NEW: Biden Bribery Evidence Revealed

( – The heat might finally be truly on in the scrutiny of the massive bribery allegations against Joe Biden – as a former US prosecutor has disclosed that the famous FBI file implicating the president and his son Hunter in top-level corruption came from a “credible human source (CHS).”

The FBI informant document FD-1023 was released in July by House Republicans and US Senator Chuck Grassley.

In it, an informant claims that Joe and Hunter Biden were bribed with a combined total of $10 million by Mykola Zlochevsky, a pro-Russian Ukrainian energy oligarch, owner of the now-defunct company Burisma, who is now in hiding in exile.

In a testimony to the GOP-led House Judiciary Committee earlier this month, former U.S. Attorney Scott Brady told Congress that the source of the information was a credible former informant, The Daily Caller reports.

“During the course of our investigation, we were made aware of a confidential human source who — and because the 1023 is public, I can speak to that,” Brady stated, referencing the specific FBI document.

Brady’s testimony further illuminated the early stages of the Hunter Biden probe. The source initially referenced Hunter Biden’s connection with Ukrainian company Burisma in a prior report, which wasn’t the primary focus at that time.

Brady directed a more in-depth interview of the source to clarify this reference, leading to a more detailed FD-1023 in January 2020.

“A confidential human source in a previous 1023 had identified an interaction with a Ukrainian national who discussed — it wasn’t the focus of that 1023 from several years prior but had made reference to Hunter Biden serving on the board of Burisma,” Brady continued.

“At my direction, we asked the FBI to re-interview the CHS. And, again, in the previous 1023, it wasn’t really the focus of the information that was being provided to the FBI. It was just one sentence. And so we said, ‘We need to understand what this is or is not, so can you please re-interview him or her,’ which they did, and that then resulted in the January 2020, 1023,” he said.

Brady also highlighted the sensitive nature of these bribery.

“We identified the previous 1023 probably at the beginning of June and then went back and forth with the FBI about reaching back out to the CHS and doing a full interview on the line referencing Hunter Biden and Burisma. But it took a while,” Brady testified.

“I think there was concern by the FBI about the sensitive nature of both the information and also the fact that this was an important confidential human source who had provided information to them in the past, that had been used in other investigations. So it was an important CHS to them,” he added.

According to bank records, Hunter Biden received over $80,000 monthly from Burisma, despite lacking experience in both the energy sector and Ukrainian affairs.

Brady assessed the bribery allegations as believable, prompting further investigation.

“[T]hat was already communicated to their [Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss’] office, that the 1023 was from a credible CHS that had a history with the FBI, and that it was not derived from any of the information from Mr. Giuliani,” Brady clarified regarding the source of the allegations.

President Joe Biden had previously dismissed the bribery allegations against him and his son as “malarkey.”