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MTG: Congress Wants to ‘Crucify Me’

Late yesterday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was stripped of all of her committee assignments in the House of Representatives. Every Democrat and 11 of her fellow Republicans voted against her. Before the vote that kicked her off the committees, Greene gave a speech in defense of her own actions while challenging Democrats. However, not a single Republican rose to speak in defense of Greene.


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said during a speech on the House floor Thursday that Congress wants to “crucify” her for actions that she has since apologized for, yet tolerates members who have “condoned riots,” which has led to violence against police officers and destruction of property,” according to Breitbart. [emphasis added]

Greene has come under fire for her past controversial and conspiratorial remarks that emerged in videos and social media posts amid her congressional bid. This included screenshots in which she believed that the Parkland school shooting was a “false flag” operation.

“Greene condemned her past support for the conspiracy theories and said that they do not represent her values or district.

“However, she did note that Democrats have supported “conspiracy theories,” such as the idea that Donald Trump colluded with the Russian government during the 2016 presidential election.” [emphasis added]

For more on this historic event, go to Breitbart.

We value free speech and we’d like you to share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you believe Greene was treated unfairly when every Democrat and 11 Republicans voted to bar her from sitting on any committees in the House of Representatives? Why or why not?



  1. tom says:

    Is this once again a violation of House rules by Nasty Nan? When will she stop?
    She is Speaker NOT THE MONARCH. No wonder WE THE PEOPLE have such a low opinion
    of Congress. She has no interest in any thing but her own POWER.

  2. Maggie says:

    It is hard to tell which Party is more useless these days; the Dimocrats or the Repuglicans. They are both pretty much on the list of no good for nothing. If there were any chance either of the two could do any job for our National good those who voted for it would be thrown out of the Party. When did this begin to happen? Was it a game between these people or was it a challenge for the worst ones to prove just how sorry a lot they could fall to? No thought to the people they represent or the money they falsely take for NOT doing their jobs. How they can look themselves in a mirror everyday and not get sick to their stomach is beyond any scope of human range; unless they are already outside of the human range and into demon territory; sounds more true.

  3. James Street says:

    I’ve seen a few comments that we need to start a new republican party. That won’t work. It’ll split the R/new party vote and the democrat’s win every time. They won’t even have to cheat. We need to start a new DEMOCRAT party and split the DEMOCRAT vote. Make them wage war on 2 fronts.IOW pull a Ross Perot on them. All you need is to bleed 3 to 4% from them and they’re toast. Start small. Target a close Senate/Rep race and insert a spoiler—Move on to the next.

  4. Yes, I believe Greene was treated unfairly when every Democrat and 11 Republicans voted to bar her from sitting on any committees in the House of Representatives. He who doesn’t have any sin should through the first stone. Everyone of them that voted against her is a hypocrite. But all things work for good to those who love the Lord!

  5. Ruth Weiner says:

    Her best revenge is ti switch to the Republican Party or switch to Independent and vote Republican.

  6. Trish Lee says:

    I completely agree with Richard Midgett…get rid of Pelosi; Maxine Waters; Chuck Schumer; Jerry Nadler; Shifty Schiff…and strip them from office. I’m now getting tired of our DO NOTHING Republicans who just complain about what’s going on…we elected the Republicans to FIX THINGS…and not to let the Dems run over everyone
    right into socialism…why can’t they do something?

    • Trish Lee,
      You sound like I did when Trump flew away in Air Force One n practically gave over his seat in the Oval Office but honey you’ve got to do your Homework!! Go to: n research all your concerns..cuz I know so much of why this silence is happening is cuz just like Jesus when He says prayers will be answered in His timing so too will Trump come back again with all the answers n this will all just be revealed! I want to say I know this at like 100% but I am not at liberty to give that number..alot has happened behind the D.C. curtain that is just crazy!! God Bless you hun..Republicans are taking down the House!!

  7. Micala says:

    Greene did not deserve to be treated like an enemy by her very own Republicans. What is up with that? More dems are becoming “Turncoats” against their own members? That’s the second time Republicans turned on their own members. Have they been drinking the dem’s Evil kool aid?

