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McConnell: ‘The Mob Was…Provoked by the President’

Just moments ago, from the floor of the United States Senate, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) attacked President Donald Trump and accused him of responsibility for the riot that took place at the U.S. Capitol a week ago.

Watch the video below of McConnell and share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you agree or disagree with McConnell when he says, “The mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people“?



  1. Korean vet USMC says:

    If I go to a politician and offer anything of value – trips, jewelry, even a meal at an expensive restaurant and ask him/her to assist in passing a certain law. That is considered bribery and I will be prosecuted. If a lobbyist offers the same, no problem and the lobbyist will not be prosecuted.


  2. Gaylen Cardwell says:

    I agree with all that I read by those who have responded. But I think we are missing the boat if we don’t amend the Constitution and place term limits on our Senators and Representatives. Most go to Washington with dreams of doing good things and then, over time, get caught up in the Washington machinery. Senators should serve no more than two terms and Representatives no more than three. That way they have to go home live within the laws they pass. There must also be restrictions in their abilities, after serving in these offices, for moving from one house (Senate and Representative) to another and for taking employment as a lobbyist.

    As far as the Patriot Party is concerned, before I commit, I need to know what the specific platform will be. I’m a constitutionalist and I believe we need to get back to interpreting the Constitution as the Framers intended.

  3. Stephane says:

    I guess the swamp in which you swim Mc connell has committed enough treason. I think your time as a LIAR to the people will stop in 2022. As will many of the people who are now in congress and senate.

  4. Edward says:

    Mitch, You lied because you know very well that President Donald Trump never said anything that would incite a riot or anything illegal. You have forfeited my respect and the respect of millions of people who know that President Trump was the best President in American history when measured by his initiatives in trade and economy-building. Mitch, when you opened your mouth in agreement with the democrat lies, you dug your political grave. You will never be re-elected to any office higher than dog-catcher.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Well put, I am in total agreement! Basically the Republican Party is gone now. If nothing else, they have revealed themselves to us with their vote. Sure there are a handful of Patriots but not enough to make an impact. I’m getting ready for something new.

    • Sue McClease says:

      I’m in agreement with Edward…Mitch you have sold out and as soon as we can get you out of office we will !!

  5. Mattm says:

    I understand why everyone is posting these comments but they will do no good unless we remember and never forget that this country belongs to us and not the politicians we elect to represent us. We need to peacefully yet unquestionably take back, regain and protect our country that we’ve worked so hard to build…….The United States of America.

    • Marilyn says:

      I agree, but now they know how to cheat. Will there ever be another honest election? This election should have been thoroughly investigated. Now all elections are tainted.

  6. Pegs says:

    TIPACLE mc connell !!! TRAITOR,RINO NEEDS TO GO! bitch mc connell!! #SWAMP CREATURE

  7. Wsyne says:

    Swamp dweller. Just think how much more our president could have accomplished, if he didn’t have to watch his back from attacks by scumbags like McConnell.
    Mitch you are a total POS.
    One question who do you blame for the attacks that we have seen since inauguration day for my President?

  8. Patriot Veteran says:

    McConnell, you back stabbing POS. And after President Trump saved your re-election ass. This is the worst thing I could say about you, you are no better than Pelosi and you have been selling out our country and it’s people for years.

  9. Kay says:

    Mitch. You. Coward. No. Balls. Caved. To safe your political ass. You couldn’t. Run for dog catcher. History will show. All the party. Turncoats. A patriot. Party. Is needed. The. Turncoats. Have destroyed. The. Republican Party. The swamp needs cleaned. More then ever

    • Deborah L Coleman says:

      How can he even form the words to say that? He is no better than the Democrats that want to get rid of Trump. We need a new party, The Patriot Party. Enough of the traitors.

  10. Jim Braccio says:


  11. Marilyn says:

    Americans should impeach Nancy Pelosi for Harassment of the Best President Ever!!!! The American people have watched OUR PRESIDENT being battered and abused constantly for 4 years…. non stop!!! It’s insane!
    And nothing has ever been done about it!!!!Every Republican Senator and Representative should hang their heads in shame for allowing this to continue. It’s pathetic!!!

    • Belinda G. says:

      I totally agree that something should of been done to Pelosi years ago. She is ahead of all this and the people that is paying for votes and to start trouble. She and those that paid BLM to destroy business and attack police and etc. What took place at the white house was a setup. Just like all the violence that has been happening by the mobs and blm. One time of violence at the white house compare to the months of what the mobs and blm did, got more coverage than months of the killings and destroying things. The people that has millions of dollars and supporting the democrats are behind of paying to have this happen to keep harassing Trump.

  12. gerald champagne says:

    Americas PATRIOTS lock and load the games have begun. FREEDOMS have begun to be taken away, if you truly believe in AMERICA stand up and be counted. The socialist are beginning to take your freedoms away. Free speech is the first one to be taken away,many more shall follow. Ther is no justification for 25,000 to 30,000 troops to be in dc,when senile joe is going to be sworn in by digital means. Who will protest, the national guard,the people of dc you wanted senile joe and the whore, you got them and look what is in store for you and the rest of the country.LOCK AND LOAD SEMPER FI GOD BLESS AMERICA

  13. Ann DePol says:

    Good riddance to the whole bunch. They disgraced and ruined the Republican
    Party, and everything it stood for. They were ALL spineless and only interested
    in their careers, clearly not for the good of the people who put them in power.
    They supported a maniac and knew it, but played the game. I hope their careers
    go down the tubes, as they should. A DISGRACE they will have to live with and
    explain to their children WHY they supported a lunatic leader. AMEN

    • W says:

      You are the one who is a disgrace. I did not like a lot of things Trump said or did, but he DID put America and it’s CITIZENS FIRST!! He stopped the profuse bleeding of illegals at our border. He cancelled and renegotiated LOUSY trade agreements that screwed us and business for years. He reduced unemployment to record levels for all people in this country. He got three different Arab nations to agree to peace with Israel. A feat that many said could NEVER HAPPEN.

