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Michelle Obama Wants Trump Banned From All Social Media

In a lengthy statement just released moments ago, former First Lady Michelle Obama calls on all tech companies to ban President Donald Trump from all social media, stating, “Now is the time for Silicon Valley companies to stop enabling this monstrous behavior–and go even further than they have already by permanently banning this man [Trump] from their platforms and putting in place policies to prevent their technology from being used by the nation’s leaders to fuel insurrection.”

Please review Obama’s statement below and share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you agree or disagree with Obama that Trump should be banned from all social media platforms?



  1. David Dean Poling says:

    Mooself Oblame-a has never held a public office, has never hosted
    A media commentary show, and would have been a total embarrassment to any other President except Obama. So I should care what she thinks or wants? Ain’t gonna happen. Just tell her to shut up and back away from the microphone.

  2. DENNIS DALE says:

    i’m sorry you feel that way as being an ex presidents wife you should know we live in america and fought and lost many lives to have the right the free speach remember hitler started off the same way shutting up people and only allowing his will to be heard

  3. James Hutchins says:

    The obamas are irrelevant to the American People they should be deported to Kenya.

    • Amy says:

      Absolutely right!! I dont give a crap what Michelle Obama thinks and never have.

      • HELMUT FRIED says:

        Michelle has no right to ask for for president Trump to be bannned if anybody saw her husband remarks her husband should be banned especially about his emarks on white people it seems him and his wife are doing well since leaving the presidency by owning a number of homes valued at 18 million each house

  4. James Hutchins says:

    Moochella obama Needs to shut she is irrelevant to the American People you Time is over give it a rest.

  5. GIGIJAN says:


    • charles cook says:

      i;m sick of this he/she ban her on everything and shop showing its ughy face

    • Ruby Lee says:

      Michael obama.needsto take his husband and go back to kenya.when obama lost to Donald Trump. he was a sore looser to.so much that he took from the white house.things that didn’t belong to him they need to stay out the media.they are not needed.here in America.

    • Amy says:

      They only ban conservatives!! But it will come back on them down the line! God is in control!!

  6. Dj says:

    What are you afraid of michelle?

    • Dinorah Medina says:

      Michelle Obama, your husband was once a political activist! He is supposed to believe in freedom of speech. Maybe you should tell the democrats like Biden and his buddies to stop telling Antifa to stop edging the mob and stop acting like they and the Media did not orchestrate this violent mess on the President. The higher ups knew that thousands of people were expected and made sure not to have enough protection. President Trump asked his followers to go and demonstrate peacefully. That is a right that MLK fought for, to assemble and peacefully protest something that you believe in. Others like Pelosi and company had other ideas. This is why Pelosi and her thugs were busy writing the articles of impeachment while waiting for the chaos to stop in a safe place.

    • norah Medina says:

      Michelle Obama, your husband was once a political activist! He is supposed to believe in freedom of speech. Maybe you should tell the democrats like Biden and his buddies to stop telling Antifa to stop edging the mob and stop acting like they and the Media did not orchestrate this violent mess on the President. The higher ups knew that thousands of people were expected and made sure not to have enough protection. President Trump asked his followers to go and demonstrate peacefully. That is a right that MLK fought for, to assemble and peacefully protest something that you believe in. Others like Pelosi and company had other ideas. This is why Pelosi and her thugs were busy writing the articles of impeachment while waiting for the chaos to stop in a safe place.

  7. Honest says:

    Whale Arse Michelle~ Take a long walk off a short Pier~

  8. Terrie Wyatt says:

    The media is controlled by the Demorats, so ofcourse they arw going to sensor and even ban conservative voices. That’s what communism is all about. I wonder if all these stupud people whi want that kind of government are prepared to have their leashes tugged on.

    • colleen pomeroy says:

      As for the Obamas they were in the white house for 8 years. Our military was taken down to a bare minimum and the dealings with Iraq and China during that time is still being questioned. It scares me to think of the hell our country is going to go through in this next four years. However, they have the freedom to speak. Its up to us if we chose to listen.
      I was a Democrat once….changed over to an Independent in Obamas second term. Never again will I put my faith in a Democrat. Ive learned they are beyond ethical and their integrity is non-existent . I worry about my children and grandchildren and the lives they will be forced to live under such a government. We need to stand strong and pray for Gods justice.