    FYI: We are in a Battle of Good vs Evil, being Trump/Trump Supporters & Patriots are the “Good” AND the Democrats, outside conspirators, elite billionnaire Americans, Chinese CCP are the Evil. Unfortunately, the Evil are very powerful right now, so the Good are going to be sacrificed, like Greene was. But it does NOT mean this is forever. Just when Evil feels all smug and comfortable, God steps in and POOF! Evil is gone!

    Til that time, the Good will be shamed by the Evil hoping that shaming will force the Good onto the Evil team…it will not work. Good is Good, not Evil dressed up as Good.

    However, I’m beginning to think there are a group of Republicans that are parading around as Good, but they are really now Evil.

  8. Donna says:

    Of Course she is right to say what she did, the Democrats can’t even look at themselves in the mirror and admit to what they are actually saying. When they hear it echoed back, they don’t realize how simple minded it sounds.

  9. Donna says:

    Of course she is right, the Democrats can’t even look at themselves in the mirror. They even KNOW she is right, but they CAN

    Of Course she is right to say what she did, the Democrats can’t even look at themselves in the mirror and admit to what they are actually saying. When they hear it echoed back, they don’t realize how simple minded it sounds.

  10. Mad as Hell says:

    Well it is time for the Republicans to go after the squad, start with AOC, for lying about where she was on 1/6, tucked away in her safe office in another building no where near the commotion!! So Republicans put on your big boy or girl pants & do something. Stop letting all this crap keep getting by you while you look the other way or try to act like Democrats. There are so many things the squad & the Democrats have done that should be reprimanded for & stripped of their committees. You are allowing Trump, Cruz etc. to be accused of crimes they didn’t commit while you sit back & vote against them. Sorry but this turn coat attitude needs to change if you ever want to be voted in office again!!

    • Lewis Sherman says:

      Amen!!! Everyone including myself are sick of what’s going on! Republicans!! Stand your ground!!! We are Americans!!! Patriots!!! Stand and fight!!!!

  11. Jaime Rodriguez says:

    Representative Greene, is a very brave lady and she deserves all the support we can give her. Shame on the Republicans that joined with the socialist Democrats to strip her of her committee assignments. The Lord Bless You Representative Greene.

  12. Deborah J Clare says:

    I stand with Greene, she is absolutely right and the RINOs that voted with the Dems all need to go away. They are all hyprocrits and do not have our country or its citizens in their best interests. It is self first. God will have his revenge, please keep going Marjorie Taylor Greene, God is with you. Stand for righteousness even when you feel you are alone, you are not. God speed!!

  13. Judy Corning says:

    Sorry this fight is between God and satan. Satan seems to be winning right now but, (vengeance is mine saint the Lord) He will have the last say. Then the democratic’s will be begging the hills to fall down on them. But, needless to say they can not hide from God. Satan’ followers will all be punished in the end. You ask who are satan’ follower’s all who hate, lie, cheat these are God hater’s which means if you are not for Him you are against Him…

  14. Donna S Mayfield says:

    I stand with Green!

  15. Sandi says:

    This article states that not one Republican stood up for Ms. Green. That is incorrect. Kevin McCarthy did stand up for her.

    I just hope the Republicans don’t turn the other cheek when they take control of the House, and they strip Omar, Cortez, Waters, Schiff, Talib, Presley (the list goes on and on) of their committees for their rhetoric AFTER they were in office. Two can play this game, and that’s all it is. I’m sick of Dums continual power grab! This country is going down the tubes with every day that passes. We won’t recognize this country eventually!

  16. Carolyn says:

    If she is being judged and punished because of what she has said or her beliefs then why is the “squad” still allowed. AOC and Omar have outright stated hate speech, Anti-Semitic speech, anti-American speech and on and on. They have been guilty of misspending funds and other infractions of the rule of law. They should also be censured or totally relieved of their terms. All congressman should be treated equally.