      You, unfortunately, have listened to the demoscum owned propaganda puppet talking heads and have believed their incessant phony mantra. Things are about much, much worse because fools like you voted for Quid Pro/Groper Joe Bribedem and the Frisco Ho.

      Welcome to the Fourth Reich you so adoringly got suckered into.

  14. Sheepish says:

    Where is the proof that Trump was responsible? The rest of what McConnell said really matters little because his opening accusation is unfounded from all I have read. Is there “secret” facts he knows but we don’t???

    • Jen Forney says:

      No secret facts. McConnell goes with the wind. Brown nosed. Never will I contribute to those who took their support away. They are done!

  15. Scott says:

    What do bidens boots taste like?

  16. B DiGiacomo says:

    You got to do what you got to do and say what you got say to hang on to your job. Who knows better than McConnell?

  17. Eddie Broyles says:

    People call Mitch stupid. He is far from it. He’s just a dog that eats from the side of the table where the most scraps fall. Hopefully he will now choke on them. DJT will be my president from now on. These shit for brains dems and rinos may have awakened the sleeping giant. God bless the USA.

  18. Bobby says:

    Thank you, Mitch McConnell, Chances are he won’t care one iota about what decision I’ve made but, I have compiled a list of candidates I won’t be voting for. I’m sure there are many who feel this same way.

  19. Marty says:

    He is a worthless piece of crap

  20. BEVERLY DOOLEY says:

    mitch mcconnell is in bed with the Chinese he is lining his pockets like all the rest of the trash in congress. they are only for the money they make and we the people pay those scum balls we need new young conservatives but they must stay true to the people like PRESIDENT TRUMP AND THE AMERICA THAT WE LOVE

    • wilbur says:

      Mitch McConnell should be sent to China along with a bunch of other swamp creatures!

      • Kathy says:

        McConell has always been a back stabber. Along with a lot of others. They don’t know what being American is about and are a disgrace to the nation.I dispise each and every traitor.

        • ~roy says:

          After reading these comments to this point, anything I offer would be redundant and not worth the effort (I’m sure).

          However Mitch, because of my interest in human behavior, I’m very curious about your feelings now, as well as over the years, about how you’ve “taken more from the people, than you have given”.

          In the autumn of your life, when you & your affluent wife look in the mirror, is there any sadness because you see more than an image with sagging jowls?
          Has it entered your mind to retire (since you’ve taken enough) to ‘save face’ (your face)?
          Your action (inaction) and your ‘tongue’ have cut the ties to the one that “pulled your pallid look out of the fire”.

          Those of us that have paid a bit of attention, have our opinion(s) about how you’ve gained & exercised some power.
          We’ve noticed your acquired skill in navigating the smelly swamp.

          I sense you would feel some small measure of ‘relief’ when you are among the other “PUBLIC SERVANTS” that “take more than they give”.

          What do you ‘see these days’ Mitch? Is John Roberts one of your buddies?
          We now know what you think of OUR PRESIDENT, so now, what are your thoughts about those of us that (understand English) disagree with you?

          Do you think you could have functioned as effectively as “the Donald” has, and accomplished 1/10th of what he did, amidst the crap YOU SWAMPERS threw at him?

          Do you accept any level of responsibility for the downward direction America is now on?

          Personally, I envision a weak smile of relief on your face since you sense “YOU’RE TIME IS UP”, and “let someone else do the back-stabbing.

    • Dan says:

      Yeah literally….

    • Jen Forney says:

      True, true, true

  21. Cathy says:

    Why would you act like you were asking people to work together and make such devisive statements. Congress should try and keep their mouths shut and use their ears and eyes-which they have 2 of a little more. Where was this rhetoric when BLM and Antifa stormed the Whitehouse/ Attacked public property and attacked conservative representatives and conservative citizens and their families when they were leaving an event in D.C. For those who think the American people will buy your crap – you need to quit acting like we have no memory or are too stupid to get the gist and impact of what you say.

  22. Tracy phillips says:

    We need to get a petition an put Mitch McConnell out of the Capitol he is to old to hold office he is dirty as hell thinks when the gov. Helps people he thinks it comes out of his pocket an he needs to be investigated! wonder how much money he has taken that did not belong to him?

  23. colleen pomeroy says:

    It is a cold day in Hell that the American people will ever find out the complete story of the 2020 elections. However, for the people running this country Im ashamed of their behavior. They dont know how to act like adults address the people of this Nation like their equals and conduct themselves in a mannerly and respectful way. They want to do the blame game. If it takes the heat off of them then thats how its played these day.
    Where were they this summer while we watched our Nation under attack with Antifa and BLM..while the democrats spurred on this behavior. Why do we have a Vice President elect going into office when she clearly raised money to bail out these criminals.
    What the hell is wrong with people are they so brain washed they will believe this trash.
    My God, the people of this Nation need to grow a back bone and stand up for what is right. Not be a herd of sheep and follow what is being stuffed down your throat.
    They need to do a complete investigation on anyone running or are in office. Right now. From the President elect on down. Anyone involved or have committed a crime against “The People” need to be held accountable. Lose their jobs with NO pensions and jail time if warranted. No one is above the law.
    The people in office right now need to realize they were elected by “The People” they represent us as a Nation. From what I can see there is not one public official who has conducted themselves in a way that would make anyone proud.
    Im honestly ashamed of the behavior of our government officials. At least they could conduct themselves with Honor and Integrity.

