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Nikki Haley: Capitalism Wins!

Nikki Haley is featured in a brand new video from Prager University.


According to Prager University, “More and more, it seems people find it difficult to defend capitalism—even those who benefit from it most. But former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley takes a refreshingly different view: she thinks we should double down on it. Here’s why.”

Please watch the video below of Nikki Haley and share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you believe Nikki Haley would be a good candidate for President of the United States?



  1. Kay says:

    Nikki Haley is a backstabbing bitch! I would never vote for her! NEVER !!!

  2. Linda Rackley says:

    Nikki Haley is the kind of person we need in the White House. We need to support people like her to save our country from the socialist left.

  3. Angela Woywod says:

    Yes, we do need a revolution if we want to turn this country around. Open borders and the extinction of white Europeans and a “One-World-Government” is what the Left has been fighting for for over 100 years. The second W.W. really was the last uprising of the white race. Germans wanted to keep other cultures out of their country and therefore became the enemy #1 of the Globalists. Had nothing to do with the so-called holocaust. President Trump wanted closed borders and keep other ethnic groups out of the U.S. and therefore also became enemy #1 for the Globalists. They are a very, very powerful group!
    We fought the wrong enemy. We were lied to by the globalist’s controled media about aleged war crimes in Germany and we nearly destroyed that country. Uncontrolled migration from the third world, supported by the Left, is now finishing the job. The same is happening here.
    Yes, we need a revolution while we are still in the majority.

  4. Bernie says:

    You bet, no doubt about it.

  5. Carol Bartlett says:

    Nikki Haley would be a great president! I wonder if she has aspirations or if she could be convinced to run for the office! I would vote for her!

  6. Sic&Tired says:

    Nikki Haley …. Would make a Good President, due to she looks at things in a Reality Vision, Common Sense Outlook, …. Not Like Dumb F*** – Harris.!! ALL of the Democrats are Pretty Much …A Big Waste of Space.!! Brainless and do I need to go on..??? Our Country suffered with Obama on a Huge Scale and now we have Idiot, Bozo the Clown – BIDEN.!! Just more Democrats like Obama, who are Bringing this Country Down.!!! It is a “MUST”…that we get rid of the Democrats, who are pulling the strings in the Rot Government that we Currently Have to Deal With…..

  7. Stephane says:

    The ONLY reason the DEMONRATS brought in the COVID was BECAUSE President TRUMP had turned around everything the dictator before him had started. President TRUMP is a REAL Capitalist. The dictator before him was only repeating what the stupid people taught him. And what the guy who paid for everything was for. soros is a Jew who renounced his Jewness, renounced his country, destroyed the Bank of England for the first time in over 260 years, and uses capitalism to promote the socialist/communist agenda in the US.
    Ahere is the WORST to COME:
    The right will NEVER have another majority in the elections, because the left has decided that everything that makes a country a country: Borders, Voter ID, and real honest elections have disappeared for ever here. The left has declared all elections will be just as 2020 was. And NEVER AGAIN the right will have any majority. Unless the REVOLUTION starts, as it was in 1776, 1789, and so many others.

  8. Thomas Elert says:

    Totally agree with Nikki!!! We need to fight for Capitalism before it is too late – Get rid of the deep state and its followers who want to rule the 331 million Americans from their offices.

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