MSNBC: Trump Supporters Are ‘Lice, Fleas, and Blood-Sucking Ticks’

MSNBC Host Nicole Wallace

( – Leftist mainstream media outlet MSNBC has aired content comparing Republicans and former President Donald Trump’s supporters to “lice, fleas, and blood-sucking ticks.”

The insulting description of conservative and right-wing Americans was voiced on Nicolle Wallace’s MSNBC show.

It came not from a Democrat but Michael Steele, the former chairman of the Republican National Committee from 2009-2011.

“After a disastrous single term as RNC chief, Steele was not reelected to a second term. His bitterness has only grown over the years. Talk about hate speech,” reacted Breitbart News commentator John Nolte in a report.

Steele’s description of Trump supporters as “lower than vermin,” in Nolte’s interpretation, came up as the MSNBC guest was lambasting House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

Steele argued that McCarthy would be deposed by his caucus – in this case, one dominated by Trump supporters.

The former failed RNC chair claimed that was what happened to previous top Republicans in the US House of Representatives, such as Newt Gingrich, John Boehner, and Paul Ryan.

In his commentary, Breitbart author Nolte emphasized how the MSNBC anchor didn’t react at all to Steele’s insults toward Trump supporters.

“Naturally, the hideous Nicolle Wallace said nothing because that sort of Nazi-style dehumanization is not only acceptable at MSNBC, it is encouraged. Keep in mind where this is headed,” Nolte warned.

The conservative commentator then emphasized how far the far left in the United States has managed to go only in the past half a decade.

“Feel free to laugh, but how hard would you have laughed five short years ago had I told you Democrats would someday allow mentally-ill men in high heels to share a bathroom with your daughter, encourage permanent child mutilation by way of gender-affirming care, flood schools with gay porn, applaud drag queens singing about “eating pussy” in front of small children, empty our prisons, tell us to shut up about gas prices and go buy a $60,000 electric car, and champion abortion rights up until birth?” Nolte asked.

At the start of his analysis, Nolte cited an excerpt from the Fox News show “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” in which Carlson had aired bits from another MSNBC show, “The Cross Connection” hosted by Tiffany Cross.

In it, Cross and her far-left hosts claimed that “American White people are going crazy” and “resorting to violence” when they should be “minding their blanking business.”

“Scapegoating an entire race or class of people, wide swaths of human beings comes straight from the Nazi Playbook used against the Jews,” Breitbart’s Nolte reacted.

“This dehumanization campaign, this hate and scapegoating campaign is all about justifying violence against us,” he added.

“Black Lives Matter and Antifa are nothing less than the Democrat party’s Brownshirt. The Democrats’ Brownshirts in the FBI are already rounding up peaceful, right-leaning protesters in the pro-life and pro-voter integrity movement. The Democrat party’s violence and terror campaign has already begun,” Nolte warned.

“Nothing we can say will stop what these monsters are doing. They cannot be shamed. They cannot be reasoned with. They hate us. All we can do is be aware and prepared to defend ourselves,” the conservative commentator concluded.

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