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NFL Will Play ‘Black National Anthem’ Before Major Events

For better or worse, this will all but guarantee that viewership will continue to decline for NFL broadcasts.


Often referred to as the Black National Anthem, the song Lift Every Voice and Sing will be included prior to major NFL events this season,” according to Mediaite.

The news was reported by Michael McCarthy of Front Office Sports, stating the song will become a ‘prominent part of all big-league events.’ McCarthy specifically called out the Super Bowl, NFL Draft, and the season’s kickoff game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dallas Cowboys Sept. 9.

“NFL TV partners typically only air the national anthem ahead of special events, such as the season’s kickoff game or the Super Bowl. Fans watching the telecasts can expect to hear Lift Every Voice and Sing in addition to The Star-Spangled Banner for those major events… [emphasis added]

But as leagues such as the NBA take a step back from the social justice messaging they expressed in 2020, the NFL plans to reinforce its efforts against racism. Choosing not to stick to sports, the NFL will make social justice messages apparent on TV, as well as with on-field signage, decals on player helmets and in-stadium PSAs during the 2021-21 season.” [emphasis added]

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