MTG Says These Thugs Are Terrorists

( – Republican US Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia has announced she is moving to have the US Congress declare the far-left group Antifa, a terrorist organization.

Greene accused Antifa of committing a new bout of violent protests in a forest outside Atlanta, George, where far-left activists have been protesting for months against the construction of a police training center.

“Antifa are domestic terrorists and I’m introducing my resolution to officially declare them a terrorist organization on Tuesday,” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted.

A progressive group, which reportedly involves Antifa activists and calls itself “Stop Cop City,” has claimed the new facility of law enforcement in Atlanta would cause massive environmental damage and promote the “militarization” of the police.

The latest far-left protests in the wooded area slated for development occurred on Sunday, with the protesters setting at least one construction vehicle on fire.

The Republican US representative from Georgia blamed the incident on Antifa, The Hill reported, noting that she didn’t present any evidence supporting her claim.

“This is domestic terrorism. It was planned for weeks and announced on social media. Antifa are self proclaimed communists and consistently organize to attack our government over and over again. They should be taken seriously and not tolerated anymore,” Greene tweeted.

Her resolution proposal will not be the first attempt in the US House of Representatives to designate Antifa as a terrorist organization.

Another GOP US representative, Lauren Boebert of Colorado, introduced a draft resolution to that end in 2021. However, Boebert’s proposal never reached a vote in the former US Congress, where the Democrats controlled the House at the time.

In January, Georgia’s Republican Governor, Brian Kemp, declared a state of emergency after a far-left protester shot and wounded a state trooper during an operation to clear the development site. The 26-year-old protester was shot and killed by return fire.

Sunday’s protest saw the leftist demonstrators throw “large rocks, bricks, Molotov cocktails, and fireworks” at police officers and construction equipment.

That occurred after several hundred protesters attacked a concert at the construction site.

Atlanta police have arrested 35 far-left activists and filed charges of domestic terrorism against 23 of them.

The project that the protesters call “Cop City” is a development on a plot of 83 acres that will become the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center.

The future police training facility will have spaces where officers can practice high-speed pursuits and shootouts, while firefighters will have facilities to practice battling large-scale fires.

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