  24. Laurie says:


  25. maxibaby says:

    Mitch…….It is better to be silent and thought a fool than for you to speak and remove all doubt!
    This, Mitch, is another example proving Republicans DO NOT work together as the stinking slimy marxist Dems do! There is no way a Democrat leader would stand before America and disparage a Democrat even if they shot someone down in cold blood in the middle of times square during rush hour! The Dems stick together like Gorilla Glue to achieve their goals! I suppose the Republicans in Congress are not bright enough to learn! I hope and pray the Kentucky GOP is finding a good Republican to primary against Mitch. He has so much experience and knowledge if he only knew how to apply it! Whether Mitch said the words or not, he was encouraging Senate Republicans to vote to impeach DJT next week! Hmmmm, isn’t that the very thing Mitch was accusing DJT of doing by using inflammatory words and causing the riot at the Capitol? Stupid and thoughtless are you Mitch!
    Do you think Mitch wants DJT to be impeached so he can’t run again in 2024 so Mitch won’t have to deal with him again? Electing DJT in 2024 is a decision that is the right of the voters and should be a criminal act for Mitch to be stacking the deck against DJT and the American voters!
    As usual this is in my humble opinion!

  26. Paul Sullivan says:

    I don’t know what the fuss is about, he is simply stating a fact. The President did call for people to come to Washington to demonstrate and he incited them to march on the Capitol to try and overturn the electoral college vote. I am uncertain why stating the obvious is suddenly so controversial.

    • laurie says:

      President Trump said to protest PEACEFULLY ! and the rioters were NOT the Trump supporters. They were Antifa ! Some people don’t read ALL the news..just the mainstream media news…which has TDS, if you understand what THAT is.

      • Tracy says:

        The only News that is not for the right is FOX News they are good an alot of them defend President Trump I love Fox News the only news I ever watch other news try to make people believe he told them in a speech he gave to go raise hell at the capitol an that did not happen

    • PAMELA says:

      Peaceful protest is an American right. Look at Martin Luther King. Trump said PEACEFULLY march! He wanted the ten-day examination of evidence of voter fraud, he did NOT ask to overturn the voter’s will in his speech. dozens of rallies held by Trump never had a violent member. Now Antifa and BLM……..

    • ~roy says:

      Paul – If that is really your honest opinion, please answer this (these) question(s).
      If you “were there” (walking distance) that day, and heard the POTUS’ speech, would you have ‘climbed walls & broken windows’, etc.?
      Would you measure yourself as a “level-headed adult”?
      Any of these questions “shed new light” on that day?

  27. Mary wilkins says:

    Mitch “ turtle” McConnell is going to give us our marching orders? He is lower than a snakes belly and a bottom feeding pond. Creature.

  28. CHARLES HICKS says:

    I believe trump is a hero working for the American people and against the crooked Congress and democrats

  29. tom says:

    McConnell and his wire are closely tied to the Chinese Communist Party. Whose side is he on? Not the citizens of the United States. This is true about nearly every member of Congress and the Senate. They are traitors. My fondest dream is for all those with ties to the CCP, all the Dems and Rinos in elected offices and their funders and donors, a majority of the members of the Supreme Court, the top 3 or 4 level managers of the deep state departments and agencies, members of the fake new media, leaders of the social justice and environmental justice and economic justice groups and other are all assembled in DC and then DC gets nuked…by China. It’s just a treat of mine.

    • Olga Weiss says:

      McConnell should LEAVE us NOW.
      I am sick of him, only for himself, nothing for the President or us.

    • James Decker says:

      Totally agree! The Democrat hierarchy and the Republican McConnell‘s are in bed with the Chinese. Along with Gates, who removed apps from phones to appease the communist over human rights, the NBA who made concessions so they wouldn’t lose revenue when the communist threatened to not televise games. Nike who couldn’t build another factory in the US for jobs during COVID 19, 1100 stores worldwide, less than 300 in the United States. Employ Americans at $15 an hour at time of need; and sacrifice a few million. How much more money do billionaires really need. At least, close loopholes when it comes to taxes. Foundations pay 1 to 2% tax, capitol gains from assets are 15 or 20% depending on if they were held for one year, and pay taxes on total earnings, just not what one generally reports. The average American worker pays over 24% and billionaires over 22% based on their alleged earnings. But, as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks states, We can’t save the World! My reply would be that we should not start by saving a communist country. Everything is about Power, and of course Money. Can’t have power without money first. If stupidity was a virus, we would have a pandemic.

    • James Decker says:

      Totally agree! The Democrat hierarchy and the Republican McConnell‘s are in bed with the Chinese. Along with Gates, who removed apps from phones to appease the communist over human rights, the NBA who made concessions so they wouldn’t lose revenue when the communist threatened to not televise games. Nike who couldn’t build another factory in the US for jobs during COVID 19, 1100 stores worldwide, less than 300 in the United States. Employ Americans at $15 an hour at time of need; and sacrifice a few million. How much more money do billionaires really need. At least, close loopholes when it comes to taxes. Foundations pay 1 to 2% tax, capitol gains from assets are 15 or 20% depending on if they were held for one year, and pay taxes on total earnings, just not what one generally reports. The average American worker pays over 24% and billionaires over 22% based on their alleged earnings. But, as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks states, We can’t save the World! My reply would be that we should not start by saving a communist country. Everything is about Power, and of course Money. Can’t have power without money first. If stupidity was a virus, we would have a pandemic.