  17. Valerie Harnish says:

    I would like to AOC stripped of all hers as well for lieing to the american people about how afraid she was for her life when she wasnt even at the capital on January 6,2021!!!! I am appalled that her disgracing our government and misleading people to believe she was a victim.

    maxine waters needs to be stripped for inciting violence against me if seen in public!

    thats just two ill mention but there are more!!!!

  18. Skip says:

    MTG was duly elected and is entitled to carry out her duties as a representative including participating in and chairing house committees. The democrat party executes its strategy in a well organized manner. Unfortunately, repiblicans in Congress are a disparate unorganized group with no strategy. What a shame. They are getting beaten and they repeatedly respond by jumping ship or turning the other cheek.

    • Arthur Gindin says:

      Agree in SPADES11111

    • Skip,
      Oh they just roll over n take it from the Dems! NOT!!! It’s what your not seeing on the Fake News that the Dems will need to be worried about!! Do your Homework before you shoot them arrows at all Republicans! Remember Trump was the guy known for saying “Your Fired!” Well alls I can say right now is he’s practicing his famous line n then some behind that D.C. curtain!! Besides everyone he still has to bring back Air Force One!! Biden left in a private jet 2 days ago..ah hem, that alone speaks volumes!!!

  19. The dam democrates want to run everything under communism and control american people by telling them what they can and can t do well news flash you can t control and tell this country what you do has the song goes a country can survive and a war is about to break out now under biden and pelosi should be put in gitmo and schimmer obama Clinton’s soro mc connel romney all the other corrupt demo dumb asses along with corrupt back stabbing Republicans like mc connel who would sell his on family for a buck green was right and she has all the american people backing her democrates and biden are going to cause another civil blood shed war pelosi should be the one getting impeached her soro schumer all controlled blm and antifa paid them bunch of money to destroy cities and now they turned their back on them antifa already admitted they were the ones that stormed the capital by pelosi order

  20. Skip McManus says:

    MTG was duly elected and is entitled to carry out her duties as a representative including participating in and chairing house committees. The democrat party executes its strategy in a well organized manner. Unfortunately, repiblicans in Congress are a disparate unorganized group with no strategy. What a shame. They are getting beaten and they repeatedly respond by jumping ship or turning the other cheek.

  21. Patriot says:


    Where did the Republicans go that were here in years gone by? This present group would not even stand up for
    Donald Trump who was the best present we have ever had (tied with Reagan) and who is STILL my President! YOU MAY NOT HAVE LIKED HIS TWEETS BUT HE HAD SOMETHING MOST REPUBLICANS LACK NOW. It gave them courage to represent their people back home and not cave in front of Democrats. So we now have increased immigration, health care, abortions, and (Ice Age, World Flood, etc.) climate idiots that don’t know science or realize China contributes about 10 times more pollutants than the US. These modern day Republicans want us to fund them to do what? After having witnessed the disaster which occurred in the last three weeks what can the scared Republicans do? They had the House, the Senate, and the Presidency and GAVE them away!!!! Get a back bone. Find a way to have Trump run in 2024. Then I will support my Republicans. Like ignorant peoplee would say “A MAN and A WOMAN”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  22. Veronica Arnold says:

    Rep. Greene is right on the money! The hypocrisy of the Democrats is legendary, and this is a prime example. It’s ok for Kamela Harris to raise money in support of the rioters who burned cars and businesses, killed innocent bystanders and policemen, and seized territory in the middle of Seattle. But Ms. Greene is not allowed to so much as indicate that she might agree with a conspiracy theory!

    It’s the same thing with the march on Washington on January 6. The Dems were all up in arms about 5 people losing their lives in that demonstration, but they called last summer’s riots that killed, looted, and burned in cities across the country “peaceful demonstrations.” No wonder conservatives are up in arms. They are not being heard, and the narrative completely twists the facts.

    • I totally agree and I don’t know why Republicans don’t have more backbone this is gone on long enough. Are you tired of everybody using the term conspiracy theory when it’s facts that the conservatives in this country are bringing up, these are not conspiracy theories especially when they show the evidence but we all know the public doesn’t get to see the true evidence. I support the senator with some backbone and last I checked we were still supposed to have the right of freedom of speech.

