More Good News: He’s Dead

Donald Grant

( Even people opposed to the death penalty probably won’t lose any sleep over the news that Donald Grant has been executed.

After all, when you brutally beat and murder two innocent hotel workers just because you don’t want any witnesses to the crime you’ve committed, well, it’s hard to muster much sympathy.

Those dead innocent women had their lives snuffed out without any chance ever to see their loved ones again.

As recounted by The Hill:

“Oklahoma on Thursday executed a man convicted for brutally killing two hotel workers in 2001, the first execution in the nation this year…

“‘Justice is now served for Brenda McElyea, Felecia Suzette Smith, and the people of Oklahoma,’ [John O’Connor, the attorney general of Oklahoma] said in a statement, naming Grant’s victims…

“Grant was convicted of killing hotel staff employees McElyea and Smith during a robbery at the Del City La Quinta hotel. He planned to rob the hotel to earn money and ultimately bail his girlfriend out of jail, according to The Oklahoman. Grant decided not to leave any witnesses so he shot the two hotel workers at the front desk. He also brutally beat one of the women.” [emphasis added]

According to a local news station, some of Grant’s last words were, “I can’t really explain myself because truth be told, I really don’t understand myself mentally. I don’t understand myself, how I think, how I function.”

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