  9. Jim says:

    I hope the swamp in Congress & Senate all get what they deserve and hell would not be good enough for them . But they are all satan children & Michelle & Dumbass Obama they both are the brother and sister of satan . and I can’t believe people would vote for them stupid ass . So the rest of us have to put up with there ignorance. God help us

  10. bruce says:

    Why is this fat quirky black American hater being allowed to make any comments, I’m not allowed to post as a 2 war veteran who actually loves and fought for this country and constitution. The Obamas kept saying they were pro-black American but have proved they are not by moving into predominate white high society neighborhood. She is not the ‘first lady’ and never was even when hubby was president, she’s just a bitter person with no power, period.

  11. Shay says:

    Notice who she picks to “punish” Trump. As someone said, she didnt go to Congress she went to big tech.Thats how much power they have. She and Obama are horribly racist but its ok for her. Her attitude and that of her cronies, including Harris and Biden, will serve to divide this country even more.

    • Janice Hampton mercer says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that the Obamas were behind part of this. They will do anything to get what they want. Just hopefully these companies realize this and tell them where to go. Just remember these people invading the Capital were not all Trump supporters. They had to have some information and come from somewhere.

  12. Sic&Tired says:

    By the WAY….. Too Bad Michelle Obama-nation is Too Stupid to Read these Truthful Comments about Her…..So, She could get a Good Look as to How People Think and Feel about her Miserable Existence.!!!!! Get Lost – Please…Oh Lady of Stupidity.!!!! Also – Remember…..Yon Can’t Fix STUPID..!!!!

  13. Sic&Tired says:


  14. John says:

    If the general population is not outraged by this, then what will get them upset?

    Michelle Obama was never an elected official and even if she was what is dangerous is wanting to suppress any person’s First Amendment speech. Interesting the Democrats talk about President Trump being a danger to democracy.

    I never wanted to get to this level but Michelle Obama is a racist and a Communist.

    • Kenneth Mercks says:

      The fact of the matter is those 37,000 or so people should have stormed the chamber and hung all of them for treason. War is brutal, ugly, vile and the most carnal thing humans can engage in. As the Powers clamp down ever tighter, the people grow closer to rebellion. If we want to keep our freedom. WE will have to fight for it.

  15. Bonnie Stoker says:

    Get the message Michelle? No one cares what you think or say, and you have no right to make demands on anyone to ban President Trump from anything. You and your Obama husband did nothing but trash this country and leave a mess when you had to move out of the W.H. Just disappear, keep your mouth shut, and mind your own business; both you and your egomaniac you’re married to. We don’t need to hear what either of you say! GO AWAY!

  16. Sic&Tired says:

    Michelle Obama … Was NEVER a First Lady of this Country.!!!! She was a Traitor like her Disgusting Husband Barack –> Spelled as “BAST _ _ _”.!!!!
    Michelle Obama was and still is a Pathetic Woman.!!!! I Puke everytime I see her name or picture in the News.!! The News People are Idiots to even give her the Time of Day….or space of writing in any article.!! She has made Racism Thrive and she is Too Stupid to Even Know It.!!!!

  17. Barbara Jordan says:

    Racism is alive and well!!

  18. Debra says:

    Your husband and Hillary and Joe should be in jail right now for all they did

  19. BRUCE WILLIAMS says:


    • Walker says:

      Spoken like a true Trump supporting violent Republi k k kan racist

    • Trish says:

      If you still think trump is king after yesterday than you are as delusional as he is. And you don’t care about america. Move some place that you will like better bec the majority voted him out.
      The whole time trump has been in the white house, I have been scared what he’ll do. I feel sorry for you bec you have no idea. If you worship trump then you have hate in your heart bec he’s a psychopath.

      Barack and Michelle our good people. They did a job that was great for our country and there wasn’t hate spilling out of their mouth that we were stuck putting up with.

      • John says:

        Good people do not request First Amendment rights be taken away from an individual.

        If you felt afraid under President Trump, move to Russia, China, or Iran where you will feel more secure.

      • Linda says:

        Go stick your head back in the sand

      • Susanne says:

        I am always digusted by people who can’t see the forest for the trees! No one worships Trump! Only God is worth worship and its very sad that you don’t seem to get that! Michelle has always lived tbe line light. In over 50 years, I’ve never known a First Lady who spent so much time on television! She is a wannabe celebrity and doesn’t hide that. Things who think her husband did a good job are either ignorant of history or deluded. Instead of calling for people to dial down the anger, she fans the flames by spouting divisive comments about banning Trump from his first Ammendment rights! Anyone else see the hypocrisy here? Why not ban Nancy Pelosi from holding press conferences that only serve to incite fear and foment anger? Now THAT’S something I’d support!!! Michelle, becquiet and try being KIND!! It’s refreshingly uplifting!!

