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Murder Skyrockets in the USA

According to Jeff Asher, a former CIA officer, and the co-founder of AH Datalytics, murder is skyrocketing here in the United States.

Check the statistics Asher has accumulated and published in the series of tweets below and then share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. What do you believe is the reason for the sudden jump in murder cases in the United States?



  1. Rhina says:

    No one cares after all they believe wearing a mask is saving lives. China wear masks all the time reason democrats must push us all to wear them. They stole the election so that Biden can finish the job. Americans are killed daily by illegal aliens more then covid but hey our own government keeps helping illegal aliens with jobs, free rent and even new cars I see it where I live I complained about corn on a sick vendor honking horn and they tell I am racist. I almost got arrested twice for not wearing stupid mask that help no one. We are under attack but money is what they love more then the American people. God Bless America

  2. Corri says:

    Study the results carefully. The largest % are where unemployment has spiked highest in US. Trump has not helped to decrease unemployment or even to hold it steady. Yes, some people have profited under his presidency, but overall, the population has suffered greatly from increasing unemployment of which numbers do not include those whose unemployment benefits have run out even though they cannot find jobs. And it also doesn’t include contract workers or home-based businesses that cannot apply for unemployment. Our unemployment is a disaster for the last few years. People are taking to the streets due to this.

    • Rhina says:

      They rather higher illegal aliens instead of us the American people. Most business here California are own by our own government. Socialist agenda to destroy America our own domestic terrorist in government defend illegals and protect them. Why you think we pay four times more in California? Someone has to pay for all the free crap illegal aliens need. I live in mobile home park the illegals. We even have illegal aliens selling corn on a stick honking horn daily while he wears a mask. I have complained but our gov owns the park and they call me racist cause I don’t want corn on my yard they litter. He is obviously paid by our government and the sale of corn is his tip for the day. Dude knows he is going wrong but he says it’s his business like when I have a garage sale he told me. And police don’t care they told me I was being to loud 911 operators could no hear and I should go home. Only an idiot can’t see we are under attack. 2012 Obama administration is when I began complaining about vendors we do not need. The state of California follows China not our constitution America first never. We could save world hunger if we always follow the right way America first agenda.

    • Sean Scott says:

      Self employed and sgole proprietor can get unemployment. LLC with employees can get a 50,000 loan to pay their employees and don’t have to pay it back.. I’d say do some digging before spreading false accusations

  3. maxibaby says:

    Can you say….law enforcement has been neutered by marxist liberal state and local government officials? Criminals have no fear of being caught and punished, example is Raphael Warnock standing in the pulpit of his church telling the prisons to “release our children so they can come home to us”! He and others in America exactly like him are emboldening criminals to do whatever they want to! This is causing innocent people including children and babies to be shot and killed by rabid wild animal criminal murderers! This will continue until people grow cojones larger than the killers have! I swear America is becoming like the post apocalyptic movies where there is no law and the streets are “owned” by wild gangs roaming and killing anyone who stands against them! Rise up America and take our country back before it is too late!
    God bless and save America!

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