    • ~roy says:

      Tom – Good job of identifying & ’rounding up’ American ‘misfits’.
      As distasteful & egregious as their political action(s) were/are, whether in sum or individually, “nuking” (even by China) doesn’t seem right or proper.
      That’s just a thoughtful reaction from one that believes in the Death Penalty.
      God “sheds His GRACE on us” for recognizing Him for all He has done for us.
      My thinking is how ‘we might shed DISGRACE on the misfits’ for all to see.
      That may be feeble thinking . . . but I own it.

  30. Ilija Zagorac says:

    McConnell is a traitor
    Should be looked into his private dealings to desover

  31. Tracy Clark says:

    People like him and biden will pay the price here soon they do not know what they have awaken in this country the people they have started to bring out are one’s that were better of left alone they’re people who have been waiting for decades for something like this to happen and waiting to make their move and people like BLM and antifa will not stand a chance against them that is how it will happen and it will be a sad day for this country when it does

  32. Agnes Holloway says:

    I don’t understand why all you traitors that call yourself Republicans could turn on the best President we ever had for a pedophile in chief and Kamaltoe Harris they are puppets for satan in chief Obama.This country is in big trouble now because of you traitors don’t want to hurt the demonrats feelings and as far as for the disturbance on Capitol hill was antifa and BLM you can’t fool everybody with the 🐂💩 ya’ll dish out. If I was the military and police officers I wouldn’t help none of you traitors the way they have been treated and disrespected and disgraced by the swamp creatures in the office and the ones that has burned, looted, and murdered innocent people especially babies that thugs just walked up and shot in the head. Now everything in the world can come here and be treated with more respect than the white men no I am not racist just pointing out out the facts.You liberal demonrats just keep the racist pot a stirring. And yes the election was rigged and fraudulent big time just to get a Obama puppet in office so he can finish destroying this country and the world. McConnell I hope you and the rest of the traitors Republicans are happy now instead going into the office you need to be going into GITMO.

    • Tracy P says:

      Yes an what most people dont know an it was told by some congress that the congress was in session to defund the police an as soon as the riots happen that’s the ones they called the 1st one while they crawled under the desk

  33. Douglas Breese says:

    After McConnell turned on Trump and the Republician Party,I think that he has been in the Democrats pocket all along.He needs to be investigated along with the rest of the swamp.Graham also needs to go because he does not support Trump. The whole Republican Party , with a few exceptions let the Democrats illegally steel the election, doing and saying nothing. They are a disgrace to all party members. I hope that all 75,000,000 Trump supporters can stick together and leave the Republican Party and start a new party. Call it the Patriot or MEGA party

  34. Joe says:

    Cocaine mitch,rhino,traitor, needs to go,chickenshit needs to be removed,sooner than later. If it wasn’t for Trump,this jackass weouldn’t of won re=election, he shows his gratitude by helping impeach Trump,u will pay dearly for that traitorous act,replace this incompetent loser.

  35. James Hutchins says:

    America Remember these Turn coat Rino come Election Time Vote these Fake Republicans out of office.

  36. Deborah says:

    He’s sucking up to the Leftist Dems. He wants Schumer to share power and think he feels this is the only way it can happen. He’s a disgrace. He thinks he’s saving himself when in realty, he’s just further dividing the Republican party and I for one am hoping that he will be primaried out next time he’s up for re-election.

  37. NANSYDUCK says:


  38. Diane Babcock says:

    I think it’s time to investigate Mitch and his family connections to China.He is buying into the Dems rhetoric to quickly! Lots of money from wife’s family and ship building in China! OH….all perfectly legal I’m sure. Yet, what about influence and bias, if your billions are based on keeping the Chinese Communist Party happy? For example, when your wife, who just happens to be a high ranking U.S. government official who votes against supporting small U.S.ship building companies, in favor of her family’s Chinese ship building companies, American owned, of course, “wink-wink”. Maybe Hunter, Joe, Hillary, Zuckerberg and many Universities aren’t the only ones anxious the get Trump out of the way so the “sell out” to China can proceed on schedule.

  39. Claudia C Taylor says:

    I pray that you take time for a deep soul search. I perceive your words as a terrible lie and they lead me to wonder about your relationship with your Maker and with the American people who cherish law and order, honesty and integrity and support those who uphold the U.S. Constitution. You, sir, also have taken the oath to support and defend the Constitution. Sir, that is not what you are doing by accusing the POTUS of uttering falsehoods when you know the truth. It is also despicable of you not to speak against the suppression of constitutional rights of American citizens. I pray that God has mercy on your soul and that you repent before it is too late.

  40. Melanie Leahy says:

    Surprise surprise. He’s a turncoat. Spineless.

  41. Marilyn says:

    I’d like to know how Trump incited anything. He was still speaking when the rioters were breaking in with the help of the police and Mitch and Pelosi. Neither would give the police more help. You and I both know these were mostly left wing people that did damage. There were patriots there but they were looking and taking pictures. Most of them stayed outside and turned around to get pictures. I wAtched it while it was happening the one cop left them in. Another took them up the steps like a tour guide. Every one left when they got the message from Trump to go home or to their hotels. Some were arrested and even a cop was in the congressional room with them. I saw a few stayed behind and was talking to cops. And taking pics. That was 5 o’clock they all left by 6 o’clock does that sound like a roust bunch. Several died or was taken to the hospital. At least 3 were medical event. One was shout and never heard how and really haven’t heard anymore about her. Something fishy and your blaming Trump I think it was a conspiracy against Trump

  42. Donald says:

    Looks like McConnell has totally joined the devisive democrat/socialist/communist party. He has turned his back on the USA, his state and patriotism. Hopefully the Patriots in his home state will recall or impeach him.

  43. Donna Raktke says:

    Replace the traitor. He and China aren’t wanted!!

