New York Times Hides Views of Brooklyn Shooter?

Frank James

( – Timothy Carney at the Washington Examiner asks an excellent question today that more than a few conservatives have noted.

In “Is the New York Times going out of its way to hide the views of the Brooklyn shooter?” Carney lays out the case that the New York Times is deliberately hiding the abhorrent views of the Brooklyn subway shooter in a way that it wouldn’t do if the shooter were of “vaguely right-wing views.”

Carney writes:

“When someone with vaguely right-wing views shoots up a public place, the New York Times dedicates hundreds of words to any plausible connection between the shooting and Republican politicians. When the shooter has vaguely left-wing views, it seems the New York Times does what it can to obscure the shooter’s views.

“Here is the lead of the New York Times’s story on this week’s Brooklyn subway shooter suspect:

“‘The suspect in Tuesday’s subway attack in Brooklyn appears to have posted dozens of videos on social media in recent years — lengthy rants in which he expressed a range of harshly bigoted views and, more recently, criticized the policies of New York City’s mayor, Eric Adams.'” [emphasis added]

As Carney then notes:

“‘A range of harshly bigoted views’ and criticism of Adams is one way to describe the suspect’s posts. It’s not the way you would describe it if you wanted to inform your readers of his views. It almost sounds like an active effort to avoid informing your readers that the suspect’s views were aligned with left-wing causes.” [emphasis added]

From where we sit, Carney makes his case convincingly.

What about you? What is your opinion? Do you believe mainstream media outlets like the New York Times deliberately attempt to hide or obscure the views of suspects in horrific violent crimes or acts of terrorism if they have left-wing beliefs? Why or why not? Please email your thoughts and opinions to [email protected]. Thank you.