  23. Ms. Greene of (RGA) spoke the trust what a shame that she got kicked off!!!

  24. Biden’s day of reckoning is around the corner. What goes around,comes around!! Whilw Biden is laughing behind Trump’s back,Trump ha the shovel & is preparing the hole & we know Biden will fill it up nicely!! Spec. op’s Nam,67-70

    • Welcome Home, Brother. Democommunists have been hypocrites since Mccarthy exposed Hollywood and the Department of State as being rife with Communists. We should all have shovels in hand, to cover it up, the way it should be.

  25. Marietta Billups says:

    I still support the Republican party but they need to grow a back bone. They have broken more later laws and nothing is ever done about it. Take Maxine Waters and AOC

    • Marietta Billups says:

      I meant the democratic party has broken 💔 more laws.Adam shift, Nancy Polosi,Chuck Schumer.What about Hunter Biden and freedom of speech.

      • Adam Schiff had gone far off saying he had evidence on Donald Trump over the
        Russian Collusion. He never revealed his evidence. He never got punished. Of course no one can really touch him. He has the news media (for the most part) who backed him up and his buddies who follow the platform of the media. I am sure the big techs have backed him. The problem is honest people are being threatened in numerous ways. They threaten people by their families, jobs, and they do not kill you they just smear your reputation. It reminds me of school around 1999. If you knew kids were doing something or saying things that were untrue about someone and told the teacher. The teacher would bring it to the attention of the students. The means kids would turn the entire class against the student and no one would talk to the honest student for about 2 weeks. That was then. Now it is worst. We let power threaten us and we fear. It has escalated. Put a frog on cold water and put it on low heat until it boils. The frog will stay in the pot not noticing the heat until it eventually dies. We have gradually been programmed to accept what is unfit.

    • Vincent says:

      I cannot believe how spineless the Republicans are there afraid to stand up to the Democrats for fear of losing their jobs the Republicans need to grow a backbone the American people voted them into office And American people can vote them back out what happened to the land of the free our freedom is being taken right from under us but the American people are so fucking blind they need to open their eyes and see what the Democrats are doing to this country they’re tearing it apart fuck Joe Biden fuck the Democrats They cannot be trusted

      • The Republicans of Congress have sworn the same oath as everyone else, who has been in a position to protect freedom, yet the blatantly fail to “protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Democrats in Congress have blatantly demonstrated they are domestic enemies of the Constitution of the United States of America.

        • Angie B says:

          I agree totally. But it’s past time for Republicans to grow a back bone instead of letting the democrats ruin this beautiful country that I use to be so proud of

          • Joyce A Smith says:

            It has been Trump’s 4 years of pure hell the Democrats has put him thru. The Democrats has had their fun with the Lady Mrs. Greene too. I think all those posing as Democrats need to have a complete mental overhaul. I’m 80 soon to be 81 and I have never known or heard of the Democrats treating people of their own human race so mean and hateful. That’s just it they must be so full of hate and jealousy because President Trump did more for we the people than anyone else in 4 years.!! SHAME ON ALL THE JEALOUS DEMOCRATS!!! ALL THE PEOPLE WITH LOTS OF MONEY COULD NOT BUY HIM OR PAY HIM OFF !!!