  44. Roy Martin says:

    I believe Mitch is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I believe he is really a Democrat. But it is his state’s fault for voting him back on this past election. The best we can do now is vote the lifers out of office and get new recruits in there that will implement our contitution. And vote for Trump in 2024.

  45. Sic&Tired says:

    Goes to Show the American People….At Least the Good and Faithful Americans that are Still Left…..That Regardless IF, Democrat or Republican – They become Turn-Coats and can’t be Trusted…… Our Government – IF, You want to call it a
    Legitimate Government have nothing But Spineless and Worthless Individuals that are ALL going to Bring this Country Down….Due to Their Total Ignorance or Better Say….”Stupidity”. Sure Can’t Fix Stupidity – Either.!!!!! Once Stupid and Dumb…Always Stupid and Dumb.!!!!

  46. Dan says:

    A low life RINO traitor. There is no Republican party. Bad enough that the
    Democrats screwed him over but all the
    backstabbing RINO’s.
    Start a new party the Patriot party and
    regain our country.

  47. Robert Shriver says:

    Bob. Mitch is 2 faced politician. He needs too go. Any one that stables their own party in the back is spineless Ann down right dirty. Why Don’t he just go too other side and Move in the basement? Where he belongs. He is dity.

  48. Mark Basich says:

    Your a cowardly little man,sell out

  49. Haskell says:

    Look at how the Democrats lie and still stick together like it was gospel. Republicans won’t stick together even when the FBI reports say Trumps people didn’t start the riots. Learn to stick together and fight for your team instead of run scared and cause divided confusion. The Democrats will stab you in the back even if you break ranks.

  50. Suzanne Demers says:

    Very disappointed in Mitch McConnell! He needs to be voted out of office.

  51. How disappointing all the republicans who have turned against our President. Mitch McConnell should be removed from office along with the ten senators who voted to impeach President Trump. You are not a true Republican nor are you a true American. You need to run like a coward to the yellow liberals because that’s what you are. Looking out for your own self isn’t attractive on anyone but especially a Republican. That’s what the liberals do. So run liberal run.

  52. McConnell is wrong about President Donald John Trump. He did not
    excite anyone to violence. People have a mind of their own.
    The Democratic Party and the ones involved in what happened at
    the Capital had nothing to do with “My President” He has always
    stood for PEACE. McConnell does not like President Trump and will
    say anything to stay on the Democratic Party elect president’s new good side. We still NEED OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP to run AMERICA to KEEP it GREAT!!

    • Susan Harr says:

      Exactly McConnell is a turncoat. All he cares about is power now it’s time to get rid of everybody who has been there more than 30 years fresh faces McConnell married to a Chinese big part of the swamp shame on him, Romney corrupt also Pelosi Waters Feinstein Clybourn the squad Perez Kane Cohen Blumenthal Schumer Shiff Kissinger,, Rice,, Mo Brooks
      These people are supposed to represen the people wishes. They stole this election we all know it no McConnell or any cheated elected official along with corrupt news silicon valley As well as paid off judges and election workers most of all the Supreme Court yes Robert you!!! Barry and HRC George Soros the Chinese Iran FBICIASTDEPT Pentagon term limits oversight and put all of them away treason especially Biden and Harris those were the ones pushing and paying for criminals to get out of jailOnly to Myrta and get a free pass time and time again 133 million registered voters pres Trump gets at least 75 mill if 70% voted do the math! 583 counties over 100% disgusting

  53. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Mitch bitch mcconnell
    Is 1 of the leaders of the hateful murderous neverTRUMP political groups

    he’s kept all that secret so that he could embarrassed & incriminate President TRUMP

    and he’s really trying to kick President TRUMP’s political future to hell

    although just like the demoncrats political hateful tactics won’t ever hurt TRUMP

    neither is mitch bitch McDonnell destructive tactics will hurt President TRUMP

    ❤💥👍CHRISTrump and all his US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020/2021/2024 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen👍💥❤

  54. Patriot says:

    WE THE PEOPLE are sick and tired of the deceitful, lying politicians who do not give a damm for the American taxpayers! They’re only in office to fill their pockets with money from special interest groups, and to build their power bases! WE the taxpayers have a greater voice than we realize! WE the taxpayers are paying these politicians, by way of our tax dollars! THAT MAKES US THEIR EMPLOYER!! So what do Employers do when their employees don’t do their jobs? They fire them!!!! Think about that!

  55. Kenneth Frazier says:

    You can just never tell who your real friends are ! I have always thought Mitch McConnell to be a man or moral character and strong Republican convictions. It saddens me to find out that this man is in bed with a Chinese woman.

  56. Betty Herchek says:

    Need to get your facts right. Pictures of rioters at capital were also seen at Portland and Philly and you didn’t object or do anything at that time but now you turn o on trump as you have done in the past you are quick to blame trump for everything why not put blame on the right people. Oh and we all know that the election was rigged Biden will never be my president and glad to hear you are stepping down

  57. Joe Rodriguez says:

    Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz should call for an investigation into China Mitch McConnell’s,financial ties to the CCP! This guy is owned by Xi Jingpin and Big tech companies. That’s why section 230 was not allowed to be repealed by This RAT McConnell! HE’S DIRTY!

  58. Pat says:

    Mitch McConnell is like all the other r.i.n.o.s .
    He is only interested in our tax payers money & his political future . He is spineless & telling lies , obviously , does not bother his long-gone conscience . God has warned him & all of us – there is an eternal lake of fire awaiting those who reject Him & His commandments ! Your time’s coming , Mitch, right after you take your last breath .

