Now Dems Want THIS Famous Statue Removed!?!

Lincoln Emancipation Memorial

( – Democrat members of the US House of Representatives have demanded the dismantling of the Emancipation Memorial statue at Lincoln Park in Washington, DC, since they consider it racist.

The statue, erected in 1876, on the 11th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, shows the president freeing an enslaved black man. The formerly enslaved person is depicted down on one knee as he is about to stand up.

A bill sponsored by Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, a non-voting member of the House from Washington, DC, and backed by six Democrat representatives, proposes removing the Emancipation Memorial Statue.

Norton, 85, introduced the bill on Wednesday, the first day of Black History Month. She first announced plans to propose such legislation back in 2020, Fox News reported.

In a statement, the Democrat DC delegate acknowledged that freed slaves funded the Lincoln statue. However, she claimed that its design didn’t correctly represent their struggle.

“Although formerly enslaved Americans paid for this statue, the design and sculpting process was done without their input or participation, and it shows,” Norton declared.

“The statue fails to depict how enslaved African Americans pressed for their own emancipation. At the time, they had only recently been liberated from slavery and were grateful for any recognition of their freedom,” the Democrat added.

“However, in his keynote address at the unveiling of the statue, Frederick Douglass pointedly did not praise the statue, and, indeed, in private remarks, went as far as to say it ‘showed the Negro on his knee when a more manly attitude would have been indicative of freedom,’” she elaborated.

The report noted that a previous legislation version didn’t get a vote in the House. It was now referred to the House Committee on Natural Resources.

In her remarks, Norton pointed out that in 2020 – the year of the leftist riots following the death of George Floyd – the city of Boston took down a replica of the Emancipation Memorial after a unanimous city council vote.

“Boston removed its replica of the statue in favor of placing it in a publicly accessible location where it can be better contextualized. It is time for Congress to place the original statue in a museum, too,” the Washington, DC delegate pointed out.

“What I want to see before I die is a monument representing the Negro, not couchant on his knees like a four-footed animal, but erect on his feet like a man,” Norton concluded.

Fox News notes that the Democrat attempt to dismantle the Emancipation Memorial comes after protests since 2020 have led to the removal of dozens of Confederate statues.

The Emancipation Memorial shows Lincoln holding the Emancipation Proclamation, which declared “that all persons held as slaves… are, and henceforward shall be free.”

In recent years, the statue has seen numerous protest rallies by demonstrators viewing it as “racist” or “racially insensitive.”

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