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National Guard at Capitol Still Sleeping in Garage?

Are the National Guard troops who remain on duty protecting the U.S. Capitol still being forced by Nancy Pelosi to rest and sleep in garages? Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) believes that’s the case and has photographs to back up her accusation.

Please review the photographs below supplied by Boebert and then share your thoughts in the comment section. Is Boebert – like many Americans – correct to be outraged that National Guard troops are having to rest and sleep in garages while on duty at the U.S. Capitol?



  1. Brenda A Tatro says:

    This is terrible , the solders do more to protect the people than the people who took an oath to protect the people , put our most valued in a garage

  2. All this military there is not free either. 500 million and counting. That could go a long way to help the people not protect these people from themselves.

  3. Mad as Hell says:

    How sad we treat our own National Guard like slaves to sleep in the garage. BLM think about that, if they do it to them what are they going to do to you when they do not need you anymore!

  4. Dina Boyd says:

    D need psychiatric help. Since when is censorship ok?
    They lie, cheat & steal. Their the elites who know all. Soon they will be out of a job. They should sleep on the garage floor. They took down President Trumps speech during their unconstitutional carnival of an impeachment, why? because this charade just like every one else they have censored is a lie & they don’t want Americans to know the truth. Twitter was ordered by the government to stop posting Trump’s tweets.
    We he people (R) should not have to bail out the D states. Their the elites who line their pockets & pay other countries hundreds of billions of dollars hidden in stimulus packages that make absolutely no sense. They should also pay to have the historical statues replaced & everything BLM & Antifa did. They asked for civil unrest, paid for it & had a funding page to bail them out of jail. I’ve never seen them play the race card to this extreme before & some of it just doesn’t make sense. R were the ones who fought to stop slavery. D fought against it. Their the ones who caused all of this & that was their intention. I remember when almost everyone got along but the D keep flaming the fire. BLM & Antifa should be pissed at the D leaders. They are the ones trying to start a civil war. Sorry I’m not fighting my fellow Americans because most schools & colleges are run by socialist. Socialism doesn’t work. We know that from history, but our youth is not taught the truth about the history of America. Their being brainwashed by the system.
    If the election was fair all Americans would have a much brighter future.
    If you take just the Dominion machines that were turned on to connect to the www so other countries could change the votes (China, Iran, Italy……) the real legitimate vote would be 80 million for Trump. That drops Biden way down. Why wouldn’t D let R look at those machines? Well Mike Lindell has “Proof Positive” it happened & can prove it.
    I will not play your game. You are the ones who wanted civil war between Americans. You better start watching what you say & stop trying to divide us & eliminate the middle class.
    Everyone needs to learn our history, read the Constitution & The Bill of Rights. We’re entitled to Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness. While all you D do is spew hate. Do you know what the word WORK means? Get off your arrogant ass & try it for once, and retire instead of dying on the hill.
    China is 3 steps away from being the world Super Power.
    One world government = End of times. You can all kiss my red, white & blue ass. Biden’s a threat to national security. Lock down Americans but let in over 3,000 illegal aliens without being tested for any diseases every day.

    • Fredrick Carbery says:

      Hi just a note on your very good post Communist was failing an people were 6 mo out from Taking
      CHINA BACK JOE BIDEN worked to strengthen the economy of china
      Now they almost own AMERICA

  5. bruce says:

    Regardless of the illegal use of troops in D.C., the commander in charge of operations needs to be removed from command duties and reprimanded. Soldiers do not take orders from civilian personnel, even the President has to go thru channels when troops are needed and is the Commander in Chief

    • Garland says:

      I Agree 100%
      time for the swamp Togo to Jail.
      We need to have a Government that for the people.
      Our Gov wr go to country when people in the street and over thrw Trump was and Good
      Let have a new vote by the people NO mail NEED ID CITIZEN ONLY

  6. bruce says:

    Pelosi is responsible for capitol hill security but she does not have the executive power to mobilize military troops, only the president can mobilize American troops as part of martial law or national emergency. This is an act of insurrection keeping armed troops in the District of Columbia.

    • marnie says:

      who sent the national guard there?

      • bruce says:

        Not President Trump and he was still the sitting president when they first showed up after January 6th, the government was under transition till the 20th, so it was Pelosi exercising power she did not hold under the constitution. I understand it was the democrat run states that sent troops.

