NOW: Putin Shoots Back at Biden


( – HAPPENING NOW: In apparent retaliation for President Joe Biden announcing just hours ago that he was issuing an executive order stopping all purchases of Russian energy products by American companies, Russian President Vladimir Putin has now ordered that the import and export of products and raw materials that Russia requires to “ensure the security of the Russian Federation.”

Details are currently sketchy as the Russian state-owned domestic news agency, RIA, says that Putin has not announced what will be on the finalist of restricted imports and exports.

However, national security experts indicate that Putin will look to stop the export of products that the United States – and much of the West – rely on from Russia as a means of hurting the West economically, just as the West’s sanctions are hurting Russia.

One of the first products mentioned by experts is fertilizer, as much of the world’s fertilizer is manufactured in Russia.

This is a breaking news report.