  20. Penny says:

    I hate to tell you this but no one gives a flying f #@k what you think, sorry!

  21. James Klepper says:

    Who does she think she is. She is a nobody who got rich from Obama’s lies and giving away our country. Bowing down to other countries and giving our money away. I could go on and on but it upsets me to relieve this mess.

  22. Lynne Jones says:

    MO- not one cares about your opinion. Go get a life, you are. I longer significant. Remember you are a has been. Wasn’t impressed then and never will be.

  23. Don Cordell says:

    Michelle should run her on life and thank God for president Trump he had to fix what Obma and lying Biden messed up.

  24. Mr. Honest says:

    Michelle has alot of room to talk, She and the rest of the trash should all be banned from all social Media and Zuckerburg is in the wrong for Banning President Trump from social Media. All the Dummies that have tried to Drag the President through the mud, Wait for the Democrats to get in the White House, The S–t is going to hit hte fan and America as we know is and will be gone.

    • K L Peterson says:

      It seems it’s always the ones who have the most to hide that shout the loudest. Satan will gather his own together one day. I only hope “they” see the error of their ways sooner than later. I tend to believe the waiting list for Hades is longer than the world is round. So many people just don’t have a conscience or compassion for others.

  25. Charles says:

    Michelle Obama should be banned from the United States and every social media site ever made . the bitch seems to think she has some power that will never happen. Her husband was the worst president ever and if you have noticed the daughter’s have followed suit with the disgusting parents. So lets let the daughter live in sin and they welcome it . Obama’s, Biden and Harris should all be sent to china to be beheaded. Terrible people.

  26. J paul says:

    Zuckerberg should be banned along with Michelle Obama.and most importantly NOW Kamala (tramp)Harris

  27. Clerrence Gardner says:

    Lucifer/Satan love hatred, so that’s what Michelle O is giving.

  28. Nancy l C says:

    All the Obama should go to Kenya and leave America and Trump alone they are no good for our country Obama was our worst President ever Bidens are no better criminals in the WH they didn’t get there by the people they cheated with the machines we smart people know that Lord help us the next four years we will need all the help we can get to survive them

  29. sheila plourde says:

    Michael is a joke. Obama was a joke and he was a hoodlum when he ran our country in the toilet. Go away Michael most of us know what you are.

  30. Bill says:

    I guess the First Amendment should be throne out, Communism is next And you bet your sweet buns. that this was obamas wish to destroy the us, His backround should tell you. where he came from..

  31. Don Butler says:

    Get a copy of the 14 Amendment and read Section 3.

  32. She is one to talk. She hates America to begin with, has never stood for the flag. They are the ones that should be banned. Her, her husband. and the Biden’ s. They are the most crocked people on the earth. Better yet, but them to death.

  33. Marina says:

    It’s evident the swamp wants to have a clear and clean steal no doubt about that.

  34. SHERRY G HEIM says:

    I want to know what the hell these people are afraid of??? Obviously they think he has dirt on people that he will expose once he is out of the WH or they would just ignore him and count down the days. Restricting him from social media is unconstituional since we are all allowed to have our opinions and to express them (freedom of speech, freedom of the press) even the KKK is allowed to voice their opinions as is ANTIFA, the Communist Party and any other radical group that chooses to do so. These AHs just didn’t do their job right and didn’t turn all the people against Trump so now they are scrambling to try to keep him from reaching his followers so they can continue with their lies and agenda against the American people. Biden is a nebbish, an impotent representative and always has been so he will not really be able to carry out their agenda for long if at all. I will be interested to learn exactly who the people were who actually broke into the congressional hall, as it was few compared to the size of the crowd. It probably was more of the paid rioters who ravaged our cities and who were paid to do so and not Trump supporters at all, since they had things that would have required preparation such as pipe bombs and other explosives. Funny that the intruders were not arrested and nobody seems to know who they are. Michelle is a worthless POS and always has been, proclaiming her dislike for this country even as her husband was the sitting POTUS. She lacks dignity and tact just like her husband and she is one of the most racist people in the political arena. And yes, all people are capable of being racist.