  59. Casy says:

    Much. You back stabbing. SOB. You should be voted out of office and go join the commie democrats. You Pelosi. Shumer. Shif. Have set the stage. For a civil war. A lot of people are going to get hurt. How does that make you feel the capitol. Riot. Was a set up by soros. And. His antifa and BLM. Thugs. I will leave. Republican Party if you don’t get impeached. Coward. Mitch

  60. Kathy Alley says:

    I believe that the votes should have been investigated for water spots and signatures verified . I don’t believe the President incited the riots and I do believe our voices are being censored and the Media is Bias also President Trump has done so much good for America even against over whelming odds

  61. Octavio says:

    It is true that President Trump brought up the irregularities perceived on the 2020 presidential election. There were many instances of illegal voting, changes to states election procedures without constitutional guidance which only authorizes the legislative bodies of those states to make changes, not their courts, not their governors, and definitively not the parties from either side.
    Many republicans also acknowledged these irregularities as well as some democrats. Courts around the country refused to take up any of these cases although many affidavits from witnesses were at hand. The supreme court washed their hands and refuse to look into these matters. That refusal lead to the mistrust of the voting system, our courts and the sanctity of our democratic elections. Trump fought all these refusals and conveyed to his supporters his displeasure and concerns. Was the election stolen? We will never know.
    That Mitch is a turncoat is something we all knew from the beginning of Trump’s term when the hearings for repeal of the Obama Care came to the house and senate floor. From the beginning we knew that he was a player.
    Now, to save his own skin he’s doing it again, putting the blame on the victim. He’s allowing the silencing of our grievances and taking a posture of cynicism. Like I mentioned before, the representatives we elected to watch out for our interest are just looking into perpetuating their elected seats.
    I think he also must go but it is not up to us, it is up to the people that keeps electing him over and over as well as many other self-serving representatives on both sides of the isle. America wake up!!!

    The violence that occurred on the Capitol was a simmering discontent by many of the 75m voters that supported Trump. It is not acceptable nor tolerated. But to blame Trump for fighting and defending what seemed to be an injustice is beyond the pale. Same goes for all the rioting and violence not to mention the destruction of private and government properties caused by some of the members of BLM and Antifa which conveniently was ignored by our main street press, democrat party and town, cities and state governments. A travesty by no other word.

    It is unfortunate that these comments we write here are not read by other ideology people. For the most part everyone posting here think alike.

  62. Peter says:

    Old Mitchell is the number one person in the Republican party again what he wanted to be again a traitor to the party

  63. Bryan Rankins says:

    What a backstabbing I say impeach McConnell old decrepit ass

  64. Rose says:

    I agree with Carol. McConnell has long been a disgrace to the party and too stupid to recognize that President Trump is a great Leader who loves his Country!!!
    Reason I left the Republican was because of the ten Rinos who back stabbed our Great President Trump!

  65. Dean Newton says:

    Extremely disappointed in Mitch!! Not the man I thought I voted for. I will never make that mistake again. He is not trustworthy and only cares about his own self ..definitely not our country!! Shame on you..Mirch. you are a traitor.

  66. Dale Alan Knight says:

    Amd you much mconnll have proven how week you are and have no regard for the American people and now we no you are a part of the swamp so your just one more corrupt dinosaur that we will replace or remove whichever it is you don’t represent the people you don’t represent this country and you should be ashamed of what you just said you piece of crap so that’s okay we will remove you and the rest of the swamp we will not stop until the swamp is removed YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AND THE COUNTRY AND TO The REPUBILIC OF THIS UNITED STATES TIME TO GO MICH YOU WEAK SOB

  67. David Nolen says:

    Mitch you and many other rino Republicans are sellouts. You forget that you work for us,the people. You know the Democrats were behind the riots. You all just never liked Trump because he wasn’t in your little country club in the house, Senate and the gutless supreme court. All of you are a disgrace. Even vp pence didn’t have the guts to do what’s right . You all sicken me and most of the American people. Do your job and serve the American people. I say term limits to all of Congress and all the courts.

    • User from ohio says:

      I AGREE 100%…

    • Nurex35 says:

      Couldn’t say it better myself. No matter what one does in life, nobody has the stomach to tolerate a turncoat or traitor. With some people, you know the knife is coming, it’s just a matter of “when”. What a scumbag! Mitch “the Ditch” didn’t seem to have a problem when Trump chose his wife, Elaine Chou to be the Secretary of Transportation. Mitch must be primaried!

  68. Phyllis Frank says:

    Take him out with trash!!!

  69. Dee T. says:

    It is time for Mitch McConnell to retire, as should many other members of Congress. It appears that McConnell wants to keep his ideas of what the Republican Party should be and not look towards where it needs to go if it wants to continue to grow. Making comments about the almost previous President now that he is leaving office, shows that McConnell wants to rid himself and many of the RINOS of Donald Trump!!! His words don’t instill confidence in his ability to understand and to stay in touch with today’s Republicans!!!

    • Marie says:

      We must pray for him. He is blind and deaf to the truth. Pray for breakthru before he is destroyed by deception and lies hiding the truth. Pray for all americans who are being swallowed up by the hate jealosy and hunger for power to be rescued from this trap.

  70. Renee Rushing says:

    I can’t believe that you didn’t stand behind President Trump … perhaps it’s time for you to retire ! Ok

  71. Arnitha Frazee says:

    Mitch McConnell is a traitor to our party and a traitor to our country. I’ve lost respect for my party, shocking to see how many are as false and have also received kick backs from big money. The democrats have a stronghold on many in Congress. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if they were a part of election fraud, deep state, funded by Soros and many other billionaires. They do not own their souls anymore, they’ve sold out to the devil himself. Pathetic!