  26. Lee says:

    Democruts are nothing but communist liars

  27. GITMO says:

    It’s always one sided with demorats as they do and say what they want and cover up crimes everyday using tax payer money and fake agendas to pad there pockets and make there billionaire funders rich with insider info!! They have more trash on demorat side than you can count with illegal activitys going on daily and they do absolutely nothing! A Republican says one thing about the truth or reality of it all they go on full attack to silence them! Then like now fellow Republicans sit there with there little tails between there scared legs and say nothing to stand up to demorat cortuption! Demorats run to news with fake stories daily all designed to cover up there own crimes! A deversion tactic! Grow some balls and stop this nonsense! She has a right to her opinion and say! Shes not far off even though they dont want to talk about it! Demorats cant stand when someone calls them out on there criminal activitys or finds out what there doing! All demorats need investagated but who’s gonna do it! CIA/FBI/DOJ are all in on it! They go after no one but the innocent and bury there crimes! People start shooting these cortupt bastards would be a good start! No one else will and there ruining America as we know it! Take out Obama and Soros half the chaos and bullshit would stop!! Main instigators in it all and Soros funds it! Your dam right she was unfairly targeted! After all the shit demorat women have done! Maxine moose face waters! Camel jockey Omar! Adam Shit! Schumer and Pelosi! All the other big mouths promoting racist crap and BLM to stealing tax payer money to fake witch hunts and trials! We need 10 Trumps to drain the swamp! American people need to pull there brainwashed heads out if there ass and wake up! This is a socialist take over just like Soros planned and paid for and uses news to brainwash weak minds! Wake up!!

  28. Maqqty says:

    McConnell is on a scorched earth agenda of any Trump republicans and their supporters. I believe the only way is we need a new party because while this systematic annihilation of anything or anyone Trump, our country is slipping further and further away to the point of no return.

  29. Alan Colbeth says:

    Why isn’t Ilan Omar stripped of all her committee assignments.She has committed numerous crimes it’s unbelievable and a shame that she gets a free pass.Someone who obviously hates America.And then you have Maxine Waters who is on video numerous times supporting violence and hate.

    • noyb says:

      But, but, but THEY are Democrats ! And THEY can do WhatEver THEY WANT… and the Republican party will say nothing, because those republicans are ALSO PART OF THE SWAMP .

  30. Sic&Tired says:

    Republicans are PATHETIC….Also Now,….Just Like the Democrats. Republicans can’t even stick together and back each other up……They are just NOW, a part of the Crumbling America, due to we have Total and Complete Idiots and Morons in the House and in the Senate……… Americans are losing all their respect for any Politician….IF, there was any to begin with..????? We have nothing but
    a Bunch of Disgraceful Congressional Leaders trying to run this Country…. Anymore.!!!!

  31. Plano1976 says:

    Great press conference. Thanks for putting the likes of CNN in their place. Keep on telling the truth as you do. The Republican Party is killing itself. I will no loner support the national party.

    I do regularly support the Republican Party of Texas. We join you as true conservatives.

  32. vinnie says:

    ???????Questions for Democrats! Maxine Waters Wild accusations and Condoning as well as inciting VIOLENCE? Schiff False statements regarding Evidence which he never produced for 3 years Nancy Pelosi inviting People to CHINATOWN at onset of COVID19 Gov Newsom disobeying his own orders and going out to eat in a fancy restaurant while in Lockdown Mode for Constituents……………. just a Few sitcoms worthy of Dishonorable mention

  33. TW says:

    And why is Swalwell still on a committee?

  34. Laura Cummings says:

    This kind of behavior on the part of the 11 GOP reps that voted against her, and the fact that NONE of them defended her is the reason why I no longer financially support the GOP. And democrats had better watch out, because the same thing can happen to them, and it will, in 2024. I no longer consider myself a Republican, and I’ve been one all my life. I may still support them with my vote, but until they start showing some party unity and stop throwing their compatriots under the bus, my money will not.

  35. Tammie Daniels says:

    This is just a bunch of bull she is the only one standing up for We the People every flipping one of those Democrats want to send this country wants to send this country into communism they want no one around them that will speak up or speak out this woman has done nothing wrong they are crucifying her for things that they do much more often and much worse they are trying to impeach President Trump on trumped-up charges that the Democratic Party in pleather have incited riots by telling people to hurt other people and it’s not just hearsay or fake news these people are on camera saying these hurtful things even Harris which that woman should be impeached now especially with collusion with antifa and black lives matter that’s treasons but they want to boy this poor woman because she had the audacity to bring impeachment against Biden which everyone in the United States knows he is trying to bankrupt and ruin America for his decisions there is absolutely nothing else you can think because they are so off-the-wall and hurtful to the United States he needs to go he needs to be impeached for his crimes him and his son let her be let her do the job that her people voted for her to do and that is all she’s trying to do

  36. David says:

    I do support Rep.Green.
    She should have the freedom to express what is best for the country.
    This kind of censure is very anti-American.