        • Fredrick Carbery says:

          WELL BRUCE check out EPOCH TIMES NEWS they have proof TRUMP offered Nat.Gaurd to D.C.Mayor and Capital Nancy said it was not needed Mayor sent angry rebuttal to Trump Jan 3rd

  7. Paul Romano says:

    What is wrong with this crap in the Capital they should be held accountable for their actions

  8. Robert Martin says:

    The states that still have troops there needs to have them recalled home. There is no sense to treat our troops this way and it is down right disrespectful. Hope the old hag trip’s one day.

    • marnie says:

      yeah, right down the stairs

      • Livitrleavit says:

        Into her “Satanic Pelosi’ 🔥burning bed” lit by all the alcohol content in her body when 💨 gone like a vapor 🤞 any the Wicked Witch of the North South East and West is just a bad, bad, very bad memory and all the ugly, dirty joe’s, EO’s🖊 commies 🇨🇳 🇷🇺 🦍Fake Presidents, 💻America’s Birth Certificate treasonously bartered to China 📧emails covering up Benghazi,📧 illegal immigrants/aliens and virus 🦠 mutation Dr. Fraud, can ALL take the in cesspool/swamp-sinkhole leap into the dark hole of BamaBinChina’s giant ASS, waiting to greet you all at once. Not single file either!! Take the RINO’s with you drunkard! Don’t forget your elite nephew Gov. Newsome, CA, another; “Rules for the, but NOT for me”?!?! Just like you, who managed to ruin California, as did Gov. Cuomo, NY is managing to ruin that state too. Are they competing? Seems like they’re racing to see who can lose first and fastest in these DemonCrap states! 🤣
        Rethink those votes peeps!

  9. Tim Spreadborough says:

    Does this surprise you???

    Tim Spreadborough

  10. Joe Masefield says:

    Why is everyone so surprised when Pelosi and Schumer show themselves to be the scum of the earth that they are? They are vermin, vomit, dog shit, traitors who don’t give a damn what anyone thinks of them, out on their determination to destroy the United States at any and all costs.

  11. tom says:

    Nothing Nasty Nan does would surprise me. The pictures clearly show there are
    troops in the garage. Now we need proof Nasty is the one responsible. Once we have that she should be impeached. These troops should all go home unless they
    are given better treatment. They all deserve better than this.

  12. nancy possumface needs to b taken out in ther wilderness of south dakota and released in the frigid weather see how long she likes that also all the other demorats who think they are better than we the people shit face schumer little adam shiff omar the asshole big mouth lying alexandra bootlip presly palistinebitch let them freeze

  13. RICK PELLAND says:

    Oh, but I’m sure they are getting cookies from the White House kitchen, and the biden’s are personally delivering them daily. If the demoidiots keep this up, they will turn the military against them.

  14. Laura Cummings says:

    I’m proud to say that the governor of Mississippi pulled out our National Guardsmen early on, after he saw the way they were being treated. So did several other governors. I’m betting that the men and women still left “guarding” are from states who suffer under Democrat leadership. It’s time the Democrat party was canceled.

  15. Corri says:

    If Trump’s life was in danger, I bet this would be okay for the National Guard to be in a space easily accessible for them to take action like this garage in the building. It’s only fair that whoever is current president get the same protection close at hand when their life is being threatened. These troops are trained for this sort of conditions to carry out their job most efficiently and effectively. Besides, they change guard often so they experience as little discomfort as possible. We have to think of the whole context here and not jump to a conclusion from one picture. The National Guard is doing their duty in the best possible way here to provide the necessary protection. I give them credit.

    • Sam says:

      If you’ve ever served youd know that tents are erected with heaters, and in a time of peace the only troops left on sight would be guard personnel. Everyone else would be housed in better conditions. Maybe you should go sleep in the cold and then you might not and I say this as a slim possibility, talk out your ass. You are most definitely a liberal narcissistic person. I have served….

    • Trump never needed protection by the Guard. Its only the democrat/communist slime that fears the American people and keeps hiding behind THEIR WALLS.

