Mexican President Injects Himself Into US Politics – Will THIS Hurt Biden?

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

( – Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) praised US President Joe Biden’s immigration policy, citing his decision not to build walls and not conduct immigration raids.

“We have a lot of respect for President Biden, among other things because he is the only one of the United States presidents of recent years who did not propose building walls,” Lopez Obrador said. “We give him credit for that, and we give credit to President Biden for no [immigration] raids.”

AMLO claimed that the Hispanic population would remember how politicians treat migrants. His government intends to encourage American voters not to support politicians who promise to increase border security investments.

According to Breitbart News, AMLO criticized US congressmen who blocked Biden’s efforts to “regularize migrants” as promised during his campaign.

He also criticized the Republicans’ approach to immigration, stating that their calls for stronger border security are outdated and no longer effective.

AMLO plans to pressure US voters to fight for the rights of migrants, despite previously claiming to follow a non-intervention approach.

He believes that the mistreatment of migrants, particularly Mexicans, is unacceptable and will encourage Mexican citizens living in the US to vote against parties and candidates that do not support their rights.

“Because if there is the mistreatment of migrants and especially Mexicans, we are going to call not to vote for those parties and for those candidates — in the exercise of our freedoms,” Mexico’s president said.

Mexico has long been a source of migrants to the US, and their treatment has been a contentious issue for both countries.

AMLO’s praise for Biden’s approach to immigration may signal a change in the relationship between the two countries, particularly in trade and border security.

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