. Wallace B. Curtis says:

    I feel so sorry for this poor sister who has allowed her hatred for President Trump to completely overshadow any rational thinking and thus making herself look like a complete imbecile. Anyone with access to the internet can at any given moment look up numerous videos of President Trump and many videos of Maxine Waters and very quickly determine who is treasonous hate monger with blood on their hands.

  72. Roberta Yarbrough says:

    Premeditated murder means you planned & plotted with intent to kill someone, so I’m sorry, but Maxine is WAY OFF with that line of thinking. The DEMS need to get off this merry-go-round.

  73. Brooke Tuft says:

    The ones that should be charged with murder are the Democrats in the House and Senate along with most of the media.
    Nasty is how they talk and their words are tainted with untruths
    Had any. Of them respected 75 million people’s concerns and made an attempt to at least read the constitution then January 6th may not have happened
    Too many of the elite think they are better, know more and have the answers to problems they are not living

    • Jay says:

      The criminal dewwits caused the riots and people getting shot with their fraud election of Goofy Biden and they should be tired and impeached.

  74. Barbara Nania says:

    Would someone please tell me what waters on the brain has ever done to help the residents of her district ? Or should I say, Destruct her district ????

  75. ROBERT POWELL says:

    waters/pelousy/and the rest of the californian communists all need some prison time for theft/illegal election practices/anti-american activity on behalf of a foreign government .false statements during government business.

  76. geanne Chlopek says:

    Maxine W. needs to be put out of her misery!!!!

  77. Phillippi says:

    I would like to know who keeps putting you in office-must be a lot of vote buying going on ?

  78. Robert Higginbotham says:

    Maxine Waters is nothing more than a common criminal who has shaded her crimes under the guise of doing the business of congress. She lives in a multi-million dollar mansion in a gated community not even in her district. I doubt if she could find her district without a guide. Like her buddy Pelosi she illegally used her position to make money for herself while shielding her friends from prosecution.

  79. Sandra cohen says:

    This is one sick ugly piece of work. The best president in my lifetime.

  80. Nancy Brannon says:

    Waters need to be charged with a hate crime & threatening & trying to incite riots. She is another one who needs to go down the drain with the swamp. He did not plan the attack. Have Waters not have her listening ears on? Keep your mouth shut & then you can hear what has been said.

  81. John says:

    Dumber than a bag of rocks, and that’s putting it mildly, and I don’t want to keep insulting bags of rocks !!!!

  82. CharliAnn Olney says:

    How about we charge HER with murder. After all, she is the one who encouraged the BLM to attack people in “Restaurants, Gas Stations, and Public Streets and other areas.” She encouraged the Riots in Portland and Seattle, Portland, Chicago and New York. She contributed to the Bail Fund. People were Murdered in cold blood, Police were maimed and otherwise seriously injured. The Demorats deny all they want, but Antifa infiltrated and helped instigate the Capital Riot. The squad’s Agitation against Conservatives is going to (if not already) cause more killing. And SHE is one of the leaders!

  83. Elizabeth says:

    That wrinkled old witch should be quiet before someone proves the Democrats started the riot using Antifa and BLM. Now they’re trying to blame Trump instead of who is really guilty, but that’s nothing new as the Democrats are good at lying and cheating. They seem to forget the “peaceful” riots their people instigated and ingnored that destroyed several large inner cities. They were even worse, because their lackeys burned buildings, broke windows and even shot at people. I believe people even died, but they, the Democrats, looked the other way and called them “peaceful protest”. They have short memories.

  84. Ginger Simon says:

    She is out of her mind! What a hateful woman. President Trump should NOT be tried at all. It started while he was still talking and said NOTHING about rioting or killing. She is disgraceful and I am ashamed she is a Senator. Neither she nor AOC were in real danger accept from capital security. They are the ones that did nothing to keep anyone out. Just watch the videos. The violence was by few. most were just wandering around. And if they feel threatened by that, how do you think all the people that are treated worse by BLM and Antifa protesters that just want to go to work or eat at an outdoor restaurant. Shameful. All of it.

  85. Jacob Smith says:

    She is so stupid she forgot about the harsh things she asked Dems to do to trumps cabinet members

  86. Diane Campbell says:

    No, Trump did not incite a riot. It was peaceful until AMTFA instigators got going. How about all the crap that poured out of her mouth in the last 4 years. Does she think we don’t remember…

  87. Barbara Nania says:

    Is that the same Maxine waters who uses every opportunity to shout out in public – You push back on them and you tell them they are not wanted ….in a department store in a restaurant ….bla bla bla!!!!
    Why is stil in office? People better get hip; she is not helping the people who voted for her!!!!

  88. Carole V. says:

    She is nuts. Who was the one who told people to get in Trump supporters faces and yell they are not welcome. Who was the witch yelling impeach 45. The only thing that should be in that ugly witches mouth is hook!

  89. Marvin Pece says:

    I am sick of this waters is next to stupid she thinks that she has the right to do what she wants

  90. Russell Burns says:

    If trump should be indicted for murder then so should waters.

  91. Christine Fleischman says:

    Corrupt old hag needs to go

  92. RON KNOX says:

    who was it who said you can’t put lipstick on a pig?

  93. Bill says:

    This old hag needs curbing.
    I agree that whoever started the so-called ‘riot’ on Jan 6 should be tried for murder, but it was NOT DJT! It was her old buddies antifa! I got a buddy that drove one of the Trump buses in and he watched what was going down!
    It was staged and capitol security opened things up!
    False flag setup!
    Commie pinko scumbags!!!

  94. Waters is racist bigot and only care about her just like pelosi she let shit go and had police to stand by and let shit happen she along with the other democrates are connected to antifa and black loonies matter they funded them on all the riots they did she was a leader of her town she should be charged with treason and destruction of government property that she let happen she needs to go gitm with pelosi and get water board every 3 hours of a day rest of their lives it might wash a bunch of wrinkles and ugleyness off both of them

  95. Gerald Allmer says:

    This representative from California along with Nancy Pelosi bachman Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are complicit in the strikes the raids the riots the burning the looting and the murder in Seattle and other cities in regard to the BLM movement They are complicit in the murder of at least 19 people How does that make them free of any charges

  96. Bill Vose says:

    That stupid b**** hasn’t enough brains to even understand what her “handlers” (Soros et al) are feeding her for “talking points” BLM, Antifa etc. She is the one who incited a lot of the riots and the blood is on her hands.

  97. She is a hate filled old hag that is so crooked she’d steal the teeth out of a dead man after getting her a little snack. She makes the black people look so bad. If they gave her what she deserves the ashes would smell like crap. Not much more I could say without cursing.

  98. Frank Steele says:

    Crazy, ugly, and stupid is no way to go through life. Oh, and she’s a criminal, too.

  99. Toby Cox says:

    Maxine Waters and all the f****** Democrats are the ones that caused all this and they don’t like it being forced upon them they have no proof on Trump they are the ones that did it they are the ones liable and they are the ones that’s going to stand up for it one way or the other Maxine Waters you need to go back where you came from and keep that trap of yours shut you’re not for the American people you all Democrats are against the American people take your damn losses and go on in the story

  100. Duaine Couch says:

    if any should it is her who sows hatred not Trump he never said for them to what they did but she has called for all kinds of unrest she need to be arrested and jailed

    • Di says:

      I agree! Trump did nothing to incite violence. I’ll bet Maxine Watters invited the violence!

    • Frank says:

      She’s a wicked old witch who’s time has come we know now how these socialists act let’s turn the tables on them c how they like it,no more backing down fight fire with fire!!!

  101. Martha Raley says:

    This freaking WITCH should have to face murder charges every Time she opens her mouth…Peach 46

  102. Marie says:

    Waters likes to start trouble and then blame conservatives and Trump. This women in evil to the core. She has started by instigating people to get in peoples faces. To go into places and revolt against Trump. She is the one who should be on trail. Her actions alone encouraged Antifa and BLM to destroy business cities and cost lives. She should be kicked out of her position and sent back to California with no pay. She destroys people, kills our spirit and our trust, she helps steal our election and our trust in the system. Waters must go!

    • Christopher says:

      this women is evil she should tossed from her position and give a $15.00 and hour job that can hndle. She is way over her head .

  103. Rick says:

    This woman is the worst elected official ever, she is completely clueless!
    She is the one that should be charged for murder and rioting for the over 200 BLM riots she incited and the over 45 DEAD!!!

  104. Deborah Griffin says:

    Waters needs to be charged with murder….every time she opens that trap of a mouth!

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