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No Vax, No Kidney Transplant?

( – Because we found this report so hard to believe, the editors here at Reclaiming America checked, double-checked, and even triple-checked to be sure what we are about to share with you is accurate. We now feel comfortable sharing this uncomfortable report because it’s been verified by so many reputable sources.

As hard as it is to believe when you consider the ethical obligation most Americans believe the medical profession has to save as many lives as possible, the University of Colorado Hospital is refusing to conduct a kidney transplant operation for a patient – even though there is a viable donor ready to proceed by donating a kidney for the transplant – because the patient in need of the transplant is not vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine.

In a statement that clearly indicates the allegation of a transplant denial based on vaccine status is true, while still refusing to discuss any particular patient, a spokesperson for the University of Colorado Hospital stated that being vaccinated is a requirement for almost all transplant procedures. In fact, the patient in question has provided a letter from the hospital to her elected state representative that indicates the hospital will remove her from the hospital’s active transplant waiting list unless the patient accepts the vaccine by late October.

The hospital has told the patient that the refusal to perform the transplant unless the patient is vaccinated is because unvaccinated transplant recipients are at an increased risk of death.

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