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MSNBC Host: ‘I Believe In Abolishing Police’

So now we have liberals who are calling for the complete abolishment of the police!?!


While the Democratic Party has attempted to distance itself from its advocacy of defunding the police, an MSNBC host said on Wednesday that he supports ‘abolishing the police’ and ‘getting rid’ of law enforcement ‘entirely.’ He also asserted without evidence that officers deliberately ‘prey’ on the same black families ‘over and over and over,'” according to The Daily Wire.

“‘I have always made it abundantly clear I believe in abolishing police, getting rid of it entirely, starting from the beginning. We have done that before. We have done it with the Department of War,’ said Jason Johnson, the guest host of “The Beat with Ari Melber.” [emphasis added]

It was not the first time that Johnson, a professor of journalism at Morgan State University and frequent MSNBC contributor, had proposed eradicating the police force as the anchor of an MSNBC show. While filling in for Melber on June 24, Johnson affirmed, ‘I’m on the abolish the police side’ of the debate, as contrasted with those who merely wish to ‘reform’ the system.” [emphasis added]

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