    • User from ohio says:

      Ever since the election I am not even happy with fox news. Their attitude election night was oddly switched. I think they anymore are just as phony as mcconnel and crew. With exception of tucker hannity. Levin too.

  72. Lee says:

    Disgusting! He won’t say anything about Maxine Waters attacks, she should be impeached, as well as Nancy Pelosi and AOC. How dare you turn on the American voters. You will turn the government over to the Communists and their awful ideas. Heaven Help US!

  73. Renee Rushing says:

    It’s time for you to go Mitch …

  74. Robert Edward Gardner says:

    Proof that McConnell is a Rhino and more a politician than a representative of the state he was elected to represent. He states the President lies but as usual with comments like McConnell just made, he presents no evidence of any specific lie the President is accused of saying. It appears everyday that the true colors of many of our elected officials are becoming more and more apparent. The question then becomes at what point do we stop pursuing the political pathway to rectifying the disintegration of our government and instead have to make the difficult but necessary sacrifice to choose the option laid out by the framers of the Declaration of Independence, which tells us, that our creator has endowed us with certain rights and that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new government. In other words when the government no longer serves to function as it was intended it is the duty of the people to abolish that government and form a new one. This is the very logic upon which this constitutional republic we call the United States of America was formed when it dissolved it’s bonds with England.

  75. Trish wood says:

    Total lie! You said we will peacefully walk to the capital and let our voices heard. No way did you say to enter and attack. He is a lier. They do not love this country. They sold us out to traitors. Took away our freedom. Starved us because we had to stay inside and lined their pockets with money. They are scum and we want them out!

  76. Sandy says:

    Another Judas among the Red. Everyone has a day and he shall get his.

  77. Joe Rodriguez says:

    I will never vote for another republican again as long as this coward, China Mitch McConnell is senate leader! I will only vote for Trump republicans! PERIOD.

    • Roscoe Roules says:

      I worked hard for McConnel and his Conservative Senate slate this last election cycle. But he has totally lost my respect and I will work even harder against him from this moment forward

      • Sandi Q. says:

        My guess is, he has six more years, do you really think he will run again? If he does, then thank you for trying to get him out. I wrote him an email after he agreed that Trump should be impeached, saying Trump was the one that got him elected! I hope he gets replaced!

    • Sandi Q says:

      Mitch McConnell is not the Senate Majority Leader, Chuckie Schummer will take that over tomorrow!

  78. Bearbuddy says:

    Time for you to retire Mitch.You are done with the republican party and the American people no longer want you.

    • Barbara morrow says:

      I am done with the republicans already!! The democrats are actually EVIL and the republicans are COWARDS that canNOT STAND UP FOR OUR PRESIDENT who has done so much for our country. Senators like Susan Collins and MITCH MCCONNELL should be impeached. McConnell is a traitor and since kentucky is a TRUMP state I would say he just committed political suicide. I will never vote for him again. We need a NEW PARTY, THE MAGA PARTY AND ELECT TRUMP again.we need our politicians like David Nunes, Jim Jordan, lindsay Graham, Ted Cruz etc. To help form this party. The majority of republican politicians are weak, BUT WE THE PEOPLE ARE STRONG!! LOVE YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!! YOU ARE STILL MY PRESIDENT, NOT JOE BIDEN NEE HARRIS!!! THE SOCIALISTS HAS FORGOTTEN THE 75,OOO,OOO OR MORE PATRIOT AMERICANS. WOE TO AMAZON, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, AND ALL THE OTHER ANTI AMERICANS. THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE AND WE LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

  79. Joy says:

    Really disappointed in McConnell he’s sounding like the left.

  80. Bill Melanson says:


  81. Wilson says:

    Even CNN has gone on record that the Mob was sent by the Dems.

    The Dems planned this!! CNN on Record!!

    Take your 20 Mil and go back to Kentucky or China where your ties have been too embedded to be in the Senate!!
    You don’t belong in any US Govt Capacity.
    Your wife and her Chinese family have used your US Power.
    Get Out!
    Keep in your big mouth shut and your dirty Chinese hands off of Trump!!

  82. Gary says:

    McConnell needs to stand up like a man instead of bowing down to the Dems or get out of office. What do the Dems have on you?

  83. D D says:

    I listened to President Trump and he in no way encouraged violence. You sir are a suckup and a liar and only cared when violence touched the door of where you work. I guess you’re worried only about yourself and not the rest of us. Because of politicians like you the rest of us will suffer for four years while you sit in your ivory tower of wealth and power. Politicians like you are the reason President Trump was elected in the first place.

  84. How dare you attack the best President we’ve ever had. WHAT THR HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? You know darn well he did not instigate that Riot. He said time and Time again it was to be a Peaceful demonstration, That Mob was filled with Antiefa’s that have been paid off by George Soros to do these terrible things to our (use to be) Wonderful country. Everyone knows this election was stolen from Donald J. Trump, and all of you turn coats are now siding with the enemy to try and save your butt. I for one, and I’m sure I’m not going to be the only one who’s done with the Republican Party. You can all go to hell. This was the most fraudulent election I’ve ever seen.

    • Charles says:

      Spot on!
      Where’s the Kentucky Republican Party telling this fool to represent his state and party and not the Swamp.
      Disgusting. McConnel is no ‘leader,’ he’s a disgrace. Who am ‘We the people’ who voted him in office would follow such a fool.
      He’s not there to represent himself but his constituents, which I’m certain do not agree with the lies he believes and tells, when a glance at the spectrum of evidence belies his lies.