  37. Dan Forrester says:

    Green is an idiot and I am a Republican. “Space Laser’s”, conspiracy theories, and charged rhetoric are not needed to conduct the affairs of government. How about a little less “me”ism and more political give and take that actually results in needed governance.

  38. This is whatis going to keep happening if all of America does not start standing up against them they need to be prosecuted for crimes against America they have broken more laws then anyone else has

  39. twinlightwave45 says:

    And Republican’s wonder why they are losing support. They do not have the back bone to support one of their own. The Republicans of the legislative branch g he ave become the “Know-Nothing” party of the split Whig Party of the second half of the 1850’s.

  40. Jeff says:

    I’m very disappointed and concerned with all this corruption,lies,and deceit from all parties of our government!! Backstabbing liars just about sums it up. If you think they have our best interest in mind you are delusional and have been fed crap so long you actually believe in them!! Yes we have a few great ones but they are being sensored beyond belief!! Breaks my heart to see America fail so miserably!! It’s only just begun..

  41. Daniel says:

    We may not like everything we here just look at democraps and how they acted toward our former president and Republicans in general and the riotous views but to punish for past acts and step on free speech well you cowardly Republicans you just helped the democraps push even more of there agenda on the rest of America as for her words of the past she has owned up to them and apologized for those statements dont get her back because you believe her words but protect free speech even if squed come on Republican s stand up for free speech

  42. David Teiwes says:

    MyLordfirst2/5/2021 at 9:15 AM−Vote up+5 Vote down HereHere This letter was copied from a comment site, and I thought it would be good to forward this to others, especially Christian’s that need to get involved ASAP! Time is of essence if we wish to worship in freedom in the future! The letter reads such: “The position the Scriptures uphold is one of biblical submission, with a Christian being allowed to act in civil disobedience to the government if it commands evil, such that it requires a Christian to act in a manner that is contrary to the clear teachings and requirements of God’s Word.
    How does Biblical “civil disobedience” look?

    • Christians should resist a government that commands or compels evil and should work nonviolently within the laws of the land to change a government that permits evil.

    • Civil disobedience is permitted when the government’s laws or commands are in direct violation of God’s laws and commands.

    • If a Christian disobeys an evil government, unless he can flee from the government, he should accept that government’s punishment for his actions.

    • Christians are certainly permitted to work to install new government leaders within the laws that have been established.

    Lastly, Christians are commanded to pray for their leaders and for God to intervene in His time to change any ungodly path that they are pursuing: “First of all, then, I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions and thanksgivings, be made on behalf of all men, for kings and all who are in authority, so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity” (1 Timothy 2:1–2).”

  43. Marlene says:

    When are the demoscum going to censor Omar the fake Muslim, and kick her off of committed. She has avowed to rid our country of Jews and White Americans. How about Gatormouth Waters? She has repeatedly incited leftist zombies to harass republican government employees. Congratulations again Georgia, you voted in a totalitarian government where your voice doesn’t count.

  44. Mary Beik says:

    She was right in doing this . The Republicans who didn’t support her are Rhinos snd tied to China for money. Thry put money over Usa workers. Corrupt snd need to get out of office . She is that we need in there .
    We need President Trump back .

  45. Francine Wheeler says:

    From a Few Good Men: ” You can’t handle the Truth” She told the Truth…if course She is “being punished”…it is not only unfair, it is abhorrent behavior…especially from the GOP. Biden is not my President…the entire Presidency is a Fraud. We have the Evidence. Never in my lifetime did O think we would see this level of Orwellian Doublespeak with actual thought Police…the same thought police that have now caused the Stand Down order for our Military. This, now, our future??? God sees. God has control…if this wretched World Order must play out.. I pray every good human keeps their eyes on God, lives according to the Word and prays for Jesus to return soon.

