McCarthy: ‘They Have Destroyed This Border’

( – The top Republican in the US House of Representatives, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, has roasted President Joe Biden’s administration and the Democrats for “destroying” America’s Southern Border and allowing millions of illegals to pour in.

Presently the House Minority Leader, McCarthy is most likely to become the new Speaker of the House after the new Congress convenes next month.

Speaking on Fox News on Wednesday, the California Republican went after the White House as Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, claimed that the GOP refused to collaborate with the administration to tackle the migrant crisis and secure the US-Mexican border.

Some 6 million illegal immigrants have entered America since Joe Biden took over the White House almost two years ago, including well over 1 million gotaways.

The influx of illegal aliens will worsen after December 21st when the Trump-era Title 42 expulsion order expires under a court ruling.

“They’re very clear. They don’t want to work at all,” Rep. Kevin McCarthy declared regarding the Biden administration.

“They have destroyed this border. We don’t even have operational control anymore… 1.5 million fentanyl pills in one week, one crossing from 42 different countries,” the likely next House Speaker added.

He asked rhetorical questions about how much worse the illegal immigration crisis could get when Title 42 gets lifted in one week.

“What’s going to happen one week from now when Title 42 is lifted?” McCarthy wondered.

“Title 42 simply says, when someone enters our country illegally from another nation, we send them back to their country. When you do that, it stops illegal immigration from coming. But this administration will not uphold that,” the California Republican said.

Projections he mentioned indicated that the United States could see an influx of nearly 20 million illegal aliens during Joe Biden’s current four-year term.

“There are projections that it would be 13 million more people going across this border illegally in the next two years under the Biden administration,” McCarthy said.

“[Biden] won’t even go and tour the border. He’s been in office for more than 40 years and has never been to it. How does he understand what’s going on?” the House Minority Leader asked.

He vowed to force the Democrats to go to the Southern Border by holding committee meetings there if he became the Speaker.

“The difference is going to happen 20 days from now. On January 3rd, I will move hearings to the border,” McCarthy vowed.

“So these committees in Congress in Washington won’t hold these hearings here. It’ll be at the border, so the Democrats can no longer avoid the situation. They’re going to learn firsthand what is going on. And the American public has to understand,” the top House Republican concluded.