  85. bobbie says:

    No Mitch McConnell: THE THRONG WAS NOT PROVOKED BY THE PRESIDENT. THE MOB WAS PROVOKED BECAUSE CONGRESS, THE SCOTUS, THE FBI, THE COURTS OF THE LAND< AND OTHER LAWMAKERS DID NOT INVESTIGATE THE RIGGED ELECTION. You just let the evidence just sit there and did nothing about it!!!. President Trump's supporters felt you should at the very least have examined the evidence. THE mountains of evidence that came out about this entire issue. People like you and the DEMs and LIBS and George Soros paid BLM and antifa and anyone else they could find to come in and provoke the terrorists and riots!!! Some of you even let them into the capitol through a back door!!! We, the people, know what is going on. You have left us with a fake president and a fake vice president. These people did not WIN ANYTHING!. The election was stolen for them. So this leaves us with no president and no vice president on January 20, 20201. So, please, please admit your assistance with these terrorists (and all because you people wanted to take down the President!!!) So please put the blame where it belongs: IT BELONGS TO YOU PEOPLE!!!!

    • Debbie says:

      It all boils down to the fact that PELOSI is Responsible for ALL the problems at the Capitol that day. She is responsible for the security of the Capitol building and it is her direct responsibility to work with the Sargent at Arms to defend it. SHE FAILED! On purpose, so the liberal Antifa/BLM could do the job she and Soros paid them to do! Then she BROKE THE LAW AND IGNORED THE CONSTITUTION in her Fraudulent Impeachment of President Trump to hide her dirty work and frame him for her own evil deeds. She’s a CRIMINAL, a CON-ARTIST and a DERANGED SOCIALIST!!!

      • Sandi Q says:

        Well said! The same lies as a 2 year investigation into a Russia hoax, and a phone call to the Ukraine president that got him impeached. They are full on liars, and swamp creatures!

      • President Trump did not incite anything in his speech or ask anybody to do any stupid thing as riot I think we’ve all had enough rioting from antifa and BLM and I want to know why they’re not being held accountable like you’re trying to hold other citizens Pelosi is the one that incites trouble McConnell you should know better and staying for the people that elected you

  86. Cg says:

    He’s sucking up to peelousy juice.Gotta love that BS kool-aid.He’ll get his when he least expect s it.

  87. Rebecca Thurston says:

    You SORRY NO GOOD BACK STABBING SOB , you are one of the biggest liars in congress!!!

  88. Linda Edens says:

    I heard what Mr. Trump said to the people and in no way was there a comment to say go and riot at the Capital building. He did say go on down.

    Where were you and the others when Antifa and the BLM were doing their riots, looting, and killing?? You let them go!!

    • Karen M Musumeci says:

      Agreed, President Trump said nothing about rioting. Russia had nothing to do with it either, as Pelosi suggests.

      • Charles says:

        Don’t you love how they can just lie to our faces by giving their summary judgment without EVER noting the factual basis for their claims? {Because when they lies, there is no factual basis.}

  89. I watched it on tv.The mod was already in capital building before he finished his speech.This goes to show narrow minded people see what they want to see.I will stand behind President Trump.Biden will never be my president.

    • Kenneth Shockley says:

      semper fi

    • Deltina Ann Wisely says:

      You are absolutely right the people inside the capital before Trump stopped speaking. This was a set up from the very beginning to ensure that Beijing Biden took office. The was the leftist radicals hired by the leftist radicals that are in congress and senate. Mitch McConnell is a traitor to his country and to the millions of conservatives for his actions today and was probably one of the leftist that hired the leftist to invade the capital. This was a set up as soon as the rally was announced. Hundreds of thousands of conservatives went to voice their opinion and support Trump they were not there to incite a riot. But Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders, ALOC, the democrats and RHINO’s are the ones who are responsible for this riot NOT PRESIDENT TRUMP it was an evil power grabbing setup. Which unfortunately worked for the evil democrats especially PELOSI and SCHUMER they are now in total control of destroying our American way of life. We now have communist rule of law destroy anybody and everybody that was a TRUMP supporter. It is already happening conservatives bank accounts frozen, home owners insurance being cancelled conservatives put on a no fly list and the list goes on. GOD HELP US ALL our country has been taken over from the inside and outside. Democrats from the inside and CCP from the outside. History is repeating its self instead of HITLER we have the DEMOCRAT PARTY AS A WHOLE.

  90. LINDA CLARK says:

    It has proven that the attack on the capital was planned before Trump even spoke. He called for a peaceful walk to the capital. It was a group of Antifa and BLM that started the attack not Trump supporters. Get your facts straight

  91. Diana says:

    Talk about stabbing in the back, McConnell is a rhino after all, he is just watching his slimy back!!!

  92. Mitch McConnell should be voted out! He should never be run again! He is the perfect example as to why I will leave the Republican Party when they start a NEW PATRIOT PARTY! I hope republicans leave the republican party in droves because our representatives currently in the Republican Party ARE NOT REPRESENTING “WE THE PEOPLE” AND WE NEED TO GET RID OF THEM BY VOTING THEM OUT!

  93. McConnell needs to take a deep dive into the election fraud and then he needs to find proof that Trump led or helped to lead or trigger visitors to go to the Capitol and riot.

    It was Antifa that started it all and some of BLM

    Anyone who was there or watched the tape knows it!

    Ironically The Turtle is contributing the myth!

    I wonder how much his wife has sucked in from her and her relatives!!!


  94. carol says:

    The old bastard needs to retire……

    • S.A. Riley says:

      McConnell has proven himself to be a “YELLOW DOG” piece of filth high riding the tax payers backs and betraying us decent people and all we believe in and hold sacred in our democracy.His act here has devistated me as I write this trying to see thru my tears. DEPORT THIS SOB. He dies not deserve to live in this
      great Country.OUT WITH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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