    • Deborah Griffin says:

      AMEN!!! I couldn’t agree with you more!

    • angela grivas says:

      I agree. In addition, we need to get rid of those spineless Republicans and Democrats, who have double standards and, I’m sure, have done far worse than Rep. Greene. Maybe they can’t remember because they’re too old. Term limits for all.

  46. Doc says:

    You have nothing to apologize for. Republicans should have had your back. They r disgraceful. All of Congress only care about themselves, don’t care about the American People. We don’t have a President in the WH but a great President in Fl.

    • What we are witnessing in DC is the most sickening and evil that has ever come upon America. The left needs to be stopped. This was not a presidential election, it was a takeover by the left to try and advance their globalist agenda. What are the Republicans thinking? Why are they helping to advance this agenda? I will tell you why, it’s because they are part and parcel to the plan. Get rid of the RINOs or we are doomed. PEOPLE WAKE UP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. GOD HELP US.

  47. Michael says:

    Congress should be abolished!They have done nothing in this session to bring this country back to the standards of our For Fathers.What a .

  48. What in the HELL were the Republicans doing to help there fellow Republican. They let the Democrats tell them what to do when it was the Republican Party that selected her for those committees. Something is seriously wrong with the Republican Party. Are they on their way out?? Come on grow some ——- . I’m so disappointed and frightened at what is happening and the treachery among the Republican Party. For GOD sake step up and defend us. We voted you in to do a job so far 👎🏻

    • Gail Kavanaugh says:

      Dora, you are so right. Our country is being stolen from us by those who hate the USA, our Constitution, and anything that allows for personal freedom! Wake up, Americans!
      I’m deeply sorry there are no more “statesmen” left in our government.
      “Serving the people” doesn’t exist; it’s get what you can while you can in our Congress.

  49. Men Dugas says:

    This is the spineless GOP!
    She should not have to apologize for anything!!
    The ASSCLOWN DIMMS go around spouting whatever they want without any consequences for their actions!!
    Smalwell dates a spy, Waters calls for violence, Pelosi calls for more Vodka!!

  50. karla says:

    This is just horrible that NONE of her fellow Republicans would stand in her defense as they ALL should have backed her 100% – just like she said – “MANY including the now VP have never ever spoken out against the riots in Portland, Minneapolis or any other city being destroyed by vandals and the businesses being completely destroyed that can never open again !
    This is an example of SOCIALISM at it’s very worst and mark my words , it’s just going to get worse !

  51. If a person came to the emergency room making the claims that Rep Green is making she would be placed on a psychiatrics hold.

  52. Joel Wakefield says:

    it seems dems dont care what people say as long as theyre dems. I hope he didnt challenge Putin to a fight behind the barn.

  53. Pat says:

    Since when do Democrats vote up/down on Republican committee members? I thought each party head select committee members for their party. Is this another rule change by Pelosi?

    When the Republicans get back in power, they better kick off any Democrat committee member that has said anything stupid and acted in anyway against our country.

    • Joel Wakefield says:

      their times a comin. I hope they shut the door on their way out.

    • Charles says:

      You are so right the demorats are so two face now our GREAT country is in so much trouble and with a molester as President you don’t hear anything about biden molesting his daughter or anything that this crooked family has done and will do

    • Joyce says:

      It is infuriating that the Republicans didn’t stand with Marjorie! If we wanted the same old swamp creatures, we would have never voted for Trump or Marjorie! They are exactly the people we need because they are for the people. Way to go McCarthy, Scaliese and McConnell. You just sealed the fate of the DO NOTHING Republican Party! We voted you into office to fight for us. But, what do you do? Wave the flag of surrender and help out the Dems! Rename the party to “Yellow Bellies!”

  54. Richard Midgett says:

    It’s now time for Republicans to begin with Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, and numerous others and strip them from holding any committee, and or seat!

  55. Frank Steele says:

    You go girl!

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