    • Don Cordell says:

      To the idiot who thinks it’s alright to sleep in cold on concrete how much time have you spent in miltary. I spent 3 years in army 13 months in Korea slept in snow climbed out swept snow off covred up slept in Monsom rains no tent yea we were trained for nessary hardships not stupid baby sitting politicans who care less they sleep warm and dry these people should be sent home to their familes.let those that caused this take care of themdelves self they bragged how they were going to fight let their butt freze they deservre it

    • Don Cordell says:

      I served 3 years 13 months in Korea in heavy mortars slept in snow climbed out of sleeping bag covered in snow no tent monson rains no tent yes we were trained. and served we didn’t baby sit politicans who called to fight look back at dem.all said fight as long as it was against rep.some braged they would punch pre.Trump in face then ranliked scared rabbits they should sleep in garagrs

  16. Matt says:

    What is the penalty for treason?

  17. Brenda Maclachlan says:

    Send them back home this terrible this is the USA why are they there?

  18. May Phan says:

    Why those states not pull their troops back the soldiers are there to protect the country not to fight against their own people ,last year there are riots attacked the White House President requested the National Guard then the commander criticism the President and said the soldiers are protected the country then why who are they protected now, the President life and the White house are not important ? This is a joke her mouth is bigger than our mouth.

  19. Stephane says:

    The DEMONS only have their own skin in mind.
    The DEMONS never care about anything but themselves and their pocket book.
    The DEMONS have nothing but hatred for the people who keep the peace, keep order, SAVE THEIR F>>>>KING SKIN from anything that could happen.

  20. Lynne says:

    ANTIFA. This is the worst our country has been in You have generations doing fine but you need to supply a generation that believe my life should be donated to their lives and I’m not a slave owners daughter nor a rich Jewish businessman conducting business with the plantations , son. My family came from Ellis island. And it is 2021. We need to unify but now that Biden is president and the Democrats, like Whoopi Goldberg stir the climate Crisis with coal and believe fur is cool.

  21. Joe Rodriguez says:

    If Nancy Pelosi really beleives that our troops are going to protect these sick democrats from a “we the people” uprising, they got another thing coming!The troops themselves are personally witnessing how much these rich elite democrat hypocrites hate them. Bring our troop home now!

    • Art says:

      Are democratic also corrupted that they don’t give a damn about our troops or civilians our seniors and our troops sleeping in the garage they can afford it and put them on a hotel the biggest mistake a country did voting for Joe Biden our country’s going to s*** and Nancy should be fired

  22. Njlady91 says:

    It’s ridiculous that the troops are still in DC guarding people who care less about them. They should never be sleeping on the floor in garages. What an insult!! Governors need to pull them and bring them back home. What are the Democrats afraid of that they need the guards anyway?

  23. Captain O says:

    The attitude of the Left is, “The National Guard is made of ‘the ignorant and unwashed masses'” and, “let them eat cake”. Is it any wonder why we veterans have no respect for this Socialist regime? THEY HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THE PEOPLE!

  24. Robert says:

    Nancy has the idea that ,not only is she above the law, but she is better than all Americans (ie) Insider trading of Tesla Stock!

    • James says:

      I think we the people all 75 million of us need to take back our country from crooked politicians like Pelosi Clinton Obama Schumer and the rest of the demorats they greedy power hungry crooks that want to rule us not work for us I say we have had enough of this
      Bullshit from your puppet biden and Harris

  25. Where the governor there they need pull them back home. WE DON’T TREAT OUR TROOPS THIS WAY IN THERE OWN COUNTRY.

  26. No President Trump would never have allowed our fruits to sleep in a garage real estate Pelosi needs throwing out of the White House President Trump with a game of my whole Motel if he could they’re in other countries they have to sleep out in the wilderness and Tents and all this kind of things but when they’re in the United States they should not be sleeping in no garage they need a bed to sleep on just like she sleeps on let’s go over for the Purple Rose Bowl

  27. James B Jacobs says:

    pelosi and the rest of the Democrats are proving to the American people that they care nothing about anything but themselves. Do you think one of them would sleep in that garage on the floor? No, they wouldn’t. They think they are too important go do that.The American people do not think they are. Their approval rating is going down all the time. It’s time to get rid of these politicians who have been there all their lives, and now think they are the boss and we are their slaves.

  28. lefty says:

    SOSO by the Democrats but they have been and still are: vermin.
    Let’s wall off all the urban areas and keep them&their hordes confined, ..unless we could immediately and permanently deport all of them out of the USA

  29. Where the governors. they need pull them back home.

    • marnie says:

      In my state its Inslee who has been a real first class ass dictator. He just recently reopened at 25 per cent. Been incarcerated since last march so I’m sure our National guard are still there

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