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Maxine Waters Paid Daughter $240K From Campaign

What does it say about political corruption in America when a politician uses campaign funds to enrich a relative or friend?


The daughter of California Rep. Maxine Waters netted around $240,000 this past election cycle — from her mother’s own campaign, new records show,” according to the New York Post. [emphasis added]

“The congresswoman’s campaigns shelled out payments to Karen Waters for work she did on her 82-year-old mother’s re-election campaign, including “slate mailer management” and “GOTV” — or likely “Get Out the Vote” services…

“More than $212,600 in disbursements to Karen Waters are broken down into 26 entries such as “slate mailer management” fees, “office expenses” and “canvassing” between March 2019 and September 2020.

“Another $28,150 in payments to Karen Waters occurred in October and November, for “GOTV” and “slate mailer management” fees — though one for $1,000 was simply labeled “Walker payments.”

“Since [2004], Waters’ daughter has reportedly received almost $1 million from the campaign” emphasis added]

For more on this story, please go to the New York Post.


Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. What does it say about political corruption in America when a politician uses campaign funds to enrich a relative or friend?



  1. Honest says:

    Another Democrat Thief WTF~ Jail the PIG!!~!!~

  2. Pat says:

    Put her ass in Prison. She is giving her daughter our taxpayers money. ONE UGLY CORRUPT BITCH. She bitches about Trump—look in the mirror you ASSHOLE LOWLIFE SCUMBAG. There isn’t one decent DEMONCRAP in the lot of ya’ll. Put your F**KING MASK BACK ON BITCH ****************

  3. Pegs says:

    DISGUSTING!!!!!!! she SICKENS me!!! she has to be THE UGLIEST woman I’ve ever seen!!! The dems do all of this CORRUPTION BECAUSE they CAN!!! What the hell is WRONG IN DC!!! Are there no honest dems?!

  4. Doris says:

    Republicans in this district, where are you? Run against her, you will win on reputation alone!!! Only people living in that district can run, so go for it, you will win. Only way you can get her out, go the local Republican headquarters and get started immediately.

  5. Tmm says:

    She won by 71% of vote.

  6. Hal says:

    She should be in prison along with. Clinton. Peloise. Schumer. And the Arab. For treason.

  7. Julia Ogden says:

    She lives in a 4 million dollar home outside her district! She’s no loyal American, but an “operator”, pay for play, two faced traitor! A big player for the DNC/communist attempt to take over America!
    Did she NOT read the Constitution? Does she think CHINA JOE is going to the White House and so her evil will just be swept under the corrupt DNC rug?
    Too bad POTUS has All the evidence to jerk the rug from under these “players”! GITMO WAITS FOR THIS FEMALE DOG…BELIEVE IT! #THISISTREASON!

    • Carole Ann Davis says:

      Old Mad Maxine I hope you pay the price for what you did with your daughter and your daughter as well. Times are changing, and we the people are standing up to all this corruption. You need to be kicked to the curb!!!!!

  8. Betty Bryans says:

    What else can one expect from a democratic politician. 99% of them are evil, dishonest excuses for human beings. They must have “political lies” classes to teach them how to effectively lie and convince fools they are “the good guys”, for anyone must truly be a fool to vote for them.!!!!!!!!!

  9. Lloyd says:

    The people of this country need to clean house in Washington D.C. and start with a new group of Senators and REPS. that are interested in serving the people they are chosen to represent and not the power brokers. If they begin to take money from lobbyist, recall them and elect someone who wants to look after the peoples interest. This will soon get the politicians to represent their constituents.

  10. Linc says:

    They should invested gate her hubby’s bank that was saved by the taxpayers?

  11. floyd boivin says:


  12. Margaret says:

    She has been doing the same thing for yrs. Normally she, pelosi, and numerous others, as in Hunter and Joe biden.non will ever be punished or even investigated. Hillary has been getting by for years, including getting people killed, by not sending help.

  13. Ron Nuce says:

    She and Sharpton should team up together- a present day Bonnie and Clyde. Both
    of them are absolutely repulsive, not to mention corrupt!

  14. carol says:

    She gets away with this just like the other Democrats get away with the illegal things they do!, Like illegal ballots,etc!

  15. Corruptionhater says:

    Waters deserves nothing more than the death sentence. She stinks up our entire systems of laws!

  16. James Hutchins says:

    waters and her daughter are crooks.

  17. Franklin Steele says:

    Nothing will come of this. She’s a black,woman, democrat. That’s all we need to know. Damn sad because she should be in prison.

  18. Sharon says:

    I wish someone would tell me how Maxine Waters how she can legally do this.
    She needs to be impeached , she’s a old ugly old woman who is a criminal.

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