NOW: 3 Killed at Border Crossing

( – HAPPENING NOW: A devastating multi-car accident in Texas has occurred near the United States border crossing station in El Paso’s Lower Valley, resulting in the deaths of three individuals.

The suspected cause of this event is a smuggler — a coyote — trying to evade the authorities.

From footage captured of the scene, the chaos and destruction wrought by the crash were evident.

Commenting on the tragedy, former Representative Mayra Flores took to X (previously known as Twitter) to share her thoughts.

She wrote, “A fleeing smuggler near the Ysleta Port of Entry in El Paso causes a tragic automobile accident that claims the lives of three people.” According to her, the individual responsible, the smuggler, was apprehended by both the Border Patrol and the local El Paso Police.

As reported by KTSM, the accident wasn’t limited to the three deaths. Four vehicles were caught up in the incident, leading to injuries for an additional three people. These individuals did not sustain life-threatening injuries, as confirmed by a police spokesperson. They were quickly taken to nearby hospitals to receive medical attention.

While the names and details of those injured have been disclosed to some extent—they were all young adults in their twenties—the identities and ages of the three deceased victims remain withheld by authorities.

The repercussions of the crash extended beyond the immediate victims. Local transportation was severely disrupted. Those looking to travel to Juarez, Mexico, faced significant delays, with the disruption lasting around 12 hours. However, the Ysleta Port of Entry managed to maintain its operations, albeit with a detour for traffic. Commercial transportation wasn’t halted, and operations continued into and out of the port despite the accident’s aftermath.

Drawing parallels to another recent event, a similar situation had transpired along the U.S.-Mexico border. Earlier in the year, an Arizona-based suspected human smuggler was apprehended following a high-speed chase in February. This chase culminated in an accident where several undocumented immigrants were thrown out of his vehicle.