NEW: Hunter Biden Decides He Wants a Fight

Hunter Biden

( – Hunter Biden has filed a countersuit against John Paul Mac Isaac, the computer repairman-turned-whistleblower who exposed the First Son’s infamous “laptop from hell” to the world.

Hunter Biden abandoned his laptop in John Paul Mac Isaac’s repair shop in Delaware in 2019, leading the ship owner to take ownership of it and to bring it to the attention of the FBI and later to then President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

Materials found on the laptop have exposed the Bidens’ suspicious foreign business dealings with pro-regime figures from Communist China and Putin’s Russia.

They have also revealed Hunter Biden’s luxurious lifestyle and addictions to prostitutes, drugs, and alcohol.

The first revelations from the laptop from hell appeared in The New York Post three weeks before the 2020 election. Still, they were censored by pro-Democrat social media and mainstream media, with false claims that those were “Russian disinformation.”

In 2022, as more information was exposed by the Post and The Daily Mail, several mainstream media acknowledged that the laptop was real.

The countersuit now filed by Hunter Biden against laptop repairman John Paul Mac Isaac is also seen as an admission by the First Son that the materials on the computer are authentic.

The lawsuit accuses Mac Isaac of six counts of invasion of privacy, insisting that he had no right to distribute Hunter Biden’s “personal data,” Fox News reported.

The report notes that Hunter Biden left three laptops for repair with Isaac in April 2019, but only one was salvageable.

Hunter Biden never returned to pick up the computer in the 90-day legal period, and Isaac couldn’t reach him, leaving him to assume ownership.

Isaac has revealed he first searched the laptop’s emails by keyword in June-July 2019.

When he contacted the FBI, agents came, made a forensic copy of the computer, and several weeks later returned with a subpoena and confiscated it.

Isaac tried to contact several members of the US Congress, but they didn’t respond, so he managed to reach Robert Costello, a lawyer for Rudy Giuliani.

In a letter that Hunter Biden’s lawyers sent to US and Delaware government institutions in February 2023, the First Son appears to have admitted to the authenticity of his laptop.

The cease-and-desist letters dated February 1 were sent by Hunter Biden’s lawyer Abbe Lowell to the US Justice Department and the attorney general of Delaware.

It insisted that the US government and the state of Delaware start investigations into Mac Isaac, Rudy Giuliani, and Steven Bannon.

Biden’s lawyers also sent the same letter to others who obtained and disseminated the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell.

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