New Jersey Schools Must Teach WHAT to Middle Schoolers?!?

School Kids

( – In a move that is sure to receive pushback from social conservatives and many parents, New Jersey schools are now required to teach middle schoolers about anal sex and pregnancy options.

As Fox News is reporting:

“New state-wide sex ed standards in New Jersey teach students as young as 13 years old about anal sex and their pregnancy options, and school districts that fail to comply could face ‘disciplinary action,’ or even a loss of funding.

“The standards were adopted by the New Jersey Board of Education in June 2020, and schools are required to implement them beginning this month. Amid concern from parents and school districts, the state Department of Education has warned that schools who fail to implement the new standards may face discipline.” [emphasis added]


“The state standards describe what students should learn by each grade level, and it is up to the districts to design a curriculum to adhere to the standards. By eighth grade, according to the New Jersey standards, students should ‘describe pregnancy testing, the signs of pregnancy, and pregnancy options, including parenting, abortion, and adoption;’ and ‘Define vaginal, oral, and anal sex.'”

As should be expected, some parents are already pulling their children out of school because of the new mandated curriculum.

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