  35. Redhawk says:

    I guess all socialist have to d on is think they are something worth listening too. They are so very wrong

    Maybe now when Americans see they can do anything but flap their lips and criticize everyone because they can’t do anything

  36. Robert Wynne says:

    The Obamas have run a shadow government 2 blocks from the White House since 2017 whose sole purpose was to overthrow our government. They should not only be banned from social media , they should be jailed as the traitors they are along with an alarming number of the DEMON CRATS.
    Obama never proved he was an American citizen. The hospitals he said he was born in wasn’t even built until 8 years after his birth date . The biggest TRAITORS in the history of the U.S A.

  37. Jeff says:

    Obama who, OMG——I have never seen a President go thru what our President Trump has since he took office, Democrats burned down businesses, looted them even killed a few people and nothing was done or said about it. Obama was and still is a joke, The Clinton’s did not touch that woman, lol. Now the people have voted in a child molester——wake up America—- how stupid are you.

  38. Wesley Graham says:

    Cut the crap and shut your yap, Mooochella! Move ON!!

  39. LINDA says:

    they didn’t even have to start a fire or bomb or break windows or loot really peaceful protest. saw no bricks flying or frozen water bottles… Police opened the gates for them and guards were minimal. ”””””””””’ Now Democrats just have to calm down visit nancy and have a drink of her kool aid Just understand blm and antifa have been allowed todo much worse for many months. it was always peaceful protests so now we got to have one too. Listen to them go nuts. It will be alright….remember Peaceful protests!

  40. Thomas Rowles says:

    Whay about all the bomb riots that the demorats supported. At least there was np looting, burning and murdering at Trump rallies.

  41. THOMAS LAMERE says:

    All political types should be banned… All they do is express hate and racial divide…World would be so much better…

  42. Margaret Neff jones says:

    All she does is run her mouth she needs to go back to Kenya and do us all a favor and stay there

    • Shirley Matzen says:


      • Linda says:

        I agree with you 100% She/he needs to take Barack and family and go back under the rock you all crawled out from under. You are the reason there is so much hate in this country, you started it and inflamed it. Bye bye

    • Teresa Webber says:

      Absolutely!! She’s a disgusting she man. She & her husband started all of this while they were in the WH w/ all of thier anti police rhetoric & Trevon could be my son bullshit. Obama had his chance & blew it, now go away gracefully.

    • Joseph Aregis says:

      Obama was nothing but a traitor to this Country. He sold us out to the damn terrorist who wish to destroy us. And he even gave them our money, he was nothing but pure scum and as far as his baboon for a wife, well just move along, she is nothing more than one angry child who cannot always get what she wants.

  43. mayer says:

    she should just shut up and go away she is angry because her husband was not a great President and people just know the truth

  44. Reallytickedoff says:

    …and we all want Michael Obama to be put to death!

  45. G says:

    You are blaming trump without proving it was him just because he had a peaceful rally. I think you better look inside your self and ask yourself why. It is hate. Why do you hate us white people. And conservatives

    • Marianne says:

      Michele Obama never complained about riots & looting in Portland by Antifa & BLM. She went into the White House wearing Target and came out a millionaire. If she were smart she would keep her big mouth shut. The Obamas and especially the Bidens are corrupt and in bed with China. I just hope America survives the next four years. God Bless President Trump!

  46. Laurel says:

    All Social media Should remove Michelle Ombama Too

  47. Margaret says:

    Michael Obama, she is one to talk, all she does is run her ,she and Oprah are the biggest racist in the world.

  48. T c says:

    I want your racist ass along with your worse president 3ver husband to go the fuck away before get put the fuck away.at least Trump did for people especially African Americans, your husband did nothing for anyone except himself and bidens, bitch

  49. Ray B says:

    Is she now promoting to bann free speech?

  50. bobbie says:

    We do not need to hear from the peanut gallery, Michelle Obama. We can do without your “kind??? words”. Besides if you have not been banned by the big tech companies, then I don’t know why anyone else would be banned!!!! so how about keeping your big mouth shut for a change!!!

  51. Mary says:

    Yes his days are numbered and he only has hiimself to blame I agree with MO wholeheartedly
    He fuels fire trump does get rid of him and hit him in the pocket

    • Kathleen Kramer says:

      Obama was president 8 years hardest time for bamerica trump came in whether
      u like him or not he kept every promise he cares about the people and listens
      u dems will never learn U WORK FOR US all the wear and tear u put this country thru the last 4 yearsand what u did and continue to do will blow up in your
      faces dems don’t care about the american people only their rich friends President Trump will always b my president i will never except biden he won’t
      last a year he insane and then that vp bitch will have a